Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

How To Choose The Best Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

What Is The Purpose Of A Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier?

Each channel has its own power tube preamp section and volume control. In addition, each channel features independent tone controls, allowing you to dial in different tones for both channels. The DR gives you more flexibility in creating sounds by combining the versatility of two amps into one unit.

How Does The Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Work?

Each channel uses separate tubes and gain stages to create a unique sound. Both channels share the same power supply and speaker cabinet. The output stage consists of two 6L6 valves per channel. The overall effect is a warm, rich tone that is perfect for blues, rock, jazz, and many styles of music.


Dual Rectifiers give you the ability to switch between two channels using only one knob. With the push of a button, you can instantly change the channel being played. If you're playing along with another guitarist, you can quickly switch back and forth between the two channels.


With two channels, you can play chords and melodies simultaneously. For example, you could alternate between two chord progressions, or you could play a melody line while switching between two guitar parts. Or maybe you'd like to experiment with harmonics and delay effects. Whatever you choose, the DR lets you explore new sonic territory.


The DR is great for recording because it offers two channels that can be recorded separately. You can record bass, drums, vocals, guitars, etc., and mix them together later. Another application is live performance. You can set up your rig so that you can perform with two instruments at once.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Mesa Boogie has been making great amps since the late 1970’s. Their amps are known for being very versatile and easy to modify. If you're looking for a good amp with lots of features, check out the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier! Here we go into detail about why you should purchase a quality Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.


This amplifier comes equipped with two channels which makes it perfect for playing guitar along with another instrument. Each channel offers three different modes including single-channel mode, stereo mode, and mono/stereo mode. In addition, each channel has its own volume control allowing you to adjust both channels independently. Another cool feature is the ability to switch between channels using a footswitch. Finally, there is a master volume control located near the front panel. All these features allow you to play multiple instruments while maintaining separate volumes.


One thing that sets apart Mesa Boogie products from others is the fact that they build high quality amplifiers. With a solid construction, durable materials, and reliable components, you know you're getting a product that will last for years. Also, because Mesa Boogie uses only top quality parts, you can rest assured knowing that your investment will be well worth it. So if you're looking for a quality Mesa Boogie amp, take a look at the Dual Rectifier!


However, considering the amount of power and versatility it offers, it's definitely worth the money.

Features To Look For When Buying A Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Their products range from small practice amp heads to full size combo amplifiers. The company was founded by Gary Hiebner who wanted to create quality guitar pedals with affordable prices. He started his business with a single amplifier pedal called “The Fatman” which he sold for Today, Mesa Boogie produces more than 200 different models ranging from small practice amps to high-end combos.

How Does Mesa Boogie Amplification Compare With Other Brands?

There are many brands of amplification available today. Some companies produce only one type of product while others specialize in certain types of gear. Mesa Boogie is unique because they produce both solid state and tube based amplifiers. Solid state amplifiers are great for practicing and recording music. Tube amps are perfect for live performances where volume levels must be controlled. If you're interested in purchasing a Mesa Boogie amp, there are several features to take into consideration before deciding on a particular model.

What Are The Different Types Of Mesa Boogie Amps Available?

Mesa Boogie offers two main categories of products; solid state and tube based. Both types of amps provide excellent sound quality and performance. However, each category has its advantages and disadvantages.

Both types of amps offer exceptional tone and power. But, there are differences between the two. In general, solid state amps have higher output wattage ratings than tube amps. Also, tube amps require regular maintenance whereas solid state amps do not.

Are There Any Differences Between Mesa Boogie Headphones & Speakers?

Yes! Mesa Boogie makes headphones and speakers. While most manufacturers sell both headphone and speaker units, Mesa Boogie sells only speakers. Most other manufacturers include a headphone unit along with their speakers.

Which Is Better - Mesa Boogie Heads Or Speaker Systems?

Headphone systems are designed to fit snugly around your ears so you can hear clearly. They typically consist of a microphone, ear cups, and a cable connecting the headset to your audio source. They are meant to reproduce sounds accurately and powerfully.

Is One Type More Expensive Than Another?

No. All Mesa Boogie products are priced fairly. Each brand tends to charge slightly more depending on the type of product being purchased.

Should You Consider An Integrated Amp?

Integrated amps combine both a preamplifier and power amp into one enclosure. Many musicians prefer integrated amps because they eliminate the hassle of carrying separate components. Integrators are generally smaller than traditional amplifiers.

Does Mesa Boogie Have Any Special Warranty Policies?

All Mesa Boogie products carry a 1 year warranty. After that period, the manufacturer will replace defective parts free of charge.

Different Types of Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

The company was founded by Gary Hiebner who wanted to create high quality amplifiers with good tone. Today, Mesa Boogie continues its tradition of providing top-quality amplification to guitarists around the globe.

The Basics

There are two main types of Mesa Boogie amplifiers; single channel and dual channel. Single channel amps produce only one sound while dual channel amps produce two sounds simultaneously. Both channels share power supplies and other components so there isn’t really a big difference between the two models. However, the dual channel amp offers more flexibility because each channel can be set to different volumes and effects settings.

Dual Channel Amplifiers

These amps are designed to provide maximum versatility. Each channel features independent volume controls, master level control, bass/treble controls, gain controls, phase switches, and EQ knobs. There are many ways to configure these amps to suit your needs. For example, you could turn down the treble knob on both channels to achieve a smoother overall tonal balance. Or you could boost the mid range frequencies on one channel while cutting back on the highs on the other.

Single Channel Amplifiers

This type of amplifier produces a single output signal which is sent directly into speakers. If you prefer to play along with music using headphones, then a single channel amp is perfect for you.