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How To Choose The Best Brent Mason Telecaster

What Is The Purpose Of A Brent Mason Telecaster?

The Telecaster was originally designed by Leo Fender back in 1954. He wanted a solid body instrument that could be played acoustically and electrically. His design included a single coil pickup which he called "Telephone Pickup". The Telecaster has been around since its inception and continues to evolve today. There are many different versions of the Telecaster including the Standard, Deluxe, Custom Shop, Vintage, and Limited Edition models. Each model offers unique features and benefits.

Standard Model

This is the most common type of Telecaster. The bridge saddle is adjustable and the nut width is 24mm wide. This model is available in both left handed and right handed configurations.

Deluxe Model

This model includes everything found in the Standard model plus two humbuckers. The pickups are mounted directly into the top plate of the headstock. The tremolo arm is detachable and there is no truss rod adjustment. The bridge saddles are fixed and the nut width is 25mm wide.

Custom Shop Models

These guitars are custom built by luthiers who specialize in building high quality instruments. Some of these models include mahogany necks, ebony fretboards, mother of pearl inlays, and bone nut plates. Other options include Floyd Rose locking tuners, Seymour Duncan active electronics, and DiMarzio PAF preamp tubes. All of these options allow players to customize their experience with the Telecaster.

Vintage Model

This model is based on the original 1959 Telecasters. The bridge saddle is adjustable and the nut width is 22mm wide. This model is only available in right hand configuration.

Limited Edition Models

Some limited edition models are produced each year. These models include special finishes, colors, woods, and hardware. For example, the 2012 Limited Edition Telecaster featured a black finish, white binding, gold hardware, and a maple neck. Another example is the 2013 Limited Edition Telecaster featuring a satin lacquer finish, natural colored bindings, and a sunburst finish on the neck and headstock. Many of these models are highly sought after because of their rarity and uniqueness.

Electric Guitar Picks

Brent Mason has been playing music since he was a child. He started his musical career at age 12, learning classical piano and violin. At 14 years old, he began studying jazz guitar. After graduating high school, he attended college where he majored in Music Business Management. In addition to being a musician, he is also a songwriter and producer. His songs have appeared on television shows including "Gleeand "American Idol.

In 2011, he released his debut album titled "Songs From My Childhood, " which included 11 original tracks written by him. Since its release, the album received critical acclaim and became a top seller on iTunes. In 2012, he released another studio album called "I'm Not Dead Yet." Both albums featured guest appearances by artists such as John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Joe Perry.

His most recent project is a live concert DVD entitled "Live at the House of Blues." The show features performances by Brent Mason along with special guests including Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, and Brian May.

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Brent Mason has been playing his signature Telecaster since he was 15 years old. He’s played with everyone from Eric Clapton to Stevie Ray Vaughan, and now plays with The Fabulous Thunderbirds. His Telecaster features include a custom maple neck with rosewood fretboard, a mahogany body, Seymour Duncan pickups, and a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.

Custom Maple Neck With Rosewood Frets

The most important part of a guitar is its neck. The neck connects the strings to the frets, which determine where each string hits the fret board. The neck must be strong enough to withstand the tension of the strings while being comfortable to play. But there is no substitute for a good quality solid wood neck.

In addition to strength, the neck needs to be comfortable to play. There are many different types of necks available including bolt-ons, glued-in necks, and floating necks. Bolt-ons are attached using hardware that screws into the headstock. Glued-in necks are permanently affixed to the top of the headstock. Floating necks allow the player to adjust the height of the neck relative to the fingerboard.

Mahogany Body & Bridge

Most players prefer a solid tone wood body. Mahogany is a popular choice due to its warm sound and rich bass response. However, there are many other options available depending on personal preference. Some players prefer a hollowbody design, others prefer a solid body. Solid bodies provide greater sustain and volume compared to hollow bodies.

Bridge designs vary greatly. Players who prefer a traditional single coil pickup may opt for a fixed bridge. Fixed bridges are designed to hold the saddle directly above the nut. Other players prefer adjustable bridges, which allow the saddles to float freely along the length of the fingerboard. Adjustable bridges are typically found on acoustic models.

Seymore Duncans Pickups

Pickup selection is another key factor in determining the overall tonal character of a guitar. Different styles of pickups produce different sounds. Single coils create a bright, treble focused tone. Plectrums and humbuckers give a warmer, fuller sounding tone.

Floyd Rose Tremolo System

Tremolos are devices that allow the pitch of the instrument to change during performance. Many players prefer a vibrato style tremolo, which uses springs to raise and lower the pitch of the strings.

Brent Mason has been playing guitars since he was 12 years old. He started his career as a session guitarist and played with artists such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Mayer, Paul Gilbert, Mark Knopfler, and many others. In 2004, he released his debut album "The Other Side" which went platinum within two months of its release. His second studio album "Songs From The Road" followed in 2006.

The album features guest appearances by members of Pearl Jam, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello, Brad Paisley, Kid Rock, Jack White, Rufus Wainwright, and many others. The album was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Rick Rubin who previously worked with Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Jay Z, Eminem, U2, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and many others. The album debuted at #1 on Billboard magazine’s Top 200 Album Chart and sold over 1 million copies worldwide.