Ibanez 7 String

How To Choose The Best Ibanez 7 String

What Is The Purpose Of An Ibnez 7 String Electric Guitar?

An electric guitar has been around since the early 20th century. Since then, there have been many different types of guitars with varying features and uses. One type of guitar that was popular during the 1950s and 1960s was the 6-string acoustic guitar. In fact, these instruments were so popular that Gibson created a line of six-strings called "Les Paul" guitars. Les Paul himself became famous because he played his guitar while recording songs by artists including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

The Modern Day Acoustic Guitarist

Today, most musicians play electric guitars rather than acoustic ones. However, acoustic guitars still remain very popular among music lovers. There are several reasons why acoustic guitars are more popular today than ever before. First, acoustic guitars sound great whether playing alone or along with other instruments. Second, acoustic guitars are easier to learn than electric guitars. Third, acoustic guitars are cheaper than electric guitars. Finally, acoustic guitars are generally quieter than electric guitars.

Acoustic Guitars Are More Popular Today Than Ever Before

In recent years, acoustic guitars have become increasingly popular. Many young musicians prefer acoustic guitars because they can be heard clearly without disturbing others. Also, acoustic guitars are easy to carry and transport. For example, acoustic guitars can fit into small spaces such as cars and airplanes. Moreover, acoustic guitars are relatively inexpensive compared to electric guitars.

Electric Guitars Have Become Increasingly Popular Over Time

As technology advanced, manufacturers began creating electric guitars. As a result, electric guitars became more affordable and easier to produce. Some models of electric guitars include the Fender Stratocaster, which is known for its bright tone and high output. Other popular electric guitars include the Gibson Les Paul, Jackson Soloist, and Yamaha SG series.

How To Choose Between An Acoustic Or Electric Guitar

There are pros and cons associated with each type of instrument. If you're interested in learning how to choose between an acoustic or electric guitar, here are some tips to follow.

Ibanez 7 String Electric Guitar Features

One advantage of using an electric guitar is that you can plug it directly into a wall outlet. Another benefit is that electric guitars are louder than acoustic guitars. With an electric guitar, you can hear yourself play without needing headphones. Additionally, electric guitars are easier to tune than acoustic guitars.

Ibanez 7 String Electric Guitar Uses

Many musicians enjoy using electric guitars because they can create sounds that cannot be achieved with acoustic guitars. For instance, electric guitars allow players to create notes that are higher pitched than those possible with acoustic guitars. Furthermore, electric guitars provide greater volume than acoustic guitars.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Ibanez 7 String Guitar

Ibanez guitars are known worldwide for producing high-quality instruments with great sound qualities. Their guitars are affordable and easy to play. If you're looking for a good starter instrument, there are many different models available. One model stands above the rest though; the Ibanez 7 string acoustic guitar.


It features a mahogany top and back, spruce sides, rosewood fingerboard, and bone nut. Other features include a 24 fret neck, 3 way pickup selector switch, and chrome hardware.

Sound Qualities

It comes equipped with a set of Aquila strings which produce a rich tone. The sound produced by these strings is very full and warm sounding. The overall tonal range of the guitar is quite wide making it ideal for playing blues, rock, jazz, pop, folk, country, etc.


There are other models available with more expensive prices but none of them compare to the value offered here.

Features To Look For When Buying An Ibnez 7 String Electric Guitar

Ibanez guitars are known for being affordable instruments with high quality sound. In addition to producing these products, Ibanez makes accessories for other brands of guitars. Some of those include tuners, picks, strings, cases, etc.

The Seven Strings

There are three main types of seven string guitars: standard, semi-acoustic and hybrid. Standard models are typically built using mahogany wood and have two single coil pickups. Semi-acoustic models are generally constructed with spruce top woods and have either one or two humbucking pickups. Hybrid guitars combine both features into one instrument. Most of these guitars are designed to be played by lead players who prefer a more powerful tone.

