How To Choose The Best Ibanez Quest

What Is The Purpose Of An Ibanez Quest?

An electric guitar is a musical instrument which produces sound by vibrating strings stretched across its body. There are many different types of electric guitars including classical guitars, bass guitars, and steel-string guitars. All these kinds of electric guitars share certain features, however each has its own unique characteristics.

Electric Guitar Features

The most important feature of an electric guitar is the neck. The neck connects the headstock to the rest of the guitar and holds the strings. Most electric guitars have six strings, although there are models available with seven or eight strings. Each string is attached to a tuning machine called a nut. Tuning machines allow players to adjust the tension of the strings so that they play correctly. Other parts include frets, bridges, pickups, tremolos, and volume knobs.

How Does An Electric Guitar Play Music?

To create music, the player plucks or strums the strings while pressing down hard enough to cause the vibrations to travel along the length of the guitar. As the strings vibrate, they strike the bridge causing sympathetic vibration in the top plate of the guitar. This causes the strings to resonate within the hollow body of the guitar. The resonant frequency of the strings determines the pitch of the note being played.

Types Of Electric Guitars

Classical guitars are typically longer than bass guitars and are generally more expensive. Their necks are wider and thicker allowing for greater flexibility. Players prefer classical guitars because they are easier to hold and play due to their larger size.

Bass guitars are shorter and thinner than classical guitars. Because of this, they're lighter and easier to carry around. However, they lack the range of motion of a classical guitar.

Steel-string guitars are smaller and lighter than both classical and bass guitars. They are designed specifically for fingerpicking and fretless playing.

Ibanez Quest Features

The Ibanez Quest series was created to be a versatile electric guitar that could handle anything from rock to jazz. Its design includes a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and bone nut.

How Do I Use My Electric Guitar?

First, tune the guitar to E Standard. Then, take the guitar apart and remove the strings. Next, set the action height to 1 3/4" - 2". Finally, install the strings and tighten the truss rod. Once everything is ready, start practicing!

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality IBANEZ QUEST

Ibanez guitars are known around the globe for producing high-quality instruments with great sound and playability. If you're interested in learning more about these amazing guitars, read on!

Quality Comes First

One thing that makes Ibanez so special is its commitment to making top-notch products. From the moment you pick up your instrument, you know you've got something good because it feels right. That's why we put our name on everything we build. We take pride in providing only the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Our goal is to create instruments that last forever.

Innovative Design

We believe that innovation comes from listening carefully to customers' needs and responding quickly to those requests. For example, we created the innovative Q series guitars to meet the demands of players who wanted a smaller body size while still maintaining the same tone and volume as larger models. We listened closely to customer feedback and incorporated features into the design that allowed us to achieve this goal.

Customization Options

Our custom shop offers many options for customization. Whether you prefer a traditional set neck or a bolt-on neck, we can accommodate most preferences. In addition, we offer several different types of finishes, including gloss, satin, matte, pearl, and natural wood.

Durable Construction

To ensure longevity, we use premium woods and components throughout each model. All parts are selected based on their strength and durability. To further enhance the overall performance of the instrument, we apply a proprietary finish that protects the wood from moisture and other environmental factors.

Professional Service

At Ibanez, we understand that owning a musical instrument isn't easy. So, we provide professional service to assist you with repairs and maintenance. With our expert technicians, you can count on getting the best possible care for your instrument.

Great Sound

Each Ibanez guitar has been designed to produce exceptional tonal qualities. Each model includes a built-in preamp that delivers rich, full tones. Additionally, we include a variety of pickup combinations to give you plenty of choices for playing styles.

Versatile Playability

With the ability to switch between single coil and humbucker pickups, you can customize your guitar to fit your style. Furthermore, the tremolo bridge gives you added versatility by allowing you to change strings quickly and effortlessly.

Affordable Price

Whether you're shopping online or visiting a store near you, you'll be able to find a wide range of affordable prices. At Ibanez, we strive to deliver value to our customers.

