Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size Weighted Keyboard, Portable Electric Piano with Furniture Stand, 3-Pedal Unit


Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size Semi Weighted Keyboard, Portable Electric Piano With Furniture Stand/Triple Pedals/Power Supply


Souidmy G-310W - 88 Key Digital Piano with Full Weighted Graded Hammer Action, String Resonance, Bluetooth MIDI, for Beginner and Professional, Electric Piano Keyboard with Sustain Pedal and Bag


Jomilly Full Size 88 Key Weighted Hammer Digital Piano, Portable Electric Keyboard Piano for Beginner/Adults with Sustain Pedal, Power Supply, And Built in Speakers (Without Stand)


ZHRUNS Beginner Digital Piano Keyboard with 88 Key Full Size Semi Weighted Keyboard,Portable Electric Piano with 1 Sustain Pedal,Headphone Jack/USB/MIDI Capability/Audio Output/Power Supply (White)


Souidmy S-310 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano, Full-size Responsive Keyboard with Graded Hammer Action, for Beginners and Professionals, Home Portable Piano Keyboard with Metal Sustain Pedal


TENB Beginner Digital Piano,88 Key Full Size Semi Weighted Keyboard,Built in Speakers and Power Supply,Home Digital Piano USB/MIDI/Pedal/Audio/Headphone,Suit for Kids,Adults,Beginner


ZHRUNS Beginner Digital Piano,88 Key Weighted Keyboard,Full Size Portable Electric Piano with Sustain Pedal,Power Supply,USB/MIDI/Headphone/Mic/Audio Output Feature


ZHRUNS Digital Piano, 88 Key Full Size Weighted Keyboard, Piano keyboard with Furniture Stand, 3-Pedal, Power Adapter, Audio In/Output, USB/MIDI for Beginner/Professional

How To Choose The Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboard

What Is The Purpose Of A Weighted Keyboard?

The purpose of a weighted keyboard is to provide a more comfortable typing experience by adding weight to each individual key. Some models weigh upwards of 10 pounds!

How Does A Weighted Keyboard Help Me Type Faster?

Weighting the keys makes it easier to type with your fingers because there is no longer a force required to depress the keys. If you're using a regular keyboard, you might be able to type faster if you rest your wrists on top of the keyboard. However, resting your wrists on a normal keyboard could cause injuries due to the lack of support provided by the keys. With a weighted keyboard, you can rest your wrists comfortably on the keyboard itself which gives you greater stability and comfort during prolonged typing sessions.

Are There Any Downsides To Using A Weighted Keyboard?

There are many benefits to using a weighted keyboard, however, there are downsides too. First, if you've been playing guitar for years, you might notice that your hands start to hurt after extended periods of typing. Second, if you play video games, you might notice that the added weight causes the keys to bounce back into position causing you to lose accuracy. Finally, if you frequently lift weights, you might notice that the additional weight puts strain on your joints and muscles. All these factors must be considered before purchasing a weighted keyboard.

Is A Weighted Keyboard Right For Everyone?

Some people prefer the lighter feeling of a traditional keyboard while others enjoy the added stability offered by a heavier model. In order to determine whether a weighted keyboard is right for you, you'll need to take several factors into consideration including your physical condition, gaming habits, and personal preference.

Which Model Is Best For My Needs?

In general, the best option for someone who wants to improve his/her typing speed is to invest in a heavy duty keyboard. If you plan on spending lots of time gaming, investing in a light duty keyboard might be a good idea since it doesn't put as much pressure on your wrist.

Do I Need An Upgrade Kit?

Most manufacturers include an upgrade kit with their keyboards. These kits contain replacement parts such as springs, switches, and other components that allow you to customize your keyboard according to your needs. Many companies sell their own upgrade kits, however, some third party sellers also carry quality upgrade kits.

Where Can I Find Quality Upgrades Kits?

Upgrading your keyboard isn't always necessary, however, if you're planning on doing extensive gaming or typing, you'll definitely benefit from upgrading your keyboard. Third party sellers are great sources for finding high quality upgrades kits.

Most musicians know that there is nothing more important than a good instrument. If you're serious about playing music, you must invest in a high-quality keyboard. However, many musicians think that because they play the piano, they already possess the skills necessary to become proficient with other types of keyboards. Unfortunately, this isn't true. In fact, most pianists who learn to play another type of keyboard end up feeling frustrated due to the lack of familiarity with the nuances of each keyboard.

