Burton Feelgood Flying V

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How To Choose The Best Burton Feelgood Flying V

What Is The Purpose Of A Burton FeelGood Flying V?

The Burton FeelGood Flying V Snowboard has been designed with the beginner rider in mind. With its forgiving flex pattern, the board feels easy to ride yet offers plenty of pop and power. Its soft edges allow riders to carve turns effortlessly while providing excellent edge hold. The FeelGood Flying V features a medium-sized concave shape which makes it ideal for carving and freestyle tricks.

How Does The Burton FeelGood Flying V Compare To Other Boards In Its Class?

Burton’s FeelGood series was created by combining the best attributes of two popular boards – the Burton Flyer and the Burton Jibber. Both boards share many similarities including high performance and stability, but each brings something different to the table. The Burton FeelGood Flying V Snowboard combines the best aspects of both designs into one package.


• Soft Flex Pattern - The soft flex pattern gives beginners the ability to learn proper riding techniques while still being able to perform advanced maneuvers. • Medium Concave Shape - The medium concave shape creates a stable platform for learning and performing tricks. • Easy Carving - The soft flex pattern combined with the medium concave design makes it easier to carve tight turns. • Edge Hold - The soft flex pattern combined with the medium concave shape ensures there is no loss of traction during hard carves. • High Performance - The FeelGood line includes several models ranging from entry level to expert level. All models provide outstanding performance and durability. • Durable Construction - The FeelGood line uses durable materials throughout the construction process so that riders can enjoy these products for years to come. • Lightweight Design - The lightweight design makes it easier to carry around and store away. • Stiffness Rating - The stiffness rating indicates the amount of resistance felt when applying pressure to the top sheetrock. Higher numbers indicate stiffer material.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Burton FeelGood Flying V

Their reputation for high-quality products continues today with a wide range of apparel and accessories. One product that has become synonymous with Burton is the FlyV. In fact, many riders refer to the FlyV as "the holy grail" of snowboards because of its exceptional performance and durability.

How Does the FlyV Perform?

The FlyV was designed by Steve Peat who wanted to create a board that could perform well both on groomers and powder. He succeeded! The FlyV features a rocker profile which gives it excellent edge hold while maintaining good floatation. Its soft flex makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles and carve turns. This reduces impact forces and protects the rider during hard landings.


Another reason why the FlyV is so popular is due to its incredible durability. Because of its unique design, the FlyV is able to withstand heavy abuse without breaking down. The FlyV is built using a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. Carbon fiber is extremely strong yet lightweight. Aluminum is light weight and durable. Together these two materials give the FlyV superior strength and flexibility.


The FlyV offers a variety of features including a kicktail, three-stage bindings, and a concave shape. The kicktail allows the rider to ride more aggressively and control the board easier. Three stage bindings allow the rider to adjust the binding pressure based on riding conditions. Concave shape increases stability and improves carving ability.

Where Can I Purchase a FlyV?

The FlyV is available online at If you're interested in purchasing a FlyV, be sure to check out our review below. We've tested several different models and found the FlyV to be the best overall option.

FlyV Review - How Do They Stack Up?

Construction: The FlyV feels solid and sturdy. There aren't any squeaks or rattles. The edges are rounded which prevents the board from digging into the ground. Overall construction is very impressive.

Shape: The concave shape of the FlyV makes it ideal for carving turns. It's stable enough to handle aggressive maneuvers and still maintain speed.

Rocker Profile: The Rocker Profile allows the FlyV to perform well on both groomed terrain and powder. It maintains floatation and holds an edge well.

Features To Look For When Buying A Burton FeelGood Flying V

The Burton FeelGood Flying V Snowboard has been designed with the beginner rider in mind. The board features a forgiving flex pattern which makes learning easier while still providing enough power to take on more advanced terrain. With its low-profile stance, the FeelGood Flying V is ideal for freestyle riding and park sessions alike. The soft camber profile gives riders confidence in carving turns and gliding down hills.

How does the Burton FeelGood Flying V compare to other boards?

The Burton FeelGood Flying V is a great entry level snowboard. Its forgiving flex pattern makes it easy to learn on and perfect for beginners. If you're looking for something slightly bigger, check out the Burton FeelGood Flying X.

Where Can I Get One?

Burton offers two different models of the FeelGood Flying V. Both are available online and in retail stores. The Burton FeelGood Flying V Standard model comes equipped with a medium flex rating. The Burton FeelGood Flying V Pro version comes with a stiffer flex rating.

Which Size Is Right For Me?

For most riders, the Burton FeelGood Flying V Standard size fits perfectly. However, if you prefer a larger sized board, the Burton FeelGood Flying V Pro might be right for you.

What Are Some Other Options Available?

There are many options available when choosing between the Burton FeelGood Flying V and other brands. Check out our guide to finding the best snowboards for sale here.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About The Burton FeelGood Flying V?

Yes! Make sure you read the reviews before purchasing so you know exactly what you're getting into. Also, always ensure that you purchase from a reputable retailer.

Different Types of Burton Feelgood Flying V

The Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard has been designed with a unique shape that gives riders more control while riding down the mountain. The board features a concave nose which makes carving turns easier. The concave nose also creates a smoother ride when turning into powder. The concave tail section offers great stability during high speed maneuvers. The Feelgood Flying V comes equipped with Burton’s exclusive Air-Sole unit which absorbs shock and vibration so the rider feels comfortable throughout the entire day.


• Concave Nose - Allows for easy carving turns and increased maneuverability. • Convex Tail Section - Provides excellent edge hold and stability. • Air Sole Unit - Absorbs shocks and vibrations so the rider stays comfortable throughout the entire day. • Dual Rocker Construction - For added pop and flex. • Durable Powder Resistant Decking - Ensures durability and long lasting performance. • 3D Flex Pattern - Offers a soft yet responsive ride. • High Back Caster - Helps maintain balance and comfort. • Low Profile Bindings - Keeps feet close to the ground for improved power transfer. • Non Skid Torsion Bar - Increases traction and safety. • Soft Footbed - Comfortable cushioning for hours of fun. • Wide Sidecut - Makes the board float effortlessly across deep powder. • Women's Specific Shape - Designed specifically for female riders.