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How To Choose The Best Blue Yeti Usb

What Is The Purpose Of A Blue Yeti USB?

The blue Yeti USB has been designed with two purposes in mind - to be portable and to provide high quality audio capture. With its compact size and lightweight design, the Yeti USB makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. Whether you're taking notes during lectures, capturing sound effects while making videos, or simply listening to music, the Yeti USB offers great value for money.

How Does The Yeti USB Compare To Other Microphones?

There are many other options available for those who wish to record sound using a smartphone or tablet. However, none of these devices match the portability of the Yeti USB. Not only does it fit into most pockets, but it also comes with a built-in battery which gives you hours of continuous usage. If you're looking for a simple solution to take your recordings anywhere, the Yeti USB could be perfect for you!

Is There Any Difference Between The Red & Blue Models?

Yes there is a slight difference between the red and blue models. The blue model features a 3.5mm jack socket whereas the red version uses a standard 2.5mm plug. Both versions are compatible with smartphones and tablets, however, the blue model is more suitable for mobile applications where the user needs to connect headphones to listen to the recorded sound.

Can I Use My Own Headset Instead Of Using An External One?

No, unfortunately the Yeti USB doesn't include a headphone socket so users must purchase their own headset before connecting to the Yeti USB. Although this isn't ideal, the Yeti USB is still very useful because it includes a built-in mic which enables users to record sound directly onto their phone or tablet.

Does The Yeti USB Have Built In Speakers?

No, although the Yeti USB does come with a small speaker which can be used to play back sounds captured by the microphone. Users can adjust the volume level via the buttons located on top of the unit itself.

Are There Different Sizes Available For The Yeti USB?

Yes, both the red and blue units come in three different sizes. Each size has a slightly different shape and dimensions, allowing users to choose the best option depending on their preference.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Blue Yeti USB

Blue Yetis are great little devices with many uses. However, there are times where you might be using the wrong type of mic. If you're going to record music, you might want something more professional. That's why we've put together this list of reasons why you should purchase a high-quality blue Yeti USB microphone.

It doesn't matter how pretty your mic looks; sound is always more important. There are plenty of inexpensive mics available that look good, but they lack the ability to capture audio well. In fact, most of these mics actually produce very poor results.

There are lots of cheaper options out there that claim to give excellent audio recordings. Unfortunately, they aren't true. Cheap mics simply cannot compete with higher-end models. Even though they might seem attractive, they are only worth the money if they perform well.

Features To Look For When Buying A Blue Yeti USB

The Blue Yeti USB has been around since 2007 and was created by Paul Maritz who wanted to create a high quality portable audio recorder with great sound quality. The Blue Yeti USB comes with many features including a built-in mic which makes it perfect for podcasting, voice memos, interviews, etc. The Blue Yeti USB is very popular because of its unique design and excellent performance. If you're interested in purchasing a Blue Yeti USB, here are some important features to look for.

Built In Mic

One of the most useful features of the Blue Yeti USB is the built-in mic. With this mic, you no longer need to carry another external mic. Simply plug the Blue Yeti USB into your computer via USB cable and start recording!

USB Cable Included

Another advantage of owning a Blue Yeti USB is that there is included a USB cable so you can connect the Blue Yeti USB directly to your computer. No more struggling to figure out where to put your cables while trying to record something!

High Quality Sound Recording

This product uses a condenser capsule microphone which gives you crystal clear recordings. The Blue Yeti USB records extremely well and sounds amazing!

Great Design

The Blue Yeti USB looks cool and sleek. Its compact size makes it easy to travel with and store away. There are two buttons on top of the unit which allow you to control volume levels and mute/unmute the mic.

Compact Size

With the Blue Yeti USB being only 4 inches tall, it fits perfectly in your backpack or purse. It weighs only 2 pounds making it super lightweight and convenient to take anywhere.


The Blue Yeti USB is small enough to fit inside your pocket or bag. It's ideal for traveling and taking along wherever you go.

Easy Setup

Setting up the Blue Yeti USB couldn't be easier. All you have to do is plug the USB into your computer using the supplied USB cable.

Recordings Are Stored On Micro SD Card

Once you've finished recording, simply remove the micro SD card from the Blue Yeti USB and insert it into your computer. Now you can listen back to your recordings right away!

Records Audio Files Up To 32 GB

If you plan on doing lots of podcasts, interviews, or voice memo sessions, then the Blue Yeti USB is definitely worth considering. Not only does it give you incredible sound quality, but it also lets you record files up to 32GB! That's huge compared to other products on the market today!

Different Types of Blue Yeti USB

The Yeti USB microphone has been around since 2007. The original version was black with white trim. In 2009, Yeti released its second model which came in red and silver colors. Then in 2011, Yeti introduced the third model which was available in two different colors; Black and Red. Now, in 2013, Yeti has released another color option; Blue!

Yeti Microphone Colors

There are three models of Yeti mics now available. Each comes in either black, red, or blue. All three models include the same features including XLR inputs, mic stands, and a shock mount. However, each model does differ slightly in size and shape. For example, the smaller sized Yeti Blue Mic weighs only 1 pound while the larger sized Yeti Red Mic weighs 2 pounds.

How To Use The Yeti Blue Mic

To record audio using the Yeti Blue Mic, simply plug the mic into your computer via the 3.5mm jack located on the backside of the unit. Once connected, you'll be able to hear the sound coming from the mic by pressing the green button on top of the mic. If you'd rather listen to music while recording, press the red button on top of the mic. Pressing both buttons simultaneously will mute the mic so you can continue listening to whatever you're doing.

Benefits of Using The Yeti Blue Mic

One benefit of owning a Yeti Blue Mic is that it offers high quality sound. With the ability to capture sounds from 0Hz - 20kHz, the Yeti Blue Mic is perfect for capturing vocals, acoustic instruments, and other sounds that require higher frequencies. Another advantage of owning a Yeti Blue Mic is that it is lightweight and portable. Unlike traditional condenser mics, the Yeti Blue Mic doesn't weigh more than 10 ounces making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Lastly, the Yeti Blue Mic is affordable.

Where Can You Purchase The Yeti Blue Mic?

While the Yeti Blue Mic isn't sold directly online, there are several places where you can purchase it. First, you can visit There, you'll be able to view reviews and read customer feedback regarding the Yeti Blue Mic.

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