Peterson Strobe Tuner

How To Choose The Best Peterson Strobe Tuner

What Is The Purpose Of Peterson Strobe Tuner?

Peterson strobes are great tools for musicians who play amplified instruments. If you're playing with other musicians, you'll appreciate the ability to quickly check your tuning while performing. With a strobe tuner, you can tune your instrument by simply pointing it at the light source.

How Does A Peterson Strobe Tune Instrument?

The strobe tuner works by shining a beam of white light onto the strings of your instrument. As the light bounces back and forth between the string and the lens, the pitch of the note changes slightly.

Is There Any Other Use For A Strobo Tuner?

Yes! While most people think of strobe tuners only as tools for musicians, there are many applications for these devices. In fact, strobe tuners are commonly found in hospitals where doctors use them to test patients' hearing. Doctors shine a bright light into each ear canal and listen for sounds. If no sound is heard, the doctor knows something is wrong.

Can You Play Guitar Without One?

Of course you can! Using a strobe tuner makes checking your tuning easier and faster. Besides, you might be surprised at how well you can hear notes using both ears.

Where Can You Find A Good Strobe Tuner?

Strobo tuners are available online and at music stores. Some models include batteries so you can take them anywhere. Others require AC power which limits portability.

Are There Better Alternatives To A Strobe Tuner?

There are several alternatives to a strobe tuner including electronic tuners and digital tuners. Electronic tuners rely on electronics rather than light beams to determine the correct pitch. Digital tuners are more accurate than traditional strobe tuners because they measure the exact amount of light reflected back to the sensor. However, neither type of tuner offers the convenience of a strobe tuner.

Does A Strobe Tuner Make Me Sound Like An Idiot?

No! Most people enjoy the novelty of being able to see notes played on a guitar. Many players actually prefer seeing the notes coming off the fretboard rather than listening to the sound of the actual strings.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Peterson Stroboscope Tuner

Peterson strobes are very popular among photographers because of their ability to produce high-quality images with minimal light pollution. However, many amateur photographers who purchase these devices end up disappointed by the poor performance of the tuner built into the unit. If you're planning on using a strobe to take pictures of wildlife, you might be surprised to learn that there are several different types of strobe tuners available today. In fact, most manufacturers now include a tuner inside each camera flash head sold. Let's examine the pros and cons of each so you can decide which option best suits your needs.


One of the biggest advantages of owning a strobo tuner is that it makes setting exposure times easier. Some units even give you the ability to change the color temperature of the flash. All of these features are great tools for taking photos of animals during twilight hours. For example, you could use a strobo tuner to photograph a deer walking across a field at dusk. With a little practice, you can quickly capture stunning shots of the animal before it disappears behind the trees. Another benefit of a strobo tuner is its portability. Many models fold down flat for easy storage and transport. Others are designed to fit inside a small bag or backpack. Regardless of where you plan to travel, you can always carry along a portable tuner.


While the benefits of a strobo tuner are numerous, there are still drawbacks associated with owning one. First, most strobo tuners require batteries. Batteries must be replaced periodically, especially if you intend to use the device outdoors. Second, some strobos only support certain brands of flash heads. Third, some models aren't compatible with older cameras. Finally, some models are more expensive than others. There really isn't a "best" model; however, we recommend choosing one based on your budget and intended usage.

Features To Look For When Buying A Peterson Stroboplus Tuner

Peterson strobes are great tools for musicians who play electric guitars. The strobe tuner has been around since the 1950’s and was originally designed by George Peterson. He developed his idea while working with the Navy during World War II. His idea was to create a tool that could be attached to a flashlight so that sailors could see where they needed to go in the dark. After he left the navy, he began developing his strobe light into a portable instrument that could be used by musicians. Since its creation, the strobe tuner has become a staple piece of gear for many musicians. Today, there are several different types of strobe tuners on the market including handheld models, tabletop models, and wall-mounted models. All these devices allow users to tune instruments using a strobe light. However, each type of model offers unique features that set it apart from other models. Here we will take a closer look at three main categories of strobe tuners and discuss the differences between each category. We will also review some of the best strobe tuners currently available on the market today.