Top Pickups

Seven string guitars usually have two pick ups located near the bridge. One pickup is called the neck position and the second is called the middle position. Both pickups are wired together so that they share the same volume control. The neck position pickup is responsible for creating the lower notes while the middle position plays higher notes. If you're interested in playing chords, you might choose a model with only one pickup because it will allow you to play chords without worrying about which note you hit.

Bridge Position Pickup

Most of the time, there is no bridge position pickup on a seven string guitar. However, there are exceptions. There are several reasons why a guitarist might decide to go without a bridge pickup. First, most seven string guitars have a very low action making it difficult to achieve good intonation. Second, many musicians believe that a bridge pickup can interfere with the natural resonance of the guitar. Third, some players think that a bridge pickup sounds too thin. Finally, some players enjoy the challenge of playing chords without a bridge pickup.

Body Construction

Many seven string guitars are made with laminated tops. Laminate construction involves gluing layers of wood together. Although laminates provide a strong foundation, they lack the warmth and depth of traditional solid bodies. Solid bodies are constructed with multiple pieces of wood glued together. Because of this, solid bodies are heavier and louder than laminates.

Neck Shape

Some seven string guitars have necks that are straight while others have curved designs. Straight necks are easier to hold onto and require less effort to strum. Curved necks are more comfortable to play and are easier to fingerpick.

Scale Length

The scale length refers to the distance between the nut and the saddle. Scale lengths range anywhere from 24 inches to 34 inches. Larger scales give you greater access to the upper frets. Smaller scales mean that you'll have to reach farther down the fretboard to play certain notes.


All seven string guitars have fingerboards. Fingerboards are flat areas where you press your fingers down to create vibrato.

Different Types of Ibanez 7 String Electric Guitar

The seven-stringed guitars are among the most popular instruments in the music industry today. The reason why these guitars are so popular is because of its versatility and ease of playability. There are different kinds of seven-strings available in the market today. Some of which include acoustic guitars, basses, and electric guitars. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. Let us take a closer look at each kind of seven-stringed instrument.

Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is basically a musical instrument that produces sound by vibrating strings attached to the neck of the guitar. Acoustic guitars produce sound using vibrations caused by plucking the strings with fingers. An acoustic guitar is generally smaller compared to other types of guitars. However, there are many advantages associated with playing an acoustic guitar. For starters, it is easy to learn how to play since it does not require any special skills. Another advantage of playing an acoustic guitar is that it is relatively inexpensive. In fact, it is considered to be one of the cheapest guitars in the market today. If you're interested in learning more about acoustics, here are some tips to remember before purchasing one.

Electric Guitars

On the contrary, an electric guitar is a musical instrument that produces sound by generating electricity. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars generate sound by producing electrical signals that excite the strings of the guitar. As opposed to acoustic guitars, electric guitars are larger and heavier. But despite being bigger and heavier, electric guitars are easier to carry around due to their size. Also, unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars are very expensive. So if you plan to purchase an electric guitar, you must know exactly what you want before making a decision. Here are some tips to remember before purchasing an electric guitar.


As mentioned earlier, a bass is another form of seven-stringed instrument. Basses are mostly played by musicians who specialize in rock and heavy metal genres. Bassists typically play low notes while singing along with the lead vocalist. Like acoustic guitars, basses are also relatively cheaper compared to other forms of guitars. Aside from being affordable, basses are also versatile. That is why bass players are able to play almost anything including pop songs, jazz tunes, blues, country, reggae, rap, and hip hop. To learn more about basses, check out the following list of tips.

String Solid Body Electric Guitars

Another type of seven-stringed instrument is known as a solid body electric guitar. Similar to acoustic guitars, solid body electric guitars are small and lightweight. Despite being light weight, solid body electric guitars are still durable. Because of its durability, solid body electric guitars are ideal for beginners. Solid body electric guitars are also great for those who prefer playing chords rather than strumming individual strings.