Hi Hat Clutch

How To Choose The Best Hi Hat Clutch

What is the Purpose Of A Hi Hat Clutch?

The hi-hat clutch is designed to hold two cymbals together so that you can play both simultaneously. The hi-hat clutch has a spring loaded mechanism which holds the cymbal securely in position. The hi-hat clutch comes with a strap attached to each side of the cymbal. One end of the strap goes around the player's leg while the other end attaches to the hi-hat itself. The hi-hat clutch is very useful because it makes playing drums more comfortable by allowing the drummer to rest his foot on top of the drum set.

How Does The Hi-Hat Clutch Help Drummers Play Better?

Playing drums is hard enough without having to worry about hurting your feet. If you're tired of banging your toes into the floor, then you might be interested in trying out a hi-hat clutch. With a hi-hat clutch, you can rest your foot comfortably on the ground while still being able to hit the cymbals. The hi-hat clutch gives you the ability to play faster and easier since you no longer have to worry about injuring your feet.

Is There Any Other Use For The Hi-Hat Clutch?

There are many uses for the hi-hat clutch besides simply holding two cymbals together. Some musicians use them to attach microphones to themselves so that they can sing along with their music. Others use them to clip their sticks onto their drumsticks. Still others use them to connect their bass guitar to their amp.

Clutch Q&RHHC

Hi-hat clutch stands are great for those who prefer to sit down behind their kit rather than standing. Most drummers enjoy sitting down during practice sessions, especially if they've been working long hours at the studio. However, most drum sets aren't built to support a seated drummer. That's why there are hi-hat stands available. These stands allow drummers to sit back and relax while still maintaining full control of their instrument.

How To Choose A Good Hi Hat Clutch For Drumming

There are many different types of clutches available today. Some are designed specifically for drummers while others are meant for other percussionists. There are several factors that must be considered before making a purchase. First, you must decide whether you prefer a hard shell or soft case. Hard shells are generally sturdier and last longer than soft cases. Soft cases are easier to carry around and are lighter weight. However, they are prone to breaking down faster. Another factor to consider is size. Most drummers prefer large clutches because they allow them to store more gear inside. Smaller clutches are great for smaller hands and feet. Finally, there are two main styles of hi hat clutches - open and closed. Open style clutches are easy to access and remove. Closed style clutches require you to pull apart the top and bottom halves of the case to gain entry into the interior. Both styles provide ample storage capacity.

Open Style Hi Hat Clutches

Most drummers choose an open style hi hat clutch because they are convenient and easy to operate. An open style clutch has no lid so you can see everything inside. This makes it easy to locate specific pieces of gear. In addition, most open style clutches are equipped with a strap that attaches to the backside of the case. This strap allows you to attach the case to your belt loop or backpack. This way, you can take your hi hat anywhere you go.

Closed Style Hi Hat Clutches

Some drummers prefer a closed style hi hat clutch because they are easier to hide away. Many drummers believe that storing their hi hat in plain sight is unprofessional. Others simply dislike carrying around bulky objects. Regardless of why you choose a closed style hi hat clutch, you should always ensure that it fits comfortably within your hand. If the case feels too big or small, it could cause discomfort during performance.

Choosing A Case Material

Hi hat clutches are typically constructed using either plastic or leather. Plastic cases are cheaper and lightweight. Leather cases are more durable and long lasting. Leather is also warmer to the touch which can be beneficial for those playing outdoors.

Buying Tips

Before you start shopping online, learn about the features that matter most to you. Once you know these details, you'll be able to narrow down your search. Also, remember to shop around. Prices vary widely depending on where you live. Buying locally ensures that you receive the best price possible.

Features To Look For When Buying A Hi Hat Clutch

The best way to choose a high-quality hi hat clutch is by considering its features. The most important thing to look for is durability. If you're going to be using your clutch frequently, you'll want something sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Also, check the quality of materials used to build the case. Some clutches are constructed with plastic while others are built with metal. Metal cases are stronger and more durable than those made of plastic. Another consideration is whether the clutch has a removable strap. Removable straps allow you to carry your clutch around in different ways. Finally, take note of the size of the clutch. Larger clutches hold more accessories than smaller ones. Smaller clutches are easier to transport and store.


Clutches are designed to last. However, they can still break down over time. Therefore, it's important to know how long the manufacturer guarantees the product. Most manufacturers guarantee their products for five years. That said, many companies sell extended warranties so you can extend the lifetime of your clutch. In addition, you should always inspect the clutch before purchasing it. Make sure there aren't cracks or tears anywhere on the exterior casing. Check the interior too.

Quality Materials Used

Another factor to consider is the material used to construct the case. Many clutches are made with plastic. While these clutches are cheaper, they lack the strength and durability of metal cases. Other clutches are made entirely of metal. Although these clutches are pricier, they are sturdier and longer lasting. Still other clutches are made of both metal and plastic. These clutches combine the benefits of each type of material. Regardless of which style you decide upon, make sure the case is well-made. Take care to avoid scratching or denting the finish. Lastly, pay attention to the color of the case. Choose a color that complements your outfit. Avoid bright colors because they can distract you from performing your routine tasks.

Removable Strap

Some clutches include a detachable shoulder strap. This makes carrying your clutch easy. Simply remove the strap and slip it into your bag. Others have a belt clip that attaches directly to the body of the clutch. This eliminates the need for a separate accessory. Either option works fine. Just remember that the strap must fit comfortably across your shoulders. Otherwise, you might end up straining your neck or back.


Finally, think about the size of the clutch. Large clutches hold more accessories than small ones. So, if you plan on taking along a lot of gear, go for a large model. Conversely, if you only intend to bring along a few essentials, opt for a compact version. Remember, larger models are heavier and bulkier than smaller versions. Thus, you may prefer to purchase two smaller clutches rather than one large one.

Different Types of Hi Hat Clutch

Hi hats are great tools for drummers because they provide a way to play with different sounds. However, there are many kinds of hi-hat clutches available today. The most common type of hi-hat clutch is called the "clutch". The other kind of hi-hat clutch is known as the "stand" style. All three styles of hi-hat clutches are very useful for drumming.


The main function of a hi-hat clutch is to hold down the hi-hat so that it doesn't fall onto the floor while playing. Most hi-hat clutches are designed to be held by the drummer's left hand. Some hi-hat clutches allow the drummer to adjust the tension of the spring inside the clutch. This makes it easier to control the amount of pressure applied to the hi-hat pedal.

Stand Style Hi Hats

The stand style hi-hat clutch has a metal rod attached to its base which holds the hi-hat in position. This type of hi-hat clutch is commonly found on cymbals and snares. Stand style hi-hat clutches are more durable than the clutch style hi-hat clutch.

Quick Release Hi Hats

The QR hi-hat clutch is another popular choice among drummers. Quick release hi-hat clutches are easy to operate. Drummers simply slide the lever on the side of the hi-hat into the desired position. Once the lever is released, the hi-hat automatically returns to its original position. Because these hi-hat clutches are operated using levers, they are sometimes referred to as "lever-style" hi-hat clutches.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

There isn't really a right answer here. Each person needs to decide which type of hi-hat clutch works best for him/her.

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