Handheld Models

The most common form of strobe tuner is the handheld model. Handheld strobe tuners are typically small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse. Most handheld tuners include a built-in battery pack that stores power for the unit. Some models also include a microphone jack so that users can record themselves playing along with songs. Other models include a USB port so that users can connect directly to a PC or Mac. Many handheld tuners also include a volume control knob which makes tuning easier. One drawback of handheld strobe tuners is that they are limited to only being able to detect notes played within a certain range. Because of this limitation, handheld tuners cannot accurately measure pitch changes across multiple strings. Another downside of handheld tuners is that they require batteries that must be replaced periodically. If you plan on traveling frequently, you might want to invest in a rechargeable model.

Tabletop Models

Another popular choice among musicians is the tabletop strobe tuner. Tabletop units are larger than handheld models and are generally placed on top of a music stand. Like handheld models, tabletop tuners also include a mic input jack and a headphone output jack. Unlike handheld models, tabletop tuners are capable of measuring pitches across multiple strings. Also unlike handheld models, tabletop tuners can accurately measure pitch changes across multiple strings. While tabletop tuners are more expensive than handheld models, they provide additional functionality.

Wall Mounted Models

Finally, there are wall mounted tuners. Wall mounted tuners are large pieces of equipment that sit on a shelf above a musician’s amp. Wall mounted tuners are primarily used by drummers because they are too big to fit comfortably in a drummer’s pockets. Wall mounted tuners are also useful for recording sessions because they can be connected to a mixer or audio interface. Wall mounted tuners are very powerful tools and can be used to accurately measure pitch changes across multiple strings.

Different Types Of Peterson Strobe Tuner

Peterson strobe tuner has been around since the early 1900’s. He later sold his company to Westinghouse Electric Corporation which eventually became part of GE. In the 1930’s, he developed the strobe tuner which allowed musicians to tune guitars with ease. Today, there are many different models available including handheld units, tabletop units, and wall mounted units. There are several advantages to using a strobe tuner versus tuning manually. First, it eliminates the possibility of human error. Second, it makes music more enjoyable because you know exactly where each string is tuned. Third, it saves money because you no longer need to pay someone else to tune your instrument.

Handheld Peterson Strobe Tuner

The most common type of strobe tuner is the handheld unit. Handheld strobes are small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. Most handheld strobe tuners include a built-in microphone so you can hear the sound of your strings while you play. Some models also include a speaker so you can listen to the notes played back to you. Other features include LED lights, volume control, and memory function. Many handheld strobe tuners allow you to store multiple settings so you can quickly switch between songs. If you're interested in purchasing a handheld strobe tuner, check out our selection below!

Tabletop Strobo Plush

Another popular model of strobe tuner is the tabletop strobo plush. Tabletop strobos are typically larger than handheld strobes and are designed to be placed on top of a flat surface. Like handheld strobes, these devices include microphones and speakers so you can hear the sounds of your instruments being played. However, unlike handheld strobes, tabletop strobos are designed to sit on tables rather than being carried around. Because tabletop strobos are stationary, they provide a convenient way to tune your guitar while sitting down during meals, meetings, or other activities. Another advantage of tabletop strobes is that they are easier to transport than handheld ones. For example, you could take your tabletop strobe along with you when traveling or going camping. Finally, tabletop strobes are generally cheaper than handheld strobes. Check out our selection of tabletop strobes below!

Wall Mounted Stroboplus

Strobopluses are another type of strobe tuner that is commonly found in homes and offices. Wall mounted stroboluses are large, bulky pieces of furniture that are meant to be placed near a wall. Although they aren't portable, they are easy to set up and adjust. One major drawback of wall mounted stroboluses is that they require a lot of space. Therefore, you might not be able to install one in your living room or bedroom. Also, they are expensive compared to handheld and tabletop stroboluses. But, if you have a dedicated practice space, a wall mounted strobo is probably worth the price tag. We've got a great selection of wall mounted stroboluses here!