How to start medical or marijuana bakery business?


With the legalization of marijuana and recreational uses of marijuana being recognized in the US have been revolutionary. States like California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts witnessed this effect of legalization which paves way for small businesses to set up. If you are looking forward to starting medical or marijuana bakery business. Alternatively, retail stores, dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturing and testing facilities can be some of the segments to invest on while starting startup related to marijuana medical supplies.

Most of all, you need to check regulations, legal parameters and pros and cons of the business plan initially. It will be an ideal prerequisite to seek guidance from the experts and enhance your knowledge about the mechanism of marijuana in the medical segment. In the long run, when you are all set to come up with the manufacture of edible products such as baked goods, this information will be beneficial.

The edible market is one of the most sought business niches currently. Baked goods infused with Marijuana enable people to enjoy the stuff without inhaling smoke. Furthermore, the lab tested brownies, cupcakes, cereal bar and other flavoured baked items appeal customers towards the wide collection of marijuana bakery.

A checklist to start marijuana bakery:


  1. 1. Establishing the business with strong startup plan
  2. 2. You must check business license requirements
  3. 3. Understand local marijuana laws
  4. 4. Finding the source of financing or funding for the business
  5. 5. Growing marijuana on your own after seeking license
  6. 6. Brand building & networking must be worked on