Double Bass Pedal

How To Choose The Best Double Bass Pedal

What Is The Purpose Of A Double Bass Pedal?

Their name comes from the fact that these drums are played by placing both hands on top of each other while playing. In addition to being used in jazz music, double bass drums are commonly found in rock bands, heavy metal groups, funk bands, and pop/rock bands.

How Do Double Bass Drums Sound Different From Single Basses?

The main difference between single bass drums and double bass drums is that the latter has two heads. Each head produces its own distinct tone, which creates more depth and richness. Since there are two heads, there are twice as many sounds possible. For example, if you play a C note on one side of the instrument, the second head will be able to play a D note. Because of this, double bass drums are capable of producing a wider range of tones than single bass drums.

What Are Some Applications For Double Bass Drums?

Since double bass drums are so versatile, they're frequently used in live performances. Many musicians prefer using double bass drums because they provide a fuller sound than standard single bass drums. However, since double bass drums are larger than regular single bass drums, they require more room to operate properly. If you plan on performing live, you might want to invest in a set of double bass drums rather than a set of single bass drums.

Are There Any Other Benefits To Using Double Bass Drums?

Aside from providing a richer sound, double bass drums are easier to transport than single bass drums. Most double bass drums weigh around 20 pounds, whereas most single bass drums only weigh 10 pounds. Thus, double bass drums are lighter and easier to carry than single bass drums.

Is There Anything Else That Makes Double Bass Drums Special?

One thing that makes double bass drums special is that they are typically tuned lower than normal bass drums. Therefore, double bass drums are generally considered to be louder than normal bass drums. Also, double bass drums are designed to be played with both hands. As opposed to single bass drums, where players must hold the drumsticks close together, double bass drums allow players to spread apart their sticks.

Where Can People Purchase Double Bass Drums?

Most professional musicians purchase their double bass drums online. Drum shops sell double bass drums, but they rarely stock enough inventory to meet demand. Online retailers are always willing to ship orders quickly and efficiently.

Can Anyone Play Double Bass Drums?

Anyone who plays a musical instrument can learn to play double bass drums. While learning, practice slowly and carefully. Don't expect to master the art of double bass drumming overnight.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Double Bass Pedal

Double bass drums are typically larger than single bass drums. In fact, many double bass drums weigh more than 2 tons! With so much weight behind each stroke, double bass drums require a sturdy base with strong legs. If you're planning on playing double bass drums, you must ensure that you purchase a high-quality double bass pedal. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your instrument or worse yet, injuring yourself.

How To Choose A High-Quality Double Bass Drum Pedal

There are several factors that determine whether or not a double bass pedal is worth its price tag. First, check the manufacturer's warranty period. Many manufacturers provide warranties ranging anywhere from 1 month to 3 years. Second, examine the materials used to construct the pedal. Look closely at the hardware used to attach the footplate to the pedal body. Third, inspect the overall construction of the pedal. Finally, pay attention to the sound produced by the pedal.

Benefits of Using a Quality Double Bass Pedal

Using a quality double bass pedal has numerous benefits. For starters, using a good double bass pedal makes practicing easier because you no longer have to worry about adjusting the height of your feet while standing on the floor. Also, most double bass pedals allow you to play both left handed and right handed styles. Lastly, using a quality double bass pedal gives you the ability to practice for hours on end without getting tired.

Features To Look For When Buying A Double Bass Pedal

The double bass pedal has become very popular among musicians because of its versatility. The double bass pedal offers many advantages over single footed bass drums including; increased volume, more control, and improved sound quality. In addition, the double bass pedal is easier to play with two feet rather than one. If you're interested in purchasing a double bass pedal, here are some features to look for.

Adjustable Tension

Double bass pedals are available in different tension settings so you can adjust the amount of resistance offered by the pedal. Some double bass pedals allow you to change the tension setting while others require you to remove the entire pedal assembly and replace it with another model. Either way, you must be careful when adjusting the tension level because too little resistance could cause the bass drum head to slip causing unwanted noise. Too much resistance can result in fatigue and soreness in your legs.

Tremolo Functionality

Some double bass pedals include a tremolo function which gives you the ability to create rhythmic effects. Tremolos are great for creating a variety of sounds ranging from subtle vibrato to full-blown warble. Most double bass pedals have a built-in tremolo unit that comes standard with most models. However, there are other types of tremolos that you can purchase separately.

Bass Drum Head Material

There are several materials that manufacturers use to construct bass drum heads. PU is durable and easy to maintain. Manufacturers typically recommend replacing bass drum heads once per month depending on usage. Vinyl heads are also commonly found on double bass pedals. While vinyl heads are inexpensive, they aren't recommended for long term use due to the fact that they degrade quickly. Hard plastic heads are also available. These heads provide excellent durability and are ideal for heavy duty applications.

Sturdy Construction

Most double bass pedals are constructed using metal frames and solid wood components. Metal construction makes these pedals sturdy enough to withstand years of abuse. Solid wood construction ensures that the pedal stays stable no matter how hard you hit the bass drum.

Locking Mechanism

Many double bass pedals have locking mechanisms that enable you to lock the pedal into position. Locking mechanisms ensure that the pedal remains in the desired position during performance. Many double bass pedals also incorporate adjustable locks allowing you to fine tune the positioning of the pedal.

Power Supply Options

Double bass pedals come equipped with power supplies that range from battery operated units to AC powered options. Battery operated pedals are convenient because they eliminate the hassle of plugging cords into outlets. AC powered pedals are generally quieter and produce richer tones.


One of the biggest factors affecting the overall durability of a double bass pedal is the type of finish applied to the pedal body. Glossy finishes are highly resistant to scratching and scuffing. Matte finishes are slightly less scratch resistant but still hold up well to daily use. Polished finishes are extremely shiny and prone to scratching.

Double bass drums are very popular among musicians because of its unique sound. The double bass drum has two heads which produce different sounds depending upon where the drummer hits the head. There are many different kinds of double bass pedals available today. Some of these include single-headed double bass pedals, double headed double bass pedals, and double bass pedals with multiple heads. Each type of double bass pedal produces a slightly different tone.

Single Headed Double Bass Pedals

The most common kind of double bass pedal is the single-headed double bass pedal. Single-headed double bass pedals are designed so that only one side of the head moves. This makes the sound produced by the double bass pedal more mellow and softer. Because there is no other head attached to the foot board, the double bass pedal does not create a loud booming sound.

Double Headed Double Bass Pedals

Another type of double bass pedal is the double-headed double bass pedal. With this style of double bass pedal, both sides of the head move independently. This creates a louder boomier sound than the single-headed double bass pedal. However, the double-headed double bass pedal tends to be heavier and bulkier than the single-headed version.

Multiple Heads Double Bass Pedals

Some double bass pedals have multiple heads. Multiple heads allow the player to play faster and harder while still maintaining control over the volume of the sound being played. For example, players who prefer playing fast and hard might choose a double bass pedal with three heads. Players who enjoy playing soft and melodic music could opt for a double bass pedal with four heads.

How To Choose The Best Double Bass Pedal

Choosing the right double bass pedal depends largely on personal preference. If you plan to play live shows, you must ensure that the double bass pedal you purchase is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of stage performance. Also, check whether the double bass pedal comes with a stand or not. Most double bass pedals require a separate stand to hold the pedal securely in position.

Where Can You Find Them?

There are several places online where you can shop for double bass pedals. One good source is Another great resource is Both sites provide a wide variety of double bass pedals.

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