Ibanez V70ce

How To Choose The Best Ibanez V70Ce

What is the Purpose Of A Ibanez V70CE?

The Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar has been designed to be the ultimate instrument for both beginners and advanced players alike. With its sleek design and easy-to-play features, the V70CE offers everything you could possibly ask for in an entry level acoustic/electric guitar.

Features & Benefits

Sleek Design - The V70CE is built with a slim body shape which gives it a very modern appearance. Its compact dimensions allow it to fit into most standard gig bags making it ideal for travelling musicians who wish to bring along their instruments wherever they go.

Easy To Play - The V70CE comes equipped with a set neck joint which makes string changes quick and simple. The fingerboard radius is perfect for young students learning to play the guitar while still providing enough room for experienced players to practice complex chords and scales.

Great Sound Quality - The V70CE features a mahogany top and sides giving it a rich tone quality. The solid spruce sound board produces a warm and resonant sound that is suitable for playing blues, rock and country music styles.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Ibanez V70CE?

Ibanez guitars are known for being high-quality instruments that last a long time. Their reputation has been built upon years of experience making top-notch musical instruments. However, there are many different types of guitars available today. Some are cheap and others are very expensive. There are those who think that only certain brands are worth spending money on. Others believe that no brand is good enough. In reality, most musicians agree that a quality instrument is important. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality Ibanez V70CE.


Most people assume that cheaper models are going to be weaker. While this isn’t always true, it does depend on the type of material used. Cheap materials are typically lower quality and therefore break down faster. With a higher price tag comes a guarantee of durability. Most manufacturers put a lot of effort into ensuring that their products stand the test of time. For example, Ibanez uses solid woods and hardwoods. Solid woods are stronger than hollow woods because they contain fewer air pockets. Hollow woods are lighter weight and therefore break down quicker. Another way to ensure longevity is to avoid putting too much stress on the instrument. Don’t play it constantly while standing up straight. Instead, practice slowly and gently. This will allow the strings to stretch naturally and give the instrument a chance to adjust itself.


Quality sound is another reason why you should invest in a quality Ibanez V70CE. Many inexpensive guitars lack quality components. For instance, the bridge saddle could be cheaply constructed. As a result, the string tension is uneven. This causes the notes to ring differently. Other parts of the guitar could also cause problems. For example, the nut could be poorly fitted. This results in poor intonation. An improperly fitting neck joint could also affect the tone. All these factors contribute to a bad overall sound. Fortunately, Ibanez offers several options to improve the sound. First, you can upgrade the hardware. Second, you can replace the pickups. Third, you can change the electronics. Finally, you can get a custom setup. Each option gives you a unique sound. So, if you’re looking for a specific sound, check out each option carefully.

Features To Look For When Buying A Ibanez V70CE?

The Ibanez V70CE is a solid entry level acoustic-electric guitar. With its mahogany body and maple neck, this instrument has a very traditional appearance. However, there are many features that set this guitar apart from others. Let’s take a closer look at these features and see which ones matter most to you.

Body Material

This guitar comes in two different types of bodies – Mahogany and Maple. Both materials give the guitar a rich tone and sound quality. But while both woods produce excellent results, each material offers certain advantages and disadvantages. While mahogany guitars typically have a warmer tonal character, maple guitars tend to be brighter and crisper sounding. So depending on what kind of music you play, you may prefer either type of body.

Neck Shape

Another important factor to consider when choosing between the mahogany and maple necks is the shape. Most players prefer a rounder neck profile because it gives the player greater control over the strings. In contrast, flat-top necks allow the player to get a tighter strumming action. Flat tops are generally preferred by jazz musicians who require a quick response from the strings.

Pickups & Controls

Ibanez uses three single coil pickups in the V70CE. Each pickup produces a slightly different tone color. The middle position (neck) is bright and punchy, while the bridge pickup sounds warm and mellow. The third position (middle) is somewhere in between. All three positions are useful for playing chords and melodies.

Bridge Pickup Position

Most acoustic guitars only have one bridge pickup. However, the V70CE has a second bridge pickup positioned next to the regular bridge. This additional pickup gives the guitarist access to a wider range of tones.

Tremolo System

The tremolo system consists of a spring loaded arm attached to the top of the headstock. As the string vibrates, the arm moves up and down, changing the pitch of the note being played. Tremolos are commonly found on vintage instruments. Modern versions are available on higher end models.

Fingerboard Radius

The radius of the fingerboard determines the distance between frets. Generally speaking, the smaller the radius, the lower the notes. Larger radii increase the number of frets

Different Types of V70CE Acoustic Guitar?

The V-series guitars are designed to be played acoustically. However, there are many different models available. Each has its own unique features and characteristics. Some are built for beginners while others are meant for advanced players. Here are three different types of V-Series guitars that you can get today.

Acoustic Electric - This type of guitar is ideal for those who play both acoustic and electric instruments. It comes equipped with a solid body and a mahogany neck. Its sound quality is excellent and it offers a wide range of tonal options. It is perfect for playing blues, rock, jazz, pop, country, folk, etc.

Electric Cutaway - This type of guitar is very popular among musicians because of its versatility. It is easy to learn and plays beautifully. It has a solid body and a mahogany neck. It is best suited for fingerpicking styles. It is suitable for most genres including blues, rock, jazz, classical, folk, etc.

How To Pick The Right One For You?

There are several factors that determine which kind of guitar you should get. First, decide whether you want to play solo or with another musician. Then, think about the style of music you enjoy listening to. Next, take into consideration the price tag. Finally, check out the reviews online. There are plenty of websites where you can read customer feedback regarding each brand.

Features To Look Out For

Here are some important features to look for when choosing a V-Series guitar: