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How To Choose The Best Esp Eclipse

What Is The Purpose Of An Eclipse Esp 32?

An eclipse is a celestial event where the moon passes between Earth and sun. In other words, the earth casts its shadow onto the moon. During an eclipse, we see the moon turn dark because sunlight cannot pass through the atmosphere around us. However, during an eclipse, the moon does not cast a shadow upon itself. Instead, the moon appears to be darkened by the shadow of the earth.

How Do We Know That An Eclipses Occurs?

The best way to know whether an eclipse occurs is to watch the sky. If you live near a major city, chances are there is someone who has already observed the eclipse. Or, you could go outside with binoculars and observe the eclipse directly. There are many websites available online that provide information about eclipses. For instance, NASA offers free educational resources on eclipses. So, check out these sites before viewing the next solar eclipse!

Eclipse Facts

During an eclipse, the moon moves closer to the center of our planet. As the moon gets closer to the earth, the amount of light blocked increases. At maximum eclipse, the moon completely blocks the sun. Because the moon is so large compared to the size of the earth, the total effect of the eclipse is very noticeable.

Where Does An Eclipse Take Place?

There are two types of eclipses. Total eclipses occur when the entire disk of the moon covers the sun. Partial eclipses occur when only part of the moon covers the sun. Most partial eclipses happen when the moon is closest to the earth.

What Happens To The Moon During An Eclipse?

As the moon approaches the earth, it begins to block the sun. The moon starts out bright white. Then, as the moon gets closer to the earth, the moon turns darker. Finally, the moon becomes black.

What Are Some Other Types Of Solar Eclipses?

Solar eclipses are divided into three categories based on the type of eclipse. First, annular eclipses occur when the moon is too far away from the earth to cover the sun entirely. Second, partial eclipses occur when the moon is close enough to partially cover the sun. Third, total eclipses occur when the moon completely covers the sun.

Are All Solar Eclipses Equal?

No. Not really. Different parts of the globe experience different amounts of darkness depending on which side of the earth the moon is located. Also, the duration of each eclipse varies. The length of the eclipse depends on the distance between the moon and the earth.

Is The Sun Really Dark During An Eclipse?

Yes. During an eclipse, the sun looks dark due to the fact that no light reaches the ground below the level of the moon.

Features To Look For When Buying An Esp Eclipse

The ESP Eclipses are great guitars with many features which makes them very versatile instruments. The following list gives you a few tips to help you choose between different models.

Body Material

There are two main types of body material available; solid wood and laminate. Solid-wood bodies are more expensive but give a richer tone and sustain. Laminate bodies are cheaper but lack the depth and resonance of a solid-body instrument.


ESP offers three pickup options. Single coil pickups provide a warm sound and good volume control. Dual coil pickups produce a brighter tone and allow greater dynamic range. Triple coil pickups deliver a bright, punchy tone and high output.


All ESP Eclipses include a 3 way toggle switch allowing you to select either single coil, dual coil or triple coil sounds. There are also controls for treble, mid and bass boost. All these controls are located behind the headstock where they are easy to access.


Some of the accessories offered by ESP include strap locks, tuners, hardshell cases, picks etc. Some of these accessories are optional extras while others are included in the price of the guitar.


Most ESP Eclipses are finished in black although there are other colours including white, red, blue and green. Black finishes are easier to maintain and require fewer polishes. White finish guitars are popular because they blend well into most backgrounds and are ideal for stage performances.

Tuning Machines

Many ESP Eclipses now come equipped with digital tuning machines. Most of these have a built in LCD display so you can see exactly what note you're playing. Many of these have preset scales and modes so you can play chords quickly and accurately.


ESP has recently introduced pedalboards for its Eclipses. These boards are designed to be mounted underneath the guitar using the existing hardware.

Different Types of Eclipse Esp 32

The ESP-32 module has been designed with many features which makes it suitable for different applications. The chip comes with 512 KB flash memory and 64 KB SRAM. The ESP-32 module uses 2x20 pin connectors for power supply and data transfer. The board includes USB OTG connector for connecting peripherals via microUSB port. The ESP-32 module is available in two versions single and dual mode. In single mode, there are only two pins required for programming while in dual mode, four pins are needed. Both modes support SPI Flash bootloader. The ESP-32 module is compatible with Arduino IDE or later version. There are three main variants of ESP-32 modules namely, ESP32D1, ESP32D2, and ESP32WROVER. Each variant has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss each variant briefly below.

ESP32D1 Module

This is the most popular model among developers because of its low price and ease of development. The ESP32D1 module works fine with Arduino IDE or above. However, the ESP32D1 module does not include WiFi antenna so we need to purchase separately. The ESP32D1 module is ideal for beginners who wish to develop IoT projects using Arduino platform. Since the ESP32D1 module doesn’t have built-in WiFi antenna, we need to purchase separate WiFi shield for making internet connection.

ESP32D2 Module

The ESP32D2 module is more powerful than the ESP32D1 module. The ESP32D2 module works well with Arduino IDE or higher. The ESP32D2 module is ideal for developing advanced IoT projects. The ESP32D2 module has integrated WiFi antenna so no additional WiFi shields are required. Also, since the ESP32D2 module has integrated WiFi antenna, it consumes lesser current compared to other models. Hence, the battery life is longer.


The ESP32WROVER module is the latest addition to the family. It offers 20 GPIO ports along with 1024K RAM and 512KB FLASH. The ESP32WROVER module works well with Arduino IDE or higher. The ESP32WROVER module is ideal for building complex IoT projects. The ESP32WROVER module has integrated WiFi antenna so no additional WiFi shields are required.