Keys vs Keyswitches

In order to understand why a keyboard matters so much, we must first discuss the differences between the two main types of keyboards: keyswitched and weighted. But while both types of keyboards function similarly, they differ greatly in terms of sound and design. Let's take a closer look at these differences.


Keyboards are designed to produce different sounds based upon the way the keys are pressed down. Because the black keys are easier to press, they allow players to create louder notes by pressing harder. Conversely, the white keys are softer sounding and require a lighter touch to achieve maximum volume.


Another major difference between the two types of keyboards is the design. Additionally, weighted keyboards are typically larger and thicker than their keyswitched counterparts. This makes them more difficult to transport and store. Finally, weighted keyboards are generally more expensive than their keyswitched cousins.

The most important thing to think about when purchasing a keyboard is whether or not it has enough weight. The more weight a keyboard has, the easier it will be to play. If you're going to be playing music professionally, you'll probably want to invest in a heavier keyboard. However, if you only plan on using your keyboard occasionally, then you might be able to live with something lighter.


The amount of weight a keyboard has depends mostly on its size. Larger keyboards weigh more because there are more keys on them. Smaller keyboards weigh less because they contain fewer keys. Most keyboards fall somewhere between these two extremes. In general, larger keyboards weigh more than smaller ones.

Keyboard Size

Another factor to take into consideration is the size of the keyboard itself. There are three different types of keyboards available today. Finally, we have compact keyboards which are roughly 6 inches wide by 9 inches long. Compact keyboards are great for those who travel frequently. Full-size and half-sized keyboards are best suited for those who prefer a bigger keyboard.

Number of Keys

There are many factors to consider when choosing the number of keys on a keyboard. One of the main considerations is whether or not the keyboard contains a numeric keypad. Some keyboards include a standard QWERTY layout while others include a separate set of numbers.

Programmable Functions

Some keyboards allow users to assign custom functions to certain keys. This makes it possible to create shortcuts for common tasks. For example, you could assign the "F" button to open your web browser. Another benefit of assigning custom functions is that you can customize each individual key so that it performs a specific task.

Numeric Keypad

Most keyboards include a numeric keypad. Numerical keypads are useful for entering phone numbers or other numerical data. Many keyboards also include a calculator function built right into the keyboard.

Cable Management System

Many keyboards now include cable management systems. Cable management systems are helpful because they keep cables neatly tucked away and out of sight. This prevents tangles and snags and saves you from spending hours trying to untangle tangled cords.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomically designed keyboard reduces strain on your hands and wrists. Ergonomics refers to designing products and furniture to fit human anatomy. An ergonomic design ensures that the product fits comfortably and doesn't cause undue stress on your body.


Finally, durability is another major concern when shopping for a keyboard.

There are many different kinds of keyboards available today. Some are designed specifically for typing while others are meant for playing music. In fact, there are so many different options available, it can be hard to know which ones are best suited for your needs. If you're interested in learning more about these products, read on!

The most common type of keyboard found in homes and offices is the standard QWERTY style keyboard. Today, however, we've seen several other variations of the keyboard created.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Keyboard

One benefit of using a weighted keyboard is that it makes typing easier. Because the keys are heavier, they require less force to press down. As a result, you can type faster with fewer mistakes. Another advantage is that the weight of the keys encourages proper posture. Proper posture is important because it reduces back pain and improves overall health.

Standard Qwerty Style Keyboard

This model is probably the most commonly known version of a weighted keyboard. The design consists of two rows of keys, each row containing 26 keys. There are no special functions assigned to certain keys. Instead, the user must memorize where the keys are located on the keyboard.

Split Keyboard

This variant of a weighted keyboard features only half the number of keys compared to the standard QWERTY style keyboard. While the split keyboard does allow users to type quickly, it doesn't provide the same level of comfort as the standard QWERTY style keyboard.

Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is designed to reduce stress on the wrists and hands. Most of these keyboards contain a higher amount of keys than the standard QWERTY style keyboard. However, the layout of the keys remains unchanged.

How To Choose Which Type of Keyboard Is Right For You

Choosing between the different varieties of weighted keyboards isn't always easy. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow down your choices. First, you should determine whether you plan to play music or simply type text messages. Next, decide if you prefer a traditional QWERTY style keyboard or something more modern. Finally, think about your budget. Once you've decided on the right kind of keyboard, you can start shopping online.

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