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Product Dimensions: 24.2 x 11.2 x 67.72 inches

Item Weight: 15.8 ounces

Manufacturer: 's Suggested Maximum Weight 60 Pounds

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Batteries Required: No


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Product Dimensions: 22.83 x 9.45 x 59.84 inches

Item Weight: 6.48 pounds

Manufacturer: 's Suggested Maximum Weight 45 Pounds

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Batteries Required: No


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Product Dimensions: 66.5 x 23.25 x 8.25 inches

Item Weight: 33 pounds

Manufacturer: Zenith Products

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Material: Care Instructions Wipe Clean

Batteries Required: No


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Product Dimensions: 25.1 x 10 x 61.5 inches

Item Weight: 20 pounds

Manufacturer: UTEX

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


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Product Dimensions: 10.25 x 23.3 x 64.6 inches

Item Weight: 0.01 ounces

Manufacturer: ZPC Zenith Products

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Batteries Required: No


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Item Weight: ‎27.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎23.31 x 7.44 x 68.07 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No


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Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 22 x 92 inches

Item Weight: 14.97 pounds

Manufacturer: ALLZONE


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Item Weight: ‎7.43 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎10.5 x 23.5 x 64.5 inches


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Item Weight: ‎15.27 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎10.2 x 24.8 x 64.2 inches

Buyer's Guide: Over The Toilet Storage

A Guide to Over-the-Toilet Storage: What You Need to Know

We’ve all been there. You need something from the bathroom, but you can't find it anywhere! This is where over-the-toilet storage comes in handy. But what do you actually need to know?

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about over-the-toilet storage: what it is and how it can help with your apartment living and organization needs. From the right type of shelf to buy to installing it correctly, we're giving tips on how to make your life a little easier! So read on for some expert advice on how to organize your life—and your bathroom—one step at a time.

What is over the toilet storage?

Over the toilet storage is a piece of furniture that hangs over your toilet to make more floor or counter space in your bathroom. It's a shelf that is attached to the wall and usually has hooks and pegs for storing items like towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

This post will teach you all about over-the-toilet storage: what it is, how it can help you, and where to get one. Read on!

Who Needs Over the Toilet Storage?

One of the most common questions people ask about over-the-toilet storage is who needs it.

If you're just moving into an apartment, you don't need it. There are usually not enough outlets or cabinets in bathrooms to accommodate all the items that you might want to store on top of your toilet. But for those of us who have been living in our apartments for a while, over-the-toilet storage is important. It's always handy to keep things like hand soap and shampoo on hand so they're readily available when you need them.

Another good reason why some people may need over-the-toilet storage is if they are relocating into a new home with no outlets or hooks in their bathroom. For example, if you are moving into a vacation home that lacks recessed lighting, you'll probably want something to hang your towels from while taking a shower!

That being said, everybody can benefit from over-the-toilet storage! If there aren't any shelves or hooks inside your bathroom cabinet, you can buy an over-the-toilet shelf and keep everything where it should be with minimal effort.

The Different Types of Over the Toilet Storage

Open Shelves

An open shelf is the most basic type of over-the-toilet storage. Open shelves are designed to keep things out of sight but easily accessible.

If you have a lot of items that need to be stored in your bathroom, an open shelf is perfect for you. This type of storage will allow you to see what's on top of your toilet but still maintain its security.

You can buy this type of shelf in a variety of forms and materials, depending on what you need it for. Here are some common types: wood, metal, wire, or plastic.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a must-have for any bathroom. They give you the perfect spot to put towels and toiletries and can help with organization in your apartment and bathroom needs.

Depending on the type of shelf you buy, installation can be a little difficult. But don't worry! We'll walk you through the process step-by-step! So read on to get some expert advice on how to organize your life—and your bathroom—one step at a time.

Wall Mounted

If you want to get the most out of your bathroom storage, it's best to put it away when you're done. This means buying the right type of shelf is important. Consider wall-mounted shelves, which are great for individuals with limited space in their bathrooms. These shelves can be hung over the toilet (or sink) and will provide plenty of room for towels, toilet paper, and other items that need to be kept neatly tucked away.

