How To Choose The Best Prs Hollowbody

What Is The Purpose Of A Hollow Body Guitar?

The guitar body is where most of the sound comes from. The top part is called the "top" while the lower part is called the "bottom". The top is typically covered with wood which acts as a resonator. The strings vibrate against the top causing vibrations which travel down into the body. The fret board is located below the strings and contains frets. Each fret represents a different pitch so by moving the finger across the fret board, we change the note being played.

How Does A Hollow Body Differ From Solid Body?

Hollow bodies are generally lighter than solid bodies because there is no solid wood between the neck and the body. However, they are heavier than semi-hollow bodies because there is more material above the bridge. In addition, the tone hole covers are smaller and closer together making the overall volume louder.

Benefits Of Using A Hollow Body

There are many benefits to using a hollow body. First, it makes the instrument easier to play since you only have to worry about playing the notes rather than worrying about hitting the right spot on the top. Second, it gives the player greater control over the volume level. Third, it makes the instrument quieter. Fourth, it makes the instrument easier to transport and store. Fifth, it makes the instrument easier to tune. Sixth, it makes the instrument easier to repair. Seventh, it makes the instrument easier to learn. Eighth, it makes the instrument easier to build. Ninth, it makes the instrument easier to manufacture. Tenth, it makes the instrument cheaper to produce. Lastly, it makes the instrument easier to sell.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using A Hollow Body?

Yes, there are drawbacks to using a hollow body. For example, it takes longer to set up and take apart. Also, it is harder to adjust the intonation. Finally, it is hard to replace the electronics inside the body.

Is There An Advantage Or Disadvantage Between Hollow & Semi-Hollow Bodies?

Both types of instruments have advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, hollow bodies are considered superior to semi-hollow bodies. With semi-hollow bodies, the top and back plates are connected by solid wood. This creates a resonance chamber which amplifies the sound. As a result, the volume is higher than a hollow body. However, the quality of the sound is inferior to a hollow body.

Which Type Of Hollow Body Is Better?

Generally speaking, a solid body is preferred over a hollow body. If you're going to be gigging regularly, a solid body is best. Otherwise, a hollow body is probably fine.

Can I Use Both Types Of Instruments?

Sure! Many players prefer both styles of instruments. Some players enjoy the ease of playing a hollow body while others prefer the richer tones of a solid body.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Hollowbody Guitar

Hollowbodies are becoming increasingly popular among guitar players who prefer more traditional sounding instruments. With its unique tonal qualities, the hollow body guitar has become very desirable amongst musicians. However, many beginners believe that there is no point investing in a high-quality hollowbody because they think that these types of guitars sound inferior compared to solid bodies. In fact, the opposite is true!

How Does A Hollow Body Sound Different From Solid Bodies?

Solid bodied guitars produce a bright tone with crisp highs and deep lows. This type of instrument produces a full range of tones which makes it ideal for playing music genres ranging from rock to jazz. Although solid bodied guitars are great for most styles of music, they lack the versatility of a hollowbody guitar.

Benefits of Using a Hollowbody

There are several benefits associated with using a hollowbody guitar. Firstly, the hollow body gives the player greater control over the volume level of each note played. As opposed to a solid body, where notes must be turned down before being able to play louder ones, a hollowbody allows the musician to turn up the volume whenever he/she wants. This ability to adjust the volume level of individual notes creates a fuller sound that is perfect for certain musical genres. For example, a guitarist could choose to play softer chords during a ballad while turning up the volume on his soloing parts.

Features of a High-Quality Hollowbody

High-end hollowbodys are typically constructed with mahogany wood. Mahogany is known for producing rich bass sounds and warm midrange tones.

Features To Look For When Buying A PRS Hollowbody

The guitar market has changed dramatically since the early days of electric guitars. Back then, most players bought acoustic guitars because they could play chords with ease. However, by the late 1960’s, many musicians began switching to electric guitars because they found it easier to play complex chord progressions. In fact, during those years, more than half of all professional rock bands played electric guitars. Today, there are numerous types of electric guitars available. Some of the best-selling models include Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone Flying V, Yamaha FGX, and so forth.

PRS Hollowbodies

One of the most popular brands of electric guitars today is PRS Guitars. Their guitars are known for being extremely well built and durable. Many guitarists prefer playing hollowbodies because they provide a warmer sound. If you're interested in purchasing a PRS hollowbody, here are some features to look for when making your purchase.

Hollow Body Design

Most solid body guitars have a hard wood core which gives them their distinctive tone. However, hollow bodies are constructed using laminated woods. Laminate woods are thin layers of veneer glued together. Because of this design, hollowbodies produce a warm, mellow tone. Most hollowbodies are designed with a single cutaway. This type of design makes it easy to access the lower frets. Another advantage of the single cutaway design is that it creates a wider fretboard. This increases the number of strings that can be strummed simultaneously.

Tremolo System

Many modern guitars have tremolos systems. Tremolos allow the player to change the pitch of certain notes while holding down other notes. This technique is called muting. Muting lets the guitarist play faster passages without worrying about losing his/her timing. Tremolos are typically located near the bridge saddle. There are two main styles of tremolos. One style uses springs to raise and lower the saddles. The second style uses magnets to lift the saddles. Both designs are effective.


There are several different pickup options available for hollowbodies. Single coil pickups are generally considered the least expensive option. However, they lack the volume and sustain of humbuckers. Humbuckers are great for recording purposes because they create a richer tonal quality. While humbuckers are pricier than single coils, they last longer and require fewer repairs.

Bridge Type

Some hollowbodies have adjustable bridges. Adjustable bridges let you fine tune the intonation of each note. Fixed bridges are cheaper and simpler to adjust. However, fixed bridges cannot be adjusted once set.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a PRS hollowbody is the hardware. Hardware refers to the parts that hold the neck onto the body. Good hardware ensures that the neck stays securely attached to the body. Poor hardware can cause unwanted noise and buzzing.

Hollowbodies are acoustic instruments with a hollow body. The soundboard has been removed so there is no resonance chamber. Instead, the strings vibrate directly inside the wood. There are many different styles of hollowbodies available today. Some are designed for fingerpicking while others are meant for strumming chords. Each style offers its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

The Standard Hollowbody - This is probably the most common type of hollowbody guitar. The standard hollowbody features six steel strings tuned E-A-D-G-B-E. The neck is fixed and the fretboard is fretted using either nylon or bone pegs. The bridge saddle is adjustable.

How Do You Know Which Style Is Right For You?

There are several factors that determine which hollowbody is right for you. First, decide whether you prefer electric or acoustic playing. If you're primarily interested in acoustic music, then choose a solid body guitar. Solid bodies produce a warmer tonal quality because the vibrations travel deeper into the body. Electric guitars are louder and brighter sounding. Next, decide between single coil pickups or humbuckers. Single coils are easier to play and require fewer adjustments. However, humbuckers provide a fuller sound. Finally, decide between a bolt-on neck or glued-in neck. Bolt-ons allow you to change necks quickly and cheaply. Glued-ins are stronger and last longer.

Which One Is Best For Me?

It depends on your needs and preferences. If you plan to play only acoustic music, then go with the standard hollowbody. If you enjoy both acoustic and electric sounds, then the burst or charcoals might be best suited for you.

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