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Buyer's Guide: Dart Board

Dart boards buyers guide: Everything you need to know about purchasing an awesome dart board

What factors should I consider when shopping for a dart board?

Typically, a bristle/sisal dartboard will have thin, bladed wiring and a bladed bullseye, and this is the most common design. In addition to the above considerations, there are several others that I'll go over in detail, but these are the most critical.

It's more essential than most buyers realize how much a dartboard's depth and density matter. When the depth and density of the dartboard are good, darts will penetrate it more effectively and bounce less. As a result, you'll be able to play with greater consistency and, as a result, score better.

Bristle and sisal are used to make the dartboard.

Sisal, the main ingredient in bristle boards, is a long-lasting, high-density material. When used for dart boards, sisal has a unique "self-healing" ability that not only ensures a long-lasting dartboard but also literally seals holes shortly after the dart is removed, making it an excellent option. As a result, you can expect the dartboard to last a long time before it degrades.

This dartboard is the best choice if you want something that will last through tournament play or heavy use.

Wiring for a dartboard

The wiring on your dartboard divides it into two sections, one for each side. Wiring designed to reduce bounce outs is ideal. A staple-free bullseye and thinner, triangle-shaped wires will help you hit the target more consistently. Look for blade wiring if you want to go even thinner by eliminating the need for staples.

The dartboard's depth

A dartboard's density and depth are more critical than most buyers realize. Darts have a better chance of penetrating the dartboard when the board has sufficient depth and density. As a result, you'll be able to play with greater consistency and earn a higher overall score.

However, the density and depth of a bristle dartboard will vary from one to the next, so make sure to check this before you buy.

a target with blades in it.

Getting a dart in the bullseye is one of the most satisfying feelings in darts, especially if you're just starting out. A bullseye with a blade helps keep your darts in place and reduces bouncing, so your well-earned hits stay in place.


Dartboards printed with food-safe eco inks are a good choice. As a result, the darts will sink deeper into the board, resulting in a more vibrant and long-lasting color. With this ink, your dartboard will have less glare, enhancing your accuracy even further.


The dartboard will have to be hung up, so ensure it comes with a hook that will hold it firmly to the wall before you buy the dartboard. It's not like you're counting on your darts to keep it in place.

Playing darts with friends is a lot of fun and doesn't require much physical exertion. As a result, your dartboard will be subject to significant damage over time. If you're looking for a durable dartboard, look for reviews that praise the construction's wiring and bristle quality. You can be sure that your board will be dependable and attractive for a long time if you use these components.

Types of Dartboards

Once the fundamentals of a dartboard have been established, let's look at the various types of dartboards.

There are wooden dart boards available for purchase.

There are still a few places where you can find a wooden dart board, even though they are becoming increasingly rare. According to research, the first dart boards were made of wood and were imported to America from England. Many people believe that the concentric circles we use for scoring are descended from the "age rings" found in a cross-section of a tree. However, all of this is purely conjecture at this point.

Due to an elm tree blight in the 1970s, wooden dart boards fell out of favor in England, but have recently seen a resurgence.

There are many ways to decorate these dart boards, but they don't work well as dart boards because of their appearance. Other materials, like metal, can self-heal, but not wood. Owners used to soak them overnight, but now they just leave them out in the sun.

Many American-style games, on the other hand, go well with them. Most modern wooden dart boards are designed with a rotating center to distribute the force of hits more evenly. Most are also double-sided, so if one side is damaged, you can simply start over.

It's a decorative item more than a useful play board, so you could buy one.

Boards for throwing darts made of cork

Although these dart boards are commonly thought of as the most common, they have always been extremely rare. They stick well, but unlike wooden dart boards, they do not self-heal, and as a result, it only takes a few rounds of heavy use before they become unusable. A large portion of the board can be deactivated with the help of a powerful coalition.

American dart boards frequently refer to the bullseye as a "cork," which leads us to believe cork dart boards are common. Marketers often refer to "cork dart boards" as "American dart boards" when they mention "cork."

Paper Dart Boards with Coiled String

When it comes to the coiled paper dart board, it's made by coiling several long strips of paper together and tying them tightly together. Theoretically, the dart will get stuck between the coils and then reconnect when you remove it.

Most of the time, this is true, but you must keep your darts sharp to ensure that they enter the board with ease. When you remove the darts, if the steel tips have burrs, the paper coils will be ripped apart as a result. In the same vein, you'll have to get used to twisting the darts on a coiled paper board to remove them.