Typically, wall-mounted shelves are made from metal or plastic, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Some even come in different colors! So if you want something more than just a standard shelf, consider an over-the-toilet shelf.

This type of shelf is great for keeping things off the ground so they don't get dirty or wet during use. You'll also have plenty of counter space left behind the shelf when it's not in use, so you can store other items on top of it without cluttering up your bathroom too much.

Wall shelving is also easy to install yourself if you're handy with tools or have someone who can help you put them up! To do this, all you need are two screws with corresponding screw heads that match the holes on the

Grab Bars

Grab bars are wall-mounted grab bars that can be used for support, stability, or to help vertical transfers. They are typically installed by an architect, engineer, or homebuilder. There are many different types of grab bars, with varying degrees of accessibility.

Over the toilet storage is an important option for people living in small spaces who have limited counter space and want to keep items like toiletries out of sight and out of reach. This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about over-the-toilet storage: what it is and how it can help with your apartment living and organization needs. From the right type of shelf to buy to installing it correctly, we're giving tips on how to make your life a little easier! So read on for some expert advice on how to organize your life—and your bathroom—one step at a time.

The Benefits of Over the Toilet Storage

There are many benefits to over-the-toilet storage.

One of the most important things to consider is how it will make your life easier in general. You'll be able to free up more space in your bathroom, which means you'll have more room for other items like toiletries and towels.

Another benefit is that with over-the-toilet storage, you won't have to search far and wide for items when needed. Instead, they're right there in front of you! This saves time by not having to spend as much energy searching for them and prevents clutter from building up around the toilet.

Features to Consider Before Buying Over the Toilet Storage


When it comes to over-the-toilet storage, you want to make sure that the shelf is sturdy and built to last. It needs to be able to support all the weight of your toiletries and other essentials. You also need to make sure that there's enough space on the shelf for all of your products.

Once you've found a shelf that has these qualities, you'll want to consider what type of material it's made of. Some options are metal or wood, but others are plastic or even glass! This will depend on your preference. If you're worried about smudging or breaking your products, then wooden shelves are probably the best option for you.

You're also going to want to think about how many shelves you're going to need in your bathroom. Some people only use one shelf, while others may have six or eight full shelves! The number of shelves you need will depend on how many products you have stored in your bathroom – so think about how many products are stored there now and see what works for you.

Finally, think about design options for this piece of furniture before purchasing it! You can choose from a variety of colors and materials, so take some time browsing through the

Storage Capacity

You should consider how much capacity your shelving or basket needs to have. Shelves come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This refers to the width of the shelving system, not its height. So for a small shelf, it's 12 inches wide, a medium shelf is 18 inches wide, and a large one is 24 inches wide. You'll also want to consider how deep the shelf needs to be so that all of your items fit on it comfortably.

Baskets come in two sizes: small and medium. The difference between these two baskets is their depth, which determines how many items they can hold at once! A large basket will hold up to 10 pounds, while a small one will only hold up to 5 pounds.


When it comes to over-the-toilet storage, you want to make sure you get a quality shelf. You require something that will not break or fall apart after a few uses.

So what are the best options for over-the-toilet shelving? There are usually three types of shelves on the market: plastic, metal, and ceramic. The type you choose will depend on your preference for materials and the purpose of your shelving.

The most common types of shelving are plastic or metal, because they are easy to install, don't require much maintenance, and are cost-effective when it comes to buying. However, these shelves can break easily, so you have to be careful with them if you have kids in the house who might be roughhousing in their bathroom. Ceramic shelving is also very durable but is more expensive than plastic or metal shelves.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying over-the-toilet storage is not having enough space. The smallest available size is 4x6 inches, but it depends on your needs and what you want to store. Be sure to take into account the height and depth of your toilet tank and shelf before deciding on a size.

The best place for over-the-toilet storage is above the toilet tank, so you can easily reach everything without bending down too much. It's also important that the shelves are at least waist height, because you don't want to be reaching below or above your head during an emergency!

