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How to choose the best line 6 pod go

What is the Purpose Of A Line 6 Pod Go?

The Line 6 POD GO is designed to be a portable version of the popular POD series of products. With its compact design and intuitive controls, the POD GO offers musicians a complete solution for recording, mixing, mastering, and performing live.

How Does It Compare To Other Portable Recording Devices?

Line 6 has been making high quality audio equipment since the 1970’s. Their line of professional studio gear includes microphones, mixers, amplifiers, headphones, speakers, cables, and many other accessories. In addition to these products, they also produce software applications for Mac and Windows computers.

Features & Benefits

Compact Design - Small enough to fit into most bags, briefcases, or pockets, yet large enough to hold everything needed for a quick session.

Intuitive Controls - Easy-to-use interface lets users record, edit, play, and perform right away.

Plug-and-Play Operation - No drivers required. Simply plug the unit into a USB port on your PC or Mac and start recording.

Built-In Mic Preamps - Record vocals directly into the mic preamps, eliminating the need for external mics.

High Quality Sound - Built-in Class D amplifier delivers powerful sound while maintaining low distortion levels.

USB Port - Plug in your favorite microphone, instrument, or CD player via the included 1/4" stereo cable.

Stereo Input Jack - Connect two instruments simultaneously for easy monitoring.

Headphone Output - Listen to your recordings privately or share them with others.

Battery Life - Rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours per charge.

LED Indicators - LED indicators show power status, input selection, and headphone volume level.

Dimensions (LxWxH) - 3.5 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches.

Weight - 4 pounds.

Manufacturer Warranty - One Year Limited Manufacturer warranty.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Line 6 Pod Go!

Line 6 POD GO is a very popular digital audio interface which has been around since 2003. It was originally designed for recording music, but now it is widely used in many different applications including live sound reinforcement systems, DJ equipment, and professional studio production. In fact, there are thousands of musicians who use Line 6 products because of its high-quality features and ease of use. However, despite being a relatively inexpensive product, it still offers excellent performance and reliability. So why does it deserve our attention? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Line 6 POD GO.


It is easy to set up and operate.

It comes with a built-in headphone jack.

It supports 24bit/96kHz sampling rate.

It has a USB port for connecting external devices.

It has a 1/4" input jacks for microphones.

It has a MIDI IN / OUT port.

It has a 3 band EQ (low pass filter).

It has a low noise floor.

It has a dedicated master volume control.

It has a balanced XLR output.

It has a stereo RCA output.

It has a mono 1/8 inch TRS output.

It has a headphone amp.

It has a microphone preamp.

It has a footswitchable power supply.

It has a battery backup.

It has a built-in speaker.

It has a built-in tuner.

It has a built-in metronome.

It has a built-in sequencer.

It has a built-in clock generator.

It has a built-in loop recorder.

It has a built-in sampler.

It has a built-in reverb unit.

It has a built-in delay

Features To Look For When Buying A Line 6 Pod Go!

The Line 6 POD GO is a compact stompbox designed to be easy to carry around and play anywhere. With its small footprint and simple controls, the POD GO is perfect for jamming away while traveling or practicing at home. Whether you’re playing live or recording tracks, the POD GO has everything you need to get started right out of the box.

Compact Size

With its sleek design and compact dimensions, the POD GO is ideal for travel. Its small size makes it easy to store in a backpack or suitcase. In addition, the POD GO features a built-in speakerphone which lets you take calls directly from your phone.

Simple Controls

The POD GO offers three channels of gain control, including two footswitchable inputs and a master volume knob. Each channel includes a dedicated tone control and switchable input/output jack. All knobs and switches are conveniently located within reach of your left hand.

Built-In Speakerphone

The POD GO comes equipped with a built-in speakerphone. Simply plug headphones into the output jacks and talk freely. No matter where you are, you can still hear others clearly.

USB Port

The POD GO features a USB port for charging mobile devices and connecting external audio sources. Plugging in your iPhone or iPad gives you access to thousands of songs stored on your device.

Line 6 Effects Loop

The POD GO features a looped effects section that lets you create complex soundscapes quickly and easily. Use the included footswitches to activate different loops and assign each effect to a specific button.

Stereo Input Jack

The POD GO features stereo 1/4" TRS input jacks for connecting microphones and instruments. Connect multiple mics together for a versatile setup.

Power Supply Included

The POD GO ships with a power supply cord. Just connect the supplied AC adapter to your wall outlet and start jammin'.

Pricing & Availability

Preorders begin today and shipping begins September 30th. Visit for details.

Different Types of Line6 Pods Go

Line 6 has been around since 1982 and has become known for its high quality products. Their guitars and basses are famous for being able to withstand heavy abuse while still sounding good. In fact, many musicians swear by these instruments because of their durability. However, there are different kinds of Line 6 pedals available today. Some are designed specifically for certain applications, others are meant for general purposes. Here are three examples of Line 6 pedals that are commonly used in music production.

The Pod-X Series

This series was created to be used with electric guitars. It features two channels of audio processing which allow users to create unique sounds. One channel is dedicated to the input signal and the second is for the output. There are four models in this series; the Pod X1, Pod X2, Pod X4, and Pod X5. Each pod offers a variety of controls including volume, tone control, EQ, and reverb. All of these units are powered via 9V batteries. The Pod X5 is the most powerful unit in the series and comes equipped with a footswitch.

The Pod FX Series

These are small devices that plug into your guitar’s headphone jack. They include six presets that are preprogrammed with popular tones. Users can switch between presets by pressing buttons on the side of the unit. The Pod FX1 includes a single preset called “Blues” and the Pod FX2 includes five presets. Both units are battery operated and require no external power source.

The Variax Series

This series consists of several models that are designed to be used with acoustic guitars. The Variax 1 is a compact unit that plugs directly into your instrument’s sound hole. It contains eight presets that are programmed with classic rock tones. The Variax 2 is slightly larger and has 12 presets. It also has a built-in tuner and a chromatic tuner. Finally, the Variax 3 is the largest unit in the series and has 16 presets. It also has a built-in tuner and a chromatic tuner.

Other Products

There are other Line 6 products that aren’t listed here. For example, the Pro 60 is a digital delay effect pedal that lets users play chords and melodies simultaneously. The Pro 90 is another product that is perfect for recording vocals. It has a microphone input and a stereo speaker output. Lastly, the M9 is a MIDI controller that works with computers.

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