Bakery Around Me


Visiting a bakery to buy bread is a dying habit like going to vegetables or going to a butcher to buy meat.Luckily, a few thousand small bakeries still exist in the United States where talented bakers putting their skills to work which make delicious bakery available to the people.The resulting baked goods in every form, colorful treats, from culturally inspired recipes and down-home cooking to crazy stuffs. The wealth of sweet talent of these bakers spread across the country.

According to a report by Sundale Research in 2013, the United States has approximately 6,700 independent bakeries that serve delicious bakery products to Americans daily.The three main trends that are driving the US bakery industry are the changing tastes of consumers who are looking for more exotic and novel products, increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers who are looking for healthier ingredients in baked goods and the growth in demand for more sustainable and greener products.The most remarkable trend in the US bakery industry is an increasingly health-conscious and foodie consumer. Baked goods with ancient and whole grains, no added preservatives and all-natural ingredients are driving the industry.

Each state of United States home to a multitude of bakeries, offering the flakiest pastries, but there are a few that stand out, the most beautiful breads, or even the most innovative concoctions.A large portion of the bakeries are located in New York City. This certainly does not refer that New York is the only city with fabulous bakeries, though. The other states also feature bakeries, specially San Francisco, Vancouver and St. Louis.If you ever find yourself near any of these bakeries, don't hesitate to stop in, even if just smell that most comforting scent of bread baking and to look at the beautiful displays. After all, they are some of the very best in the United States. Here are the 10 best bakeries in United States:

1. Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

The meaning of Tartine in French is buttered bread. This is one of the top bakeries in Unites States. Tartine Bakery was opened by James Beard Award-winning chefs and Elisabeth Prueitt in 2002, expert at both breads and pastries. Their bakeries are just as luscious as they are picture-perfect. Their classic breads which is available in a variety of styles and flavors are most remarkable. They are also expert in Mexican wedding cookies and pain au jambon, a smoked ham and Gruyère pastry. Most recently Tartine Bakery expanded Tartine Manufactory operations to Los Angeles at a location three times the size of the original. At Los Angeles Tartine Bakery, popping out approximately 6,300 pieces of viennoiserie and 4,250 loaves of bread daily, while still comply to the same artisanal baking techniques.

2. Momofuku Milk Bar, New York City

If we talk about bakeries, people often tend to favor the traditional, using a few key ingredients to make classics taste refreshing and familiar. The Momofuku Milk Bar make bold and brave decisions with their pastries that actually favourite among people. For example,their chocolate chip layer cake which sounds simple enough, but incorporates passionfruit and coffee. Their bakeries products are so surprising yet pleasant that you can’t hold yourself to ask for another bite. Their crack pie, a buttery pie is one of the most sought-after desserts at this bakery. They also bake savory pastries like pancetta, Benton’s bacon, the volcano, loaded with potato gratin, caramelized onions, and Gruyère.

3 Amy’s Bread, New York City

Amy’s Bread delivers handcrafted breads that are made through traditional baking methods and slow fermentation. Don’t get fooled with the name - this bakery is far good for more than just bread. Their yellow cake with pink buttercream frosting is most preferable than any yellow cake mix. They have been serving New York people since 1992, proving that American-style bakeries are on equal footing with their more ooh-la-la French equivalents.

4 Beaucoup Bakery, Vancouver

The Beaucoup Bakery is known for sophisticated flavors both savory and sweet – like a jasmine blueberry croissant, parsnip celeriac lentil tarte and double strawberry roulade. Their Classic cookies in flavors like dark chocolate rosemary and buckwheat chocolate chip are favourite eating stuff among people and pair perfectly with a cappuccino. A young sister-and-brother duo is the owners of Beaucoup Bakery. Instead of a traditional loyalty program, they operate an acts of Kindness loyalty program allowing guests to earn points and provide lunches to Liberian schoolgirls or pay it forward to strangers

5 Union Loafers, St. Louis

Union Loafers bakery and cafe transforms into a pizzeria at night. Their flagship sourdough is light and mild with an open, custardy crumb, while semolina variations and seeded are also available along with caraway rye and ciabatta. They started working in 2020 with The Mill at Janie's Farm which is a local grower and mill grain and also introduced 100% fresh stone-milled local wheat and rye bread. If you ever visit Union Loafers in the evening, their spicy marinara sauce pizza is really killer, with a perfectly bubbly crust and charred.