Tips for Choosing the Best Over the Toilet Storage

The first step to finding the perfect over-the-toilet storage is knowing what you want. You can find shelves and baskets that are specifically designed for this purpose, but if you're looking to store other things, we suggest looking for a shelf or basket with handles. This will make it easier to transport items from your bathroom and will also prevent them from slipping off the shelf.

When choosing your over-the-toilet storage, consider what you need it to hold. Different shelves and baskets have different capacities, so if you're looking to store toiletries, you'll want one that can hold a lot of items at once. But if you're looking for a general space to store more kitchenware or a few books on a bookshelf, a smaller option might be better for you.

Another thing to consider is how much room you have in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, then it may be hard to find the right-sized shelf or basket that fits properly in there. In this case, look for something with handles on the side, as mentioned above, as well as some flexibility in size!

Frequently Asked Questions About Over the Toilet Storage

How much storage do you need in a bathroom?

The amount of storage needed in a bathroom is going to be different for everyone. The more you can fit, the better things will go for you, but it's also important to think about the types of storage that are most beneficial for your life.

Some people might need a lot of extra space to hold all their toiletries and cosmetics. Others might just want a little extra shelf or a few hooks on the wall. Whatever your situation, this information can help you find the right solution for you!

There are going to be a variety of different options when it comes to over-the-toilet storage, from baskets with drawers and shelves to hooks and cabinets. In order to figure out which option is most appropriate for your needs, consider what you're storing in there as well as how often you'll use it.

Let's say that most of your items don't have any natural place to go, so it's likely that things will get moved around quite frequently. If so, an over-the-toilet cabinet might be the best option since everything will stay put no matter how much movement there is in your bathroom!

Is over-the-toilet storage worth your money?

You may be wondering if over-the-toilet storage is worth the money you spend. It's a tough question, but there are a few factors that can help you decide if it will be a wise investment for your home.

One of the most important things to consider is what kind of bathroom space you have available. If your bathroom is small, then maybe over-the-toilet storage won't work for you. The shelves have to fit in front of the toilet with only inches on either side to spare. If you don't have this space or if your bathroom is too cramped, then it might not be feasible for you to install over-the-toilet shelving. Another thing to consider is whether or not you can mount an under-the-sink shelving unit with room enough for one shelf above the sink and one below it. This is something that will determine whether or not this type of shelving would work best in your apartment.

If installing over-the-toilet shelving seems like too much work right now, then maybe it's time to wait until later in life when your bathroom gets more spacious!

How do you maintain the storage for toilets?

If you're like most people, your bathroom is overflowing with items like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and towels. You don't want to spend all of your time looking for things that you need in the morning. That's why over-the-toilet storage is such a great idea.

But what do you actually need to know? This blog post will teach you everything about how to maintain over-the-toilet storage so it doesn't become a big mess. From caring for the wood to storing it correctly, we'll give tips on how to make your life easier and make organizing less stressful!

What are the tips for organizing and storing bathroom basics in over-the-toilet storage?

Over-the-toilet storage is a great and practical idea for storing things like toilet paper, soap, and towels in your bathroom. But there are a lot of things to consider when buying and installing these shelves. For example, you need to make sure the over-the-toilet shelf will fit in your bathroom (most should be able to fit in standard bathroom dimensions), that it's easy to install (most can be screwed onto the wall or ceiling), and that it's sturdy enough to hold its weight (most come with brackets). We're here to help you navigate all these considerations!

Is over-the-toilet storage safe to use?

One question that always comes up is whether over-the-toilet storage is safe to use. It's important to know that it's safe, especially if you're using it in your bathroom. The shelves are designed with safety in mind and will withstand the weight of items placed on them.

But what about whether or not it's safe for the toilet seat cover? To make sure this doesn't happen, make sure you don't place anything too heavy on top of your toilet seat cover. If you put something like a dryer on top of the toilet seat cover, it can cause problems and even damage the seat cover itself.


Home is the place where you should be able to relax, unwind, and find peace. And with over-the-toilet storage, that's exactly what your bathroom will feel like!

Whether you're in need of a little extra storage or want to instantly make your bathroom feel more organized, this blog post is for you. Check out the tips on how to install over-the-toilet storage shelves below.

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