Korg Minilogue

Korg Wavestate Wave Sequencing 37-Key Digital Synthesizer Bundle with Sustain Pedal, 1/4-Inch TRS Cables, and Knox Gear 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub (5 Items)

Korg Wavestate Wave Sequencing 37-Key Digital Synthesizer Bundle with Sustain Pedal, 1/4-Inch TRS Cables, and Knox Gear 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub (5 Items)

How To Choose The Best Korg Minilogue

What is the Purpose Of A Minilogue?

The Minilogue was designed to be a compact, portable instrument that could be taken anywhere. Its small size allowed it to fit into a pocket or purse, making it perfect for travel. With its unique design, the Minilogue has become a favorite among musicians around the globe.

How Does It Sound?

The Minilogue features two independent voices which allow you to play chords and melodies simultaneously. Each voice offers three different modes including monophonic (one-voice), chordal (chord) and arpeggio (arpeggios). In addition, each mode includes a variety of effects such as chorus, vibrato, tremolo, delay, reverb and echo.

Features & Controls

Each Minilogue comes equipped with a built-in speaker, headphone jack, volume control knob, power switch and sustain pedal. The Minilogue also features a mini USB port for charging and data transfer.

Minilogue Voice Modes

Mono - One voice only, no chords. Chords - Two voices playing together, no melody. Arpeggio - Three voices playing together, no melody.

Chorus Effect

This effect creates a sound resembling a choir singing.

Vibrato Effect

This effect causes the pitch of the note being played to rise and fall slightly.

Tremolo Effect

This effect causes the pitch of the note being played to rise and fall quickly.

Delay Effect

This effect produces a delayed version of the original sound.

Reverb Effect

This effect gives the sound a sense of spaciousness.

Echo Effect

This effect repeats the last few notes of the previous song.

Sustain Pedal

Use this pedal to hold notes while performing live.

Power Switch

Turn the power switch on/off to turn the Minilogue on/off.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality KORG MINILOGUE?

Korg has been making music instruments since the 1970’s. Their products range from keyboards to guitars and everything in between. One of my favorite musical instrument companies is KORG because they produce high-quality products that last a long time. In fact, many musicians still use their original equipment today. However, there are times when you may be tempted to upgrade your old gear. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t!

2) You Don’t Have To Spend Time Learning How To Use New Gear

Reason 1 - You Can Get Better Sound For Less Money

There are two main types of sound cards available; digital and analog. Digital sound cards convert audio signals into digital data which is sent directly to the speakers. Analog sound cards record the actual sounds onto magnetic tape or disk. Both types of sound cards require power to operate. An analog card requires AC current while a digital card needs DC voltage. Most modern computers supply both types of voltage. So, if you already own a computer, you probably have access to both types of voltage. If you don’t, you can always purchase a converter box that converts AC to DC. There are several different brands of converters available online and at most electronics stores.

Reason 2 - You Don’t Have To Spend Time Learning How To Use New Gear

Most electronic devices are designed to perform specific functions. Some examples include CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, etc. Each type of player uses its own unique controls. Therefore, you must learn how to use each individual control on your new piece of equipment. Once you master these controls, you can play songs and enjoy your music. If you decide to purchase a new piece of equipment, you should invest the time learning how to use it. Otherwise, you risk spending hours trying to figure out how to use your new toy.

Reason 3 - You Will Save Space In Your Home

Many people think that they can store their old equipment in their attic or basement. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Old equipment takes up valuable storage space. Even if you plan to sell your old gear, you will still need room for it.

Features To Look For When Buying A KORG Minilogue!

The Korg Minilogue is a digital instrument which has been designed to be easy-to-use and affordable. With its unique features, the Minilogue offers a wide range of sounds and effects. Whether you’re into rock music, jazz, classical or electronic dance music, there’s a sound for everyone. In addition, the Minilogue comes with many different presets, making it possible to create your own signature sound quickly.

How Does The Minilogue Sound?

With the Minilogue, you get access to a large number of sounds including electric pianos, organs, strings, brass instruments, drums, guitars, basses, synths, vocals, FX, etc. All these sounds are available via the built-in sequencer and arpeggiator. Furthermore, you can record your own loops and play along with them while recording. There are two ways to record your own loop; either manually or automatically.

What Are Its Unique Features?

Dual mode – Dual Mode lets you switch between playing notes and chords. Simply press the chord button once to enter dual mode, where you can play both single note and chords simultaneously.

Arpeggiator – Arpeggiator gives you the ability to sequence patterns of notes. Press the pattern button once to start the arpeggiator, and hold it again to stop it.

Sequencer – Sequencer lets you record your own sequences of notes. Just tap the key corresponding to the desired pitch, and the sequencer will begin recording. Once finished, release the key and the recorded sequence will appear in the display window.

The V-50

This is the most common type of Minilogue. It was released in 1975 and featured two oscillators, four filters, and a mixer. It also included a built-in speaker. The V-50 is very affordable and easy to play. It comes with a microphone jack and volume control knob. The sound quality isn’t too bad either. However, there are no effects or reverb options. The only thing missing is a sequencer. But, you can always download free software online to create your own sequences.

The MS-20

Released in 1979, the MS-20 features 16 preset sounds including basses, leads, pianos, strings, organs, and percussion. It also includes a filter section, arpeggiator, and LFO. The MS-20 is a good choice for beginners because it offers plenty of presets. However, its sound quality is pretty poor compared to the V-50. The best part about the MS-20 is that it has a MIDI input port which lets you connect external devices such as keyboards and drum machines. Another advantage is that it has a headphone output which lets you listen to your creations while recording.

The PSR-150

The PSR-150 was released in 1987 and is considered the flagship model among the Minilogue series. It features 32 preset sounds, eight voices, six envelopes, five LFOs, and a master clock. It also has a sequencer, arpeggiator, and step sequencer. The PSR-150 is perfect for creating complex melodies and rhythms. Its sound quality is excellent and it produces rich harmonics. One drawback is that it lacks a mic input. So, you cannot record directly into the instrument.