Boss Oc 5

How To Choose The Best Boss Oc 5

What Is The Purpose Of A Boss OC-5?

The Boss OC-5 is a multi effects unit with five different pedals in one box. There are three main types of effects available; chorus/flange, delay, and reverb. Each type has its own unique sound and uses a different method to create the desired result. Chorus creates a flanging effect by adding multiple copies of the original signal to itself. Delay creates a repeating echo effect by delaying the input signal before returning it back to the output. Reverb produces a roomy sounding tone by using a combination of both the dry and wet signals. All these features allow you to create many different sounds.

How Does It Work?

Each of the five pedals has two knobs which control the amount of each effect applied. For example, the chorus knob controls the number of times the signal repeats while the delay knob controls how long the delayed version stays in the mix. If you turn down the volume of the wet signal, only the dry signal remains. Turning up the wet signal increases the overall volume of the effected signal.

Benefits of Using An Effects Unit

Using an effects unit gives you more flexibility in creating complex tones. With so many options available, you can experiment with different combinations to achieve the perfect sound. In addition, because there are no external speakers required, you can play along with your favorite songs without disturbing others around you.

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons associated with using an effects unit. Some users say that the quality of the sound produced by the OC-5 is good enough for beginners who aren't interested in experimenting too much. Others claim that the unit doesn't produce the same results as standalone units. Still others complain that the unit isn't easy to set up and operate.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Boss OC-5 Pedal

There are many different types of pedals available today. Some are designed to be used with certain instruments while others are meant to enhance the sound produced by other devices. There are several factors that determine which type of pedal you choose to purchase. One factor is whether you plan to play live shows or record music. Another important consideration is the price range you're willing to pay for a particular product. If you're a beginner guitarist who wants to learn more about playing the guitar, you might want to invest in a simple yet effective pedal called the Boss OC-5.


This pedal has five effects including reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo, and vibrato. Each of these features can be turned on or off depending on your preference. In addition, there is a master volume control so you can adjust the overall level of each effect. With this pedal, you can create sounds ranging from subtle to powerful. For instance, you could turn on the chorus effect and set the delay time to three seconds. Then, you could increase the master volume control to maximum and start strumming away. As you continue to play, the chorus effect will begin to repeat itself creating a unique sound.


One benefit of using the Boss OC-5 is that it offers a wide variety of tones that allow you to experiment with different combinations. Since the pedal comes with five different effects, you can select the ones that best suit your needs. For example, if you prefer a chunky rhythm tone, you can simply turn on the chorus effect and leave everything else off. However, if you'd rather produce a smoother sound, you can activate the delay effect and let the rest go.

Features To Look For When Buying A Boss OC-5

The Boss OC-5 is a great sounding stompbox with many features. The OC-5 has three different modes; chorus/flanger, phaser, delay, reverb, tremolo, and pitch bend. There is also a master volume control which controls all the effects simultaneously. In addition, there is a footswitch input so you can turn the effects on and off by simply pressing down on the switch. The OC-5 also includes a headphone jack allowing you to listen to the sound while using other instruments. Finally, the OC-5 comes equipped with a power supply and battery compartment making it easy to transport around town.

Chorus/Flange Mode

This mode gives the user two choices; flanging or chorusing. Flanging creates a warbling type sound where the notes ring out creating a very unique tone. Chorusing makes the notes ring out more evenly giving the user a smoother sound. Both sounds are created by modulating the filter frequency. The modulation rate determines the speed of the warble or chirping. If the modulation rate is slow, the sound will be quieter and slower. However, if the modulation rate is fast, the sound will become louder and faster.

Phasing Mode

In Phasing mode, the oscillator signal is split into two paths. One path goes straight to the output while the second path passes through a phase shifter circuit. After passing through the phase shifter, the signals recombine before going back to the output. This causes the waveform to appear to jump between positive and negative values. As the amount of phase shift increases, the amplitude of the waveform decreases. This results in a softer sound.

Delay Mode

The Delay function works by delaying the incoming audio signal by a certain number of milliseconds. Once the delay time is selected, the user can adjust the feedback level by turning the knob located above the delay section. Turning the knob clockwise increases the feedback level while counterclockwise decreases the feedback level. The higher the feedback level, the longer the delay time becomes. Conversely, the lower the feedback level, the shorter the delay time becomes.

Reverb Mode

The Reverb function is designed to simulate the natural reverberation found in rooms. The user selects the room size and decay setting. Decay refers to the length of time the echo remains in the room. Setting the decay too short will result in a dry sound while setting it too long will give the sound a muddy quality. Room Size refers to the distance the sound travels within the room. Increasing the size of the room will increase the overall intensity of the sound. Decreasing the size of the room will decrease the overall intensity of the sound.

Tremelo Mode

The Tremelo function lets the user select the range of pitches to vibrate. The user sets the minimum and maximum frequencies and turns the knobs to fine tune the settings. The lower the frequency, the higher the pitch.

Different Types of Boss OC-5 Pedal

The Boss OC-5 is a great sounding multi effects unit with many features. The main thing that makes this pedal so good is its versatility. With five different modes, there is no limit to the sounds you can create. In addition to these five modes, there is also a bypass mode which lets you play along with your other pedals while still using the OC-5. There is also a delay function which gives you control over the amount of echo you hear. If you're looking for a versatile pedal that has tons of options, the OC-5 is definitely worth checking out.


There are several features that set the OC-5 apart from other units. First, the sound quality is excellent. The OC-5 uses two 12AX7 tubes to provide distortion and compression. The compressor section is controlled by three knobs. One knob controls the ratio between compression and gain reduction. Another knob adjusts the level of the output signal. Finally, the third knob controls the threshold setting. All of these settings allow you to fine tune the tone of your amp.

How To Use

To start playing, simply turn on the power switch located near the footswitch. Once the power is turned on, press down on the footswitch to select the desired mode. Each mode has its own unique characteristics. For example, the chorus mode creates a thick wall of reverb. The flanger mode produces a swirling pattern of notes. The phaser mode creates a shimmering waveform. The tremolo mode causes the pitch to fluctuate. The wah mode modulates the volume of the input signal.