How To Choose The Best Roland Micro Cube

What Is The Purpose Of A Roland Micro Cube?

The Micro Cube is a small digital audio player with built-in speakers that makes music more fun by allowing you to play songs anywhere. Its sleek design gives it a modern appearance while still maintaining classic style.

How Does It Sound?

With three different speaker configurations, including stereo, mono, and surround sound, the Micro Cube offers great quality sound no matter where you choose to listen to it. Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes on headphones or blasting your favorite song through the speakers, the Micro Cube delivers rich bass tones and crisp highs.


The Micro Cube features a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 3 hours per charge. There are two buttons on the front panel which allow you to control volume levels and skip tracks. An LED display shows track information, album art, and other useful data. The headphone jack lets you connect external speakers or earphones.

Where Can I Use It?

Whether you're playing games online or watching movies on your smartphone, the Micro Cube has plenty of room for storage. You can store up to 100 MP3 files on the internal memory card slot. The included USB cable allows you to transfer files between your PC and the Micro Cube.

Is It Worth Buying?

This little gadget packs quite a punch! If you enjoy listening to music on the go, the Micro Cube is a must-have item. Not only does it provide excellent sound quality, but it looks good too. The Micro Cube is perfect for anyone who wants to carry around their music collection with them wherever they go.

Pros & Cons

PROS: Compact size; Built-in speakers; Rechargeable battery; Portable; Good sound quality CONS: No FM radio; Headphone jack doesn't fit many types of headphones; Only 2GB of onboard memory; Requires Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems; Pricey; Doesn't include AC adapter.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Roland Micro Cube

Their products include guitars, pianos, drum kits, synthesizers, and more. In fact, Roland makes some of the most popular electronic music gear available today.

How Does Roland Make Its Instruments So Great?

First, let us explain why we say "quality" rather than "cheap". We mean by "quality", high-end instruments with great sound and features. For example, Roland makes its instruments using only top-of-the-line materials. That way, the instrument lasts longer and sounds better. Also, Roland uses only the best components and parts. This ensures that each instrument works perfectly right out of the box.

Features To Look Out For

There are many different types of Roland instruments. Some are meant for beginners while others are designed for professionals.

Types of Roland Instruments

Micro Cube - This is a small, lightweight synth that comes equipped with a built-in speaker. It's perfect for practicing chords or playing along with songs.

Mini Pops - This is a smaller version of the MiniPops series. It includes two speakers and a microphone. Perfect for recording vocals or singing into a mic.

Guitar Amp - This is a full sized amp that lets you plug in electric guitars.

Features To Look For When Buying A Roland Micro Cube

The Roland Micro Cube is a small amp with two channels. The sound quality is good enough to play along with other musicians. If you're into playing music, this little amp might be perfect for you. Here are some features you should know before purchasing a Roland Micro Cube.


This tiny amp has only 2 channels which makes it easy to carry around. It weighs only 1 pound so you could take it anywhere. It comes with a USB cable, headphones, and a power adapter. So you can plug it directly into your computer or connect it to another audio source using its headphone jack.

Sound Quality

It produces warm tones that give you a rich experience while listening to music. Its volume control knob lets you adjust the output level. It offers a wide range of sounds including rock, blues, jazz, classical, country, pop, and more.

Battery Life

Its battery lasts long because it uses rechargeable batteries. With regular charging, it can last up to 10 hours.


Roland sells this product online for However, there are discounts available if you purchase multiple products.

Different Types Of Roland Micro Cube

Roland Micro Cube is a small speaker which has been designed by Roland Corporation. The Roland Micro Cube was released in 2009. It comes with two kinds of speakers namely; 3Watt Speaker and 5 Watt Speaker. Both these speakers are powered by rechargeable batteries. There are many different models available in the market. Some of them include; Roland Micro Cube II, Roland Micro Cube III, Roland Micro Cube IV etc.

Features Of Roland Micro Cube

The most important features of the Roland Micro Cube are its compact size, lightweight design, high quality sound output, long battery life and portability. It is very easy to carry because it fits into a pocket or purse. It does not require external power supply so there is no risk of losing power during transportation. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery pack which gives approximately 6 hours of continuous playtime. It has a maximum volume capacity of 100 watts. It has a frequency response range between 20 Hz – 30 kHz. It has a dynamic range of 96 dB. It has a sensitivity level of 90dB/mV. It has a minimum input voltage of 9 volts DC. It has a maximum output current of 50 mA. It has a maximum output power of 10 Watts. It has a maximum SPL of 105 decibels. It has a maximum peak power of 15 Watts. It has a maximum RMS power rating of 7 Watts. It has a maximum distortion level of -10 dB. It has a maximum harmonic distortion level of -20 dB. It has a maximum total harmonic distortion level of -40 dB. It has a maximum intermodulation distortion level of -50 dB. It has a maximum noise floor of 40 dB. It has a maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB. It has a maximum gain of +15 dB. It has a maximum phase shift of +/-90 degrees. It has a maximum crossover frequency of 16kHz. It has a maximum bandwidth of 70Hz. It has a maximum number of channels of eight. It has a maximum channel separation of 500 Hz. It has a maximum number of inputs of four. It has a maximum number of outputs of four. It has a maximum number of mic ports of three. It has a maximum number of instrument connections of six. It has a maximum number of effects loops of five. It has a maximum number of effect slots of seven. It has a maximum number of control knobs of nine. It has a maximum number of controls of ten. It has a maximum number of buttons of eleven. It has a maximum number of footswitches of twelve. It has a maximum number of LEDs of sixteen. It has a maximum number of LED colors of sixteen. It has a maximum number of light levels of sixteen. It has a maximum number of lights of twenty-four. It has a maximum number of lighting modes of sixteen. It has a maximum number of color options of sixteen. It has a maximum number of color schemes of sixteen. It has a maximum number of patterns of sixteen.

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