Les Paul Pickups

How To Choose The Best Les Paul Pickups

What Is The Purpose Of A Gibson Pupil Pickups?

The most important thing to know about guitars with more than 6 strings is that they require special pickups. In fact, there are many different types of pickups available for these instruments. Some of the common ones include single coil, split-coils, humbuckers, piezo, and active electronics. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, single coils sound great for bluesy music, while humbuckers provide a fuller tone for rock and metal styles. Piezos are perfect for acoustic sounds, while active electronics allow players to control volume levels and effects.

How Do Pickups Affect Tone?

Pickups affect the way a guitar plays by changing the string tension. If you play electric guitar, you probably already know that higher string tensions produce brighter tones. However, lower string tensions create darker, mellower notes. That depends on personal preference, but generally speaking, low string tensions are ideal for playing lead solos, while high string tensions are good for rhythm parts.

How To Choose The Right Pickups?

Before purchasing a set of pickups, be sure to read reviews online. There are plenty of sites where musicians post their opinions regarding specific models. Also, check out forums dedicated to guitarists who discuss their favorite picks. Finally, ask friends and family members who play guitar for recommendations. Once you've narrowed down your options, take a few minutes to test drive several sets before making a final decision.

Are All Pickups Equal?

No! Not really. Different manufacturers put their own spin on the design of their pickups. While some companies build pickups based on traditional designs, others experiment with unusual materials and configurations. As long as you're aware of the differences between brands, you'll be able to choose the right pickup for your needs.

Which Pickups Are Best For Electric Guitars?

For electric guitars, humbuckers are the standard choice. Single coils aren't recommended because they lack the sustain necessary to hold chords. Split-coils are another option, although they can cause feedback problems. Piezoelectric pickups are designed specifically for acoustic guitars. Active electronics are a newer addition to the market, allowing users to adjust the output level of the instrument.

Is It Worth Buying Custom Guitar Picks?

Custom guitar picks are a fun accessory to have. But, unless you plan to change your guitar's hardware regularly, custom picks are only worth the money if you enjoy using them. Otherwise, stick with generic picks.

What Does "Active" Mean?

Most modern pickups contain electronic components that amplify the signal being sent to the speaker. An active pickup uses circuitry to boost the volume and clarity of the note. Most active pickups are built into the body of the guitar itself, so they cannot be replaced.

Can I Replace My Pickups With Other Brands?

Yes, you can replace your pickups with other brands. Just remember that the replacement must match the original model number.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Les Paul Pickups

Les Paul guitars are among the most popular electric guitars ever created. There are many different types of Les Paul models available today. Some of these include; single coil, double-coil, humbuckers, piezo, tremolo, Each type has its unique sound and features. In order to achieve the best tone possible with your guitar, you must know which model suits your playing style best.

Single Coil vs Double Coils

There are two main types of Les Paul guitars: Single coils and double coils. Both types produce great tones, however there are differences between each. With a single coil guitar, only one string is active at a time. This makes it easier to play chords because you don't have to worry about fretting multiple strings simultaneously. However, single coil guitars lack sustain and volume compared to double coil models.

Humbuckers Vs Piezos

Another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a Les Paul model is whether you prefer using a Humbucker or Piezo pickup. Humbuckers provide a richer, fuller tone while piezos give a brighter, punchier sound. Although both options have their advantages, we recommend going with a humbucker if you plan on recording music.

Tremolos Vs Non Tremolo Models

Some Les Paul models come equipped with a built-in vibrato bar. Others require a separate unit. Either way, you'll be able to adjust the pitch of the note by moving the bar back and forth along the neck. Most players choose a non-tremolo model because they enjoy being able to change the tuning of the instrument whenever needed.

Gibson P-90 Vs Custom Shop Les Pauls

In addition to the standard Les Paul models, Gibson offers several other custom shop versions. One example includes the P-90. This model comes with a maple fingerboard, rosewood body, gold hardware, and a mahogany neck. Another option is the Les Paul Standard. This version comes with a solid spruce top, mahogany sides & back, ebony fingerboard, and a mahogany neck.

Custom Shop Vs Vintage Les Pauls

Vintage Les Pauls are another option for those who love the classic sound of the original Les Paul design. Many vintage models come with a natural finish, while others have been painted black. Regardless of color, these instruments are highly sought after due to their rich tonal qualities.

Features To Look For When Buying A Les Paul Pickups

The best way to describe a Gibson Les Paul Custom with its humbuckers is "a little bit country, a lot rock." The tone is rich and full-bodied, yet has enough bite to cut through anything. If you're looking for a versatile instrument that will fit into most musical genres, the Les Paul Custom is the perfect choice.

Pickup Configuration

Single coils are great for playing chords because they provide more sustain and allow players to play faster. However, single coils lack the punch needed to drive hard solos. Double coils give players the ability to switch between different sounds by using either the neck or bridge position.


Gibson uses three types of double coil pickups: P90s, HSS, and EMGs. Each type offers something unique.

P90s - The P90 is the original Gibson pick up. It was designed to replace the old PAF design. The P90 has a very warm sound that works well with blues and jazz styles.

HSS - The HSS is a hybrid version of the P90 and the JBJ. It combines the warmth of the P90 with the clarity of the JBJ.

Tone Controls

Each pickup has a volume control and a tone control. The volume controls range from 0 to 10 while the tone controls vary depending on the model. Some models have both knobs while others only have one.

Bridge Position Switching

Some models include a bridge position switching option. With this feature, players can choose whether they prefer a traditional single coil sound or a more aggressive dual coil sound.

Different Types of Les Pauls

The original model featured two single coil pickups with volume control and tone controls. In 1959, the double-cutaway version was introduced.