Roland Mc 101

How To Choose The Best Roland Mc 101

What Is The Purpose Of A Roland MC101?

The Roland MC-101 is a digital piano with built-in effects and sequencer. It has two velocity sensitive keys which allow you to play chords and melodies by pressing down both keys simultaneously. There are three different types of sounds available; Piano, Electric Grand, and Acoustic Grand. Each type offers its own unique sound. You can choose between playing single notes or chords, and there are several ways to control volume, pitch bend, and modulation. The MC-101 comes equipped with a USB port so you can connect it directly to your PC or Mac via MIDI cable. If you're interested in learning more about the Roland MC-101, check out our review here!

How Does It Sound?

This instrument is very versatile because it can be played either digitally or acoustically. The acoustic version includes a grand piano sound, while the electric version gives you the option of playing along with a full band. Both versions give you access to many features including a chord mode, arpeggiator, and step sequencing. The best part is that the Roland MC-101 is easy to learn and fun to play. It makes composing songs fast and simple.

Is It Worth Buying?

It really depends on what kind of musician you are. If you love to compose and create original music, then the Roland MC-101 is perfect for you. With the ability to record audio files, you can take your compositions anywhere you go. However, if you prefer to stick to traditional instruments, then the Roland MC-101 might not be right for you. Overall, we think the Roland MC-101 is worth checking out. It's affordable, portable, and great for beginners who want to start creating music.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Roland MC-101

It seems like everyone has a favorite brand of electronic musical instruments these days. Some prefer Yamaha, while others swear by Steinberg products. But there’s no denying that Roland is still king of the hill when it comes to producing high end digital pianos and synthesizers. In fact, many musicians who play other brands of electronic instruments admit that Roland makes the best sounding gear available today. That being said, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose between different models of Roland products. So let us tell you why you should always purchase a Roland product!

Quality Sound

Roland produces some of the highest quality sound systems around. Their products are known for their rich tone and powerful bass response. If you’re serious about playing piano, you owe it to yourself to invest in a Roland instrument. Not only will you enjoy the superior sound quality, but you’ll also appreciate the ease with which you can produce complex melodies using the included software.

Great Value

While most manufacturers charge hundreds of dollars more for their products, Roland offers great value for money.

Easy To Use

One thing that really sets Roland apart from its competitors is the simplicity of its interface. Unlike other companies, Roland does not require users to learn complicated menus and commands. Instead, the company has created easy to navigate interfaces that allow anyone to quickly access the functions they desire.

Versatile Features

Another reason why Roland stands above the rest is because of its versatility. With so many options and features, you can create virtually anything you wish. From creating drum beats to recording vocals, Roland lets you do whatever you set your mind to.

User Friendly Software

Finally, another reason why Roland is the number one choice among musicians is because of the user friendly software. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced musician, Roland gives you everything you need to start making music right away.

Features To Look For When Buying A Roland MC101

The Roland MC-101 is a great little portable MIDI controller with a lot of features packed into its small size. The unit has two touch sensitive buttons which allow you to control parameters directly by touching the screen. There’s also a rotary encoder knob which lets you change parameter values quickly and accurately. Additionally there are four assignable knobs which let you adjust volume levels and panning settings. All these controls are located on top of the unit so you can access them while playing your instrument. If you're looking for a simple way to play along with your favorite songs, the Roland MC-101 is perfect for you!

Touch Sensitive Buttons

One of the best aspects of the Roland MC-101 is the ability to control parameters using the touch sensitive buttons. Instead of pressing down hard on the keys, you simply tap the button once to activate it. Once activated, you can press harder to increase the intensity of the sound. Pressing again decreases the intensity. While this method works well for controlling most parameters, it doesn't always work perfectly. Some parameters require more pressure than others. In those cases, you might be able to reach a desired result by tapping twice rather than only once.

Rotary Encoder Knob

Another useful feature of the Roland MC-101 is the rotary encoder knob. This knob is used to adjust pitch bend and modulation wheel functions. Unlike other controllers, the rotary encoder knob does not affect the note being played. Rather, it adjusts the value of the parameter being controlled. So, if you turn the knob clockwise, the pitch bends higher. Turning counterclockwise lowers the pitch. With the rotary encoder knob, you can quickly and precisely adjust the amount of pitch bending or modulation without affecting the actual notes being played.

Four Assignable Knobs

The fourth function of the Roland MC-101 is the four assignable knobs. Each knob can be assigned to a different parameter. So, you could set the Volume level to 50% and the Panning to 0%. Then, you could assign the Pitch Bend to 100%, the Modulation Wheel to 200% and finally the Key Scale to 300%. Now, whenever you hit a key on your guitar, the corresponding parameter will automatically be adjusted to match the setting you've chosen. This makes adjusting sounds easier than ever before. Just remember to unassign each knob before moving on to another assignment.


Finally, the Roland MC-101 comes equipped with a built-in speaker. This gives you the option of plugging the unit into your headphones or speakers. However, if you prefer to listen to your tunes without disturbing anyone else, you can connect the Roland MC-101 to your stereo system via USB cable. This lets you enjoy your tunes anywhere in the house. Also, since the Roland MC-101 uses standard MIDI cables, you can hook it up to almost anything. From a PC to a Mac, you can take advantage of the many features offered by the Roland MC-101.

Different Types Of Roland MC-101

Roland has been making electronic instruments since the 1950’s, with its most popular product being the GROOVEBOX series of drum machines. The company was founded by George Massenburg who wanted to create a machine that could produce sounds that couldn’t be achieved using traditional drums. He created the original GROOVEBOX which featured two rotary wheels that produced different tones depending on where they touched the drum head. In 1977, he introduced the GROOVESONIC, which added more features including MIDI capabilities. The GROOVEBOXX was very successful and sold millions of units worldwide.

The Roland MC-101

The 101 was smaller than the Grooveboxes and offered fewer functions. However, it did include a sequencer and a mixer, allowing users to record songs and mix tracks together. The unit also came equipped with a built-in speaker so users didn’t have to purchase separate speakers.


The Roland MC-101 offers several unique features that set it apart from other drum machines. First, there is a large LCD display screen that shows information about each track. Users can see song titles, beat counts, tempo settings, and volume levels. There is also a small LED light that indicates whether the unit is recording or playing back audio. Another useful function is the ability to change the pitch bend wheel speed. If you play too fast, the pitch bends become distorted and sound unnatural. With the MC-101, you can adjust the speed of the pitch bend wheel to allow you to play faster while still maintaining good quality.

Pricing & Availability

It comes in black or white colors and includes a USB cable, power adapter, instruction manual, and warranty card.