Healthy Black Forest Cupcakes


The Black Forest cake made its first official appearance during the 1930s and has gained much popularity among people after World War II.There are many other propositions on how the cake originally got its name. Some historians suggest that it is quite possible that the cake got its interesting name from the traditional costume worn by women in the Black Forest.The dress of those women was black (just like the chocolate flakes), the blouse is white (like the cream) and the hat has red pom-poms that look similar to cherries.It is called SchwarzwälderKirschtorte in German, which means Black Forest Cherry Torte or Gateau.Every year, on Oct 28 people celebrate National Black Forest cake day. The origin of this day is clearly not known but it is basically celebrated to promote the consumption and rich history of this delicious cake.

Different Forms of Black Forest Cakes:

1. Black Forest Cheesecake- A creamy, whipped cream and chocolate curls and dark chocolate cheesecake topped with pie filling.

2. Black Forest Fondant Cake- It is a form of dark, rich black forest cake covered up with the smooth and sweet layer of fondant.

3. Photo Black Forest Cake- Totally yummy form of black forest cake on which people surprisingly can get printed the picture of the birthday person.

4. Eggless Black Forest Cake- A tasty, rich and classic black forest cake made with multiple layers of chocolate sponge without the usage of eggs.

5. Black Forest Cupcakes- The light, soft and moist chocolate cupcakes with a cherry filling that are usually topped with whipped cream.

Healthy Black Forest cupcakes have always held a special place in our heart.These cupcakes are not only soft and light, but they stay moist for days and also good for our health.Once they’re baked and cooled, you can cut out the center and fill each one with some cherry filling to make them tastier.Black Forest cupcake has generally four layers of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and cherries. It is covered with chocolate shavings and frosted with whipped cream and a few cherries can be considered for decoration. Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps) is basically used to flavor the whipped cream. The bottom layers of chocolate sponge cake are also brushed with Kirschwasser (cherry schnaps) to provide required moisture and a little extra flavor.Black Forest cupcake are healthy, tastes heavenly and looks decadent and that is all one needs for any sweet and joyous celebration. Every bite of the cake is super tasty, unleashes the layers of chocolaty goodness and leaves people asking for more bite of the cake.

The recipe for these healthy Black Forest cupcakes is pretty simple and basic. These cupcakes are generally sweetened with honey and the topping is whipped coconut cream.These tasty cupcakes are also completely free from dairy products, and low in added sugar. These are sweetened with honey and banana and have a rich chocolate flavour from the high cocoa content. These cupcakes are fluffy and moist, topped with a tangy whipped cream cheese buttercream frosting and filled with homemade cherry filling. These healthy Black Forest cupcakes are the perfect way to use cherries and better to pair with cherries than chocolate.

A traditional Black Forest cake has that unmistakable flavour of cherry liquor or Kirsch and filled and covered with a light whipped cream. Many people opted for a whipped cream cheese buttercream frosting because the tanginess of the cream cheese is fabulous with the chocolate and the cherries.These cupcakes are:

• Completely free from refined sugars

• Easy to make gluten-free by using gluten-free flour in place of the spelt

• Vegan, dairy-free and eggless

• Can be made diabetic and kid-friendly

• Nut-free

• Soy-free

• Ultra chocolatey and rich

• Completely delicious!

How to make Black Forest cupcakes?

Step - 1: First of all, make a super moist chocolate cupcake. Use the dark color cocoa to get the blacking look. Back in Dubai, most people use the Hintz brand. In Orlando, they used Hershey’s dark cocoa. Let the cupcake cool down completely before filling them.

Step - 2: Make a hole in the center with an icing tip or something similar. Add the cherry filling.Use canned or fresh cherries. You can use the cherry pie filling or cherries in syrup. Many people don’t like the taste of maraschino cherries, so they used to add the sour pitted cherries in syrup when fresh cherries are not in season.

Step - 3: Now brush the cupcake with kirsch, cherry syrup or brandy.Frost the cupcake with whipped cream, place the cherry on cupcake's top and spray some chocolate shavings to go along.

Eggless Black Forest Cupcakes

Black Forest cupcake is a very popular and delicious cake.It’s a delicious cake can be enjoyed any time of the year.This Eggless Black Forest Cupcakes has the rich taste of tartness of cherries, has a chocolatey sponge and the creaminess of whipped cream.The cupcake is better with handcrafted white and brown chocolate.

The Eggless Blackforest cupcakes are one of the favourite festive cupcakes for most of the people. These cupcakes consist of layers of chocolate cake and in between these layers, filled with cherry syrup, frosted with not so traditional cream cheese frosting with beautiful bread crumb and finally topped with delicious ruby red British cherries which make them great tasty stuff.Eggless Black Forest cupcake is not made with same method across the world. It is made few significant changes based on the geographic region. If we talk about India, Eggless Black forest cupcake is made without alcohol and iscompletely eggless.