Marshall Mg15

How To Choose The Best Marshall Mg15

What Is The Purpose Of A Marshall MG 15 Guitar Combo Amp?

The Marshall MG-15 guitar amp was introduced in 1965 by George Fullerton Marshall Jr., who later became known as "Marshall". He designed the MG series amplifiers with his brother Bill Marshall. In 1967, the MG-15 model was released. The MG-15 has two channels, each channel containing four 12AX7 tubes. The MG-15 is a very versatile amplifier because its tone control knob controls both volume and treble. The MG-15 uses vacuum tubes which makes it more stable and reliable than solid state amps. The MG-15 is still being manufactured today.

How Does An Amplifier Help My Playing?

An amplifier is a tool that lets you play louder and longer. With an amplifier, you can hear notes that you couldn't before. If you're playing chords, you can hear the chord progression clearly. Also, if you're using distortion pedals, you can hear the effect that pedal creates. Without an amplifier, you'd be limited to hearing only the sound coming directly from your instrument. However, with an amplifier, you can amplify the sounds produced by your guitar so that you can hear everything around you.

Is There Any Reason To Use Another Type Of Amps?

Amplification is important for many reasons. First, amplification gives us the ability to listen to music. Second, amplification helps our ears process information faster. Third, amplification helps us learn songs easier. Fourth, amplification helps us express ourselves musically. Fifth, amplification helps us communicate with others. Sixth, amplification helps us understand other languages. Seventh, amplification helps us create art. Eighth, amplification helps us enjoy music. Ninth, amplification helps us relax. Tenth, amplification helps us sleep.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Marshall MG 15 Guitar Combo Amp

Marshalls are known for producing high-quality amps with great tones. If you're looking for a good amp that has a lot of power and versatility, then a Marshall MG 15 guitar combo amp is perfect for you. With its powerful tone and ability to produce a wide variety of sounds, this amp is definitely worth checking out.


This particular model comes equipped with two channels so that you can play along with your favorite songs while jamming. Each channel features three different types of effects including reverb, chorus, delay, and tremolo. There are also four footswitches which allow you to control volume, treble, middle, and bass. In addition, there are five controls located on top of the unit itself. These include gain, master volume, balance, phase, and mute/unmute. Lastly, the MG 15 includes a headphone jack so that you can listen to music privately.


With its powerful sound and versatile tonal capabilities, the MG 15 guitar combo amp is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you prefer playing rock, blues, jazz, country, pop, metal, or something else entirely, this amp will be able to deliver exactly what you're looking for. Also, thanks to its built-in speaker cabinet, you can enjoy your jams anywhere. So whether you're sitting in front of your stereo or enjoying your tunes with friends, family, or coworkers, you'll always be ready to go whenever you want to.


However, if you'd rather pay more money for a higher-end product, then check out the Marshall JMP 100 guitar combo amp.

Features To Look For When Buying A Marshall MG 15 Guitar Combo Amp

The Marshall MG-15 is a great sounding amp with plenty of features. With its built-in reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, tremolo, and phaser effects, the MG-15 gives players endless possibilities for creating unique sounds. There are three different speaker cabinets available; the standard cabinet, the small cabinet, and the large cabinet. Each of these speakers offers a distinct sound quality. All three models allow users to switch between the three speakers quickly and easily.

Marshall MG-15 Speakers

There are three different types of speakers included with the MG-15. The first type is called "the standard" speaker. This speaker comes equipped with four 10 watt speakers. The second type of speaker is called the "small" speaker. This speaker includes eight 5 watt speakers. Finally, there is the "large" speaker which includes twelve 2.5 watt speakers.

Effects Controls

One of the most important aspects of the MG-15 is the controls located on top of the unit. The controls include volume, tone control, treble/bass knob, master volume, phase switch, and gain. The controls are easy to access and understand.

Gain Control

This control is very useful because it lets you adjust the overall level of the signal going into the amp. If you're using headphones, you might want to turn down the gain so that you can hear more clearly. However, if you're playing a loud instrument, you might want to increase the gain so that you can play louder.

Tremelo Effect

With the Tremelo effect, you can create a vibrato effect by turning the knob clockwise. As you turn the knob counterclockwise, the pitch changes. This creates a cool effect that many musicians love.

Chorus Effect

The Chorus effect works similarly to the Tremelo effect. Turning the knob clockwise increases the pitch while turning the knob counterclockwise decreases the pitch.

Delay Effects

The Delay effects let you set the amount of time before the audio repeats itself. Turn the knob clockwise to decrease the length of the repeat and turn the knob counterclockwise to increase the length of the repeat.

Flange Effect

The Flange effect is another way to create a vibrato effect. Turning the knob clockwise causes the pitch to rise and turning the knob counterclockwise causes the pitch to fall.

Phaser Effect

The Phaser effect is a fun tool to experiment with. Turning the knob clockwise slows down the tempo of the song while turning the knob counterclockwise speeds up the tempo.

Master Volume

The Master volume control adjusts the overall output of the amp. Increasing the volume will cause the sound to become louder.

Different Types of Marshall MG 15 Guitar Combo Amp

The MG15 amp was introduced by Marshall back in 1995. The original model featured two channels with four-band EQ, three-channel gain control, master volume, headphone output, and stereo input/output jacks. In 1996, the MG15 was upgraded to include six channels with five band equalization, eight channel gain controls, master volume, and a single mono line level input jack.

Marshall MG 15 Amplifier Uses

This amp is mainly used in recording studios because of its versatility. If you're into playing live shows, however, you might be more interested in the Marshall JMP200G which is a smaller version of the MG15.