How To Choose The Best Danelectro U2

What Is The Purpose Of A Danelectro U2 Style Guitar Pick Guard?

The Danelectro U-2 style guitar pick guard was designed by John D'Angelico in 1964. He wanted to create a more durable guitar pick guard so he could play his instrument with confidence. His design has been copied many times since its release. The original model was created using a piece of wood cut into a shape resembling the headstock of a Stratocaster. The body of the guitar pick guard was shaped like a triangle. The top of the triangle pointed towards the neck of the guitar. There was no bottom to the triangle because there wasn't room for one. The sides of the triangle tapered down to a point where they met the base of the triangle. The base of the triangle was flat and covered the entire back side of the guitar. The front of the triangle was rounded and curved upwards. The rounded part of the triangle extended past the edge of the guitar. The end result was a triangular shaped guitar pick guard that resembled the headstock of a Stratocaster.

How Does It Protect My Guitar From Damage?

D'Angelico's idea behind creating the U-2 style guitar pick guard was to provide maximum protection while still allowing him to be able to reach the strings on his guitar. If the guitar pick guard gets damaged, it doesn't matter because it only covers the back of the guitar. However, if the guitar picks get bent, the guitar pick guard will stop them from getting further into the guitar. The rounded portion of the triangle protects the fingerboard of the guitar. Because the guitar pick guard is round, it does not cover the fret board. This makes it easier for the player to access the frets.

Is It Easy To Use?

To put the U-2 style guitar pick guard on your guitar, simply slide it onto the back of the guitar. Once it is securely attached, you're ready to go! No tools are required. Just remove the old pick guard and replace it with the new one.

Does It Require Any Maintenance?

There isn't really anything special that needs to be done to maintain the durability of the U-2 style guitar pick guard. Simply wipe away dust and dirt that collects between the layers of plastic. Make sure to avoid touching the edges of the pick guard because these areas are prone to cracking. Also, avoid putting too much pressure on the pick guard because this might cause cracks to form along the edges.

Are There Other Models Available?

Yes, there are other models available. Some of these include the U-1 style guitar pick guard which resembles the headstock of a Les Paul. Another popular model is called the "U-4" which looks like the headstock of a Telecaster. Both of these designs are very similar to the U-2 style guitar pick guard.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Danelectro U2

Danelectro has been making high-quality instruments since the early 1950s. Their products include acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, and more. If you're interested in picking up a great instrument, check out these tips below!

Quality Materials

It doesn't matter what type of music you play, a good instrument will last longer than a poor one. Look for materials that are durable and long lasting. For example, wood must be treated with a finish that protects its natural beauty. Metal parts should be well polished so they reflect light and shine brightly. Leather strings should be soft and supple. All of these factors contribute to the overall durability of your instrument.

Care Instructions

After purchase, read the care instructions carefully. Make sure you know exactly which part needs special attention. Also, take note of any maintenance needed before playing. Some instruments require regular oiling while others need only occasional lubrication. Be aware of any repairs needed before using your instrument.

Warranty Information

Make sure you understand the warranty information provided by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers provide warranties ranging anywhere from three months to five years. However, most companies allow customers to extend the original warranty period by paying a small fee. Check with the company directly to see if there are any additional fees involved.

Instrument Selection

Take into consideration the size and shape of your hands.


Don't pay too much for a low-end instrument. Many musicians start learning on inexpensive models because they are affordable. But once they learn enough to advance to higher priced instruments, they end up regretting spending too little money on their first choice.

Features To Look For When Buying A Danelectro U2

The Danelectro U-2 was released by Danelectro in 1973. The instrument has been around since its release and still remains popular today. If you're interested in purchasing a Danelectro U-2, there are several features you should be aware of before making a purchase.


First, check to see if the body is solid wood or laminate. Solid wood bodies are more expensive, but they last longer. Laminate bodies are cheaper, but they tend to crack and peel faster. Also, check to see if the neck is glued into the body. Glued necks are stronger than those which are attached with screws.


Next, check to see if the pickups are single coil or humbucking. Single coils produce clearer tones and sound brighter. Humbuckers provide a fuller tone and are great for playing chords.

Control Knobs

Check to see if the control knobs are plastic or metal. Plastic controls are easier to replace if broken. Metal controls are harder to repair, but they give a smoother action.

Tuning Machines

Lastly, check to see if the tuning machines are adjustable or fixed. Adjustable tunings allow you to tune down to low notes while fixed tunings only go so far. Fixed tunings are perfect for beginners who aren't familiar with stringed instruments.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations you might want to take into account when choosing between different models of Danelectro U-2s. First, you should choose whether you prefer a vintage model or modern model. Vintage models are older versions of the same design. Modern models are newer designs. Second, you should decide whether you'd rather play solo or with others. Solo players enjoy the freedom to create music on their own terms. With others, you can share the fun and experience the joy of creating together. Third, you should determine whether you want a beginner or intermediate level instrument. Beginner instruments are designed for absolute novices. Intermediate instruments are good for intermediate musicians who know what they're doing. Finally, you should think about where you plan to play your instrument. Some places require quieter instruments, while others demand louder ones.

Different Types of Danelectro U2 Style Guitar Pickguards

The Danelectro U2 series was introduced by Danelectro in 1973. The original model was called the "U-1" and featured a single pickup with two volume controls. The "U-4" followed in 1975 with five knobs and six pickups. All models included a chrome finish and black hardware.

Danelectro U2 Series Features

In addition to the different numbers of knobs and pickups, there are other differences between these models. For example, the U-1 has only one control knob while the U-2 has four. Also, the U-2 has a more rounded body shape compared to the U-1 which features a more angular design.

How To Identify Which Model Is Right For You

There are many factors to take into consideration before purchasing a particular model. First, decide whether you're interested in playing rock music or country/western music. If you play both genres, you might want to purchase a combination unit. Next, determine how many strings you wish to tune. Lastly, think about where you plan to store your instrument.

Types of Pickguards

Pickguards are plastic covers that fit around the neck of the guitar. There are several styles available including flat, round, oval, square, octagonal and diamond shaped. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Flat pickguards cover the entire front side of the guitar leaving no room for fretboard markers. However, they leave little room for finger placement. Round pickguards provide ample room for fingering but require tools to install. Oval and diamond pickguards allow for easy installation but lack adequate clearance for finger placement. Square and octagon pickguards give plenty of room for fingers but require special tools to attach.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

It depends on what kind of player you are.

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