These aren't the best boards, but if you want to play a few games at home every now and then or have kids who are learning to play, this is a low-cost option that will last longer than most other types of boards in this price range.

Boards for throwing bristle darts

These dartboards have taken over as the most popular option. Elm blight, which decimated the supply of wooden boards in the 1930s, led to the invention of particleboard in the 1970s, which only became popular after that. These quickly became tournament standards and can be found in just about any bar in the world these days, thanks to their widespread adoption.

Typically, bristle dart boards are made from compressed sisal fibers that have been glued to the back. They move out of the way when a dart is fired at them, then close up once the dart is withdrawn. However, this type of board will take the longest to become damaged, even if it does.

Bristle dart boards that meet competition standards, or have enough bristles, are your best bet if you want to buy one. Bristle boards that use less sisal fiber can be found for less money. They'll do the job for a while, but investing in a higher-quality board will pay off in the long run.

The Spider

The "spider" refers to the wire scoring ring found on many dart boards. It's a way to show exactly where you hit the ball by clearly delineating the scoring zones. A variety of attachment options are available, as well as a number of different design elements to consider.

Some boards, especially the less expensive ones, will staple the spider to the board, which is effective but has two disadvantages: It adds extra metal in places where your dart could score and complicates the process of adjusting the web.

You'll be responsible for distributing damage more evenly if you can adjust the spider, similar to the rotating center of the made of wood dart boards shown above. There will be more frequent attacks on certain sections of the map due to the game's design. You can rotate the board and place less broken segments in higher percentage spots if you can easily remove the spider.

Most high-end dart boards feature staple-free spiders which attach to the board in a variety of ways other than through glue. On top of that, they use triangular wires instead of cylinder-shaped ones, which are even thinner. Thick, cylindrical wires bounce darts off of them, so this is a good thing. Instead, the dart will be guided into the board using triangular wires.

Keeping a Bristle Dart Board

Start paying attention to the lighting levels to keep your board in the finest possible condition. Bright lights will fade the colors and make the fibers brittle, making them less effective at closing when you pull the darts out. Make sure you don't place your dart board in direct sunlight or use spotlights to highlight or make it easier to see.

While you can rotate your boards to move around the damage in most circumstances, there is one point on the dart board that remains constant no matter how much you turn it: the bullseye. Fortunately, there is a remedy.

Encourage your pals not to shoot towards the target. This may appear to be counterintuitive, but consider it for a moment. Most dart games demand you to aim for other places of the board just as much as the bullseye. There is a prevalent misconception about it, but with very few exceptions, it is actually valued less than other regions of the board.

What is the best dart board money can buy?

The Barrington Series Bristle Dartboard Cabinet set discussed in this article is the best quality dart board on the market right now, according to our tests. The Blade 5 by Winmau is a close second.

What characteristics should I search for in a dart board?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a dart board is the type. Bristle dartboards, which are the norm for tournaments, wooden dart boards, computerized dart boards, and even magnetic dartboards are available. You should also think about the size of the spider and the wiring to reduce bounce-outs as much as feasible.

Are bristle dart boards a good choice?

Bristle dart boards are the greatest variety on the market today since they are self-healing and last a long period. These are used in competitions and provide the most enjoyable gameplay experience.

How long will a dart board last?

The lifespan of your dart board is determined by the quality of the board as well as how frequently you use it. If you're a casual player, you can anticipate a high-quality bristle dart board to last 3-4 years before needing to be replaced.

Which dart boards are the greatest to buy?

The greatest dart boards to buy will be determined by your budget and preferred playing style. The Winmau 5 Blade is the greatest overall selection, while Barrington Collections is a better fit if you're searching for a professional solution. We propose the Arachnid 900 Cricket Pro for electronic boards.

Why do my darts keep falling off the board?

Darts may fall off the board or bounce for one of three reasons. Your dart board is either too old and has to be replaced, your darts are not heavy enough for a solid throw, or your darts need to be sharpened.

In summary

Overall, you just need a few elements in a board: a bristle board with a revolving number ring and, if you can get it, triangular razor section wire.

Darts is a beautiful sport with a variety of fantastic games to play, so investing in a dart board that blends quality, function, and price is well worth the effort for hours of fun with family and friends. The best dart boards are those that are frequently utilized for entertainment.

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