Cake Shop Equipment List


1. Oven

Oven is the most important piece of equipment in this list. No one able to run a bakery without an oven. Convection ovens are considered as best for cakes and cookies.


2. Mixers

Mixers are also important and it is the foundation of any cake shop. One or two counter mixers, planetary dough mixers and an emulsion blender with whisk attachments are typically considered as necessary equipment.


3. Work Tables

Go for a sturdy and quality tables that can withstand heavy use. Work tables provides space for your items to store, you need while baking.


4. Refrigeration

Cream, eggs and milk are the key ingredients in many cakes. A good refrigerator is required to store these items in the correct refrigeration environment.


5. Airbrush Set

An airbrush is also an essential equipment, a cake decorator must have. Essential airbrush is important for any cake decorating projects.


6. Hand Towels

It is always necessary to have both a dry towel and a wet towel for any cake decorating requirements. This will help for the motto 'Clean as you go' culture that ultimately results in cleaner artwork of your shop.


7. Set of Knives

Few sets of knives are also important piece of equipment in this list. Knives are used for cutting, layering, masking, carving and moulding.


8. Set of Cutlery

Set of cutleries necessary for modelling andmoulding.


9. Set of Brushes

Set of brushes are used for gluing, joining, holding and painting.


10. Liquid Food Colours

It is used for painting.


11. Almond Dragees

Almond Dragees are used for accessorising and enhancing the cakes.


12. Latex Disposable Gloves

Disposable and food safe thin latex gloves are necessary for any cake shop. It is used for modelling, moulding, cleaning andstoring of cakes.


13. Digital Scale

Digital Scale preferably with 1 gram increments is required for any cake shop. It is used for measuring and constructing.


14. Display case

Display of products is important for any bakery shop. Customer like to watch quality glass display case to showcase all your baked goods when they walk in the front door your shop. It also allows customers to see what they're getting, and makes your products more appealing. Never underestimate the power of sight.


15. Packaging

Good attractive packaging is the last step in the production process and generally the last thing on a every baker's mind. It will also affect the quality of your finished products and has a long lasting impact of your shop.