Features To Look For When Buying An Ibanez Quest

The ibanez quest has been around since the early 1990’s and was originally designed by luthier John Dopyera. The original model featured a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and ebony fretboards. In 1994, the ibanez quest was redesigned with a mahogany body and a rosewood finger board. Since its introduction, the ibanez quest has become a staple among many musicians. Its unique sound quality makes it a favorite amongst players who prefer a more traditional sounding instrument.

Neck Profile

One thing that sets apart the ibanez quest from other guitars is its neck profile. While most guitars have a straight neck profile, the ibanez quest features a slightly arched profile which gives it a fuller tone. If you play lead solos, this arching neck design will give you a richer tone while still maintaining good sustain. Another advantage of this type of neck profile is that it reduces stress on your hand and wrist muscles during extended playing sessions.

Body Construction

Another important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a guitar is the construction of the body. Many manufacturers today build guitars using laminated wood. Laminate woods are stronger than solid woods because they contain layers of veneer. However, these materials are prone to warping and cracking so be sure to check the condition of the guitar before purchase. Also, be wary of cheaper models that claim to be built with “solid spruce top”. Solid spruce tops are actually made from multiple pieces of wood glued together.

Fingerboard Material

Most guitars have either rosewood or ebony finger boards. Rosewood is considered to be a higher-quality material due to its natural grain pattern. Ebony is generally preferred by jazz players because of its warm tonal qualities. Both types of fingerboards provide excellent durability and longevity.

Pickups & Controls

There are two main pickup options available on the ibanez quest. Each of these pickups offers different tones and characteristics. The H pickup produces a brighter, louder tone while the S pickup creates a warmer, mellower tone.

Bridge Design

Many guitars incorporate a floating bridge design where the strings are attached directly to the saddle rather than being held down by a fixed nut. Floating bridges allow the player to adjust the tension of each individual string individually. This is especially useful for those who play chords and strumming patterns.


Guitars are typically equipped with hardware including tuners, truss rod adjustment, tremolo arm, stop bar, etc. Be sure to inspect the condition of the hardware before making a purchase. Most modern guitars include chrome plated hardware. Chrome plating prevents rust and corrosion.


Some guitars come with a variety of finishes ranging from gloss to satin to semi-gloss.

Different Types Of Ibanez Quest

Ibanez guitars are known for being very affordable instruments with great quality. He later sold his business to Kiyoshi Kimura who continued to develop the brand into its current form. Today the company continues to produce high-quality products which include guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects pedals, and more.

The Classic Series

This series includes the classic models including the jaguar, puma, and tiger. Each model comes equipped with a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and chrome hardware. All three models come standard with single coil pickups and 2 volume controls. The Jaguar features a 24 fret ebony fingerboard while the Puma and Tiger both have 22 frets.

The Custom Series

Customers can choose between two different finishes for these guitars. One finish is called "black pearl" and the other is called "flame". Both finishes provide a sleek appearance and a rich tone. The flame finish offers a darker coloration and a slightly warmer sound compared to the black pearl finish.

The Pro Series

These guitars are designed specifically for players who play lead solos. The pro series consists of four models; the custom, jaguar, puma, and tiger. The custom model is available in either a mahogany body or ash body. The jaguar and puma each feature a mahogany body and maple neck while the tiger features an ash body and maple neck. All three models come equipped with a set of Seymour Duncan humbuckers and a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.

The Artist Series

This line of guitars is aimed towards musicians who prefer a smaller sized instrument. The artist series includes five models; the jaguar, puma, tiger, zebra, and lion. The jaguar and puma share many similarities with the previous models while the tiger, zebra, and lion are unique in design. The jaguar and puma both feature a mahogany body and maple neck while the tiger, zebra, and lion feature an ash body and maple neck. All three models come equipped with a set of Seymour Duncan JB humbucking pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.

The Limited Edition Models

Limited edition models are only produced once per year and are highly sought after by collectors. Some limited editions are released with special artwork or colors while others are simply numbered. For example, the 2012 jaguar limited edition featured a gold top plate with red stripes and a white pick guard.

The Signature Series

Signature models are created by famous artists and are typically given away free to customers who purchase certain products. Artists such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and John Petrucci have all signed signature models.

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