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How To Choose The Best Lava Me 2

What Is The Purpose Of A Lava Me 2?

The lava me2 is a portable digital audio player designed specifically for musicians. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around while its high-quality sound quality ensures hours of enjoyment. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the lava me2 has enough power to last throughout most gigs. In addition, the lava me2 comes equipped with a USB port which lets users connect external speakers and microphones. Users can plug headphones into the lava me2’s headphone jack to listen to music privately. The lava me2 also includes a microphone jack for recording vocals during live performances.

How Does The Lava Me 2 Compare To Other Portable Players?

Lava me2 is smaller than many other players on the market today. At only 6 inches long x 4 inches wide x 1.25 inches thick, the lava me2 is small enough to fit in almost anywhere. However, despite its diminutive size, the lava me2 still offers plenty of storage capacity. The lava me2 holds up to 32GB of data including MP3 files, WMA files, AAC files, and FLAC files. The lava me2 also supports SD cards up to 64GB. The lava me2’s sleek black finish looks good wherever it goes.

Is There An External Mic Jack For Recording Vocals During Live Performances?

Yes! The lava me2 includes a mic jack for connecting external mics. Using the lava me2’s internal speaker, users can record themselves singing along to songs using the included software. The lava me2’s mic jack works with standard condenser mics.

Does The Lava Me 2 Have Bluetooth Technology?

No. The lava me2 does not include bluetooth technology.

Can I Use My Own Headphones Instead Of The Included Ones?

Yes! The lava me2 includes three sets of earbuds. Each set consists of a left and right pair of earbud headphones. The earbuds are comfortable and provide excellent noise isolation.

Are There Any Special Features Built Into The Lava Me 2?

Yes! The lava me2 comes preloaded with several useful applications. One application automatically pauses playback whenever the user plugs in his/her headphones. Another application turns the volume up or down depending on whether the user is listening to loud or soft sounds. Yet another application displays song lyrics onscreen.

What Are Some Of The Applications Preinstalled On The Lava Me 2?

There are four main applications preinstalled on the lava me2. The first application is called “lava me2 media center”. The second application is called “lava me2 ringtone maker”. The third application is called “lava me2 playlist creator”.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Lava Me 2

Lava Carbon Guitar Effects Pedal is designed to provide players with a wide range of tones and features. With its unique design, the pedal offers a variety of sounds ranging from classic rock to modern metal. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around and gives you the ability to play anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Unique dual-mode switch lets you select between two different modes - Rock mode or Metal Mode

9VDC / 6.0mA current draw

Features To Look For When Buying A Lava Me2

The lava me 2 has been designed to be a high quality product which offers many features and benefits. The lava me 2 comes with a built-in speaker and microphone, making it easy to record music directly into your phone. The lava me 2 has a USB port, meaning you can connect external devices such as keyboards and microphones. There is also a headphone jack, giving you the option to listen to music privately while using the lava me 2.

Lava Carbon Fiber Guitar Effects Pedal

This pedal was created specifically for those who play electric guitars. With its unique design, the lava carbon gives you the ability to create different sounds depending on where you put your fingers on the fretboard. The lava carbon is very versatile and can be used to enhance almost any type of sound. Its compact size makes it perfect for travelling around with you.

Fiberglass Body

The body of the lava me 2 is constructed from solid fiberglass.

The lava me 2 comes with a built-in speaker and microphone, enabling you to record audio directly into your smartphone. The lava me 2 also includes a 3.5mm input jack, allowing you to plug in headphones or microphones. The lava me 2 also has a volume control knob, letting you adjust the level of the output.

USB Port

There is a USB port located on the back of the lava me 2. This enables you to connect external devices such as keyboards and microphones. The lava me 2 also has a headphone jack, allowing you to listen to music privately while using the lava me 2.

Compact Design

With its small size, the lava me 2 is suitable for travel. The lava me 2 is approximately 25 cm wide, 20 cm deep and 10 cm tall.

Solid Construction

The lava me 2 is manufactured from solid fiberglass. This material is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. The lava me 2 is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring that it remains functional no matter what the weather conditions outside are.

Different Types of Lava Me 2

The Lava Me 2 is a compact pedalboard designed specifically for guitarists who play live shows. The Lava Me 2 features two channels which allow users to switch between different amp models and effects pedals simultaneously. Each channel has its own volume control, tone controls, and footswitch inputs. The Lava Me 2 comes equipped with three stompboxes including a distortion/overdrive unit, a fuzz box, and a delay effect. All these units are controlled via the front panel knobs and buttons. There are four assignable footswitches located on the bottom side of the board.

There are five main settings available on the Lava Me 2: Normal, Overdrive, Distortion, Delay, and Fuzz. Users can select either the normal mode or the overdrive mode depending on the type of sound they desire. For example, if you're playing metal music, you'd probably want to turn on the overdrive setting. However, if you're performing blues songs, you'd rather go with the normal mode.

Users can adjust the amount of gain using the Gain knob. The Tone knob adjusts the overall tonal balance of the signal. The Volume knob sets the output level of the signal. Finally, the Feedback knob determines whether the feedback loop is engaged or disengaged.


Two Channels - Allows users to switch between different amp models and effects pedals simultaneously

Three Stompboxes - Includes a distortion/overdrive unit, a fuzzbox, and a delay effect

Four Assignable Footswitches - Located on the bottom side of the board

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