Difference Between Pastry Flour And Cake Flour


Pastry and cake flour are both fine-textured soft flours with a low protein content, but these two flours aren’t exactly the same in every context. Pastry flour has more protein content as compared to cake flour. It has protein content of about 9 percent while cake flour has approximately 7 to 8 percent protein. It is to be noted that cake flour contains the least amount of proteins as compared to any other flours. Pastry flour has lesser starch content as compared to cake flour.These both flours have just enough protein to give structure to pastry, cakes and other tender-crumbed baked goods, while keeping texture airy, deliciously and light.

Pastry flour and cake flour are made from the soft quality of wheat but pastry flour will have a more defined texture than cake flour. Pastry flour is generally made from soft white winter or red winter wheat.Pastry flour is not bleached or treated as compared to cake flour. The bleaching process makes the cake flour soft, by breaking down the proteins in the flour also makes this flour a little acidic makes it suitable for recipes, where the ratio of sugar to flour is high.Pastry flour is more suitable for recipes like pastries,cookies and muffins as it will give a lighter texture to the baked goodies. Cake flour is more suitable for making baked goods, that do not require much rising and stretching. So,this flour best for certain recipes like sponge cakes.Pastry flour usually can be substituted with a mixture of all-purpose flour while cake four can be substituted with all-purpose flour and cornstarch in certain quantities.