Slash Les Paul

LyxPro 39 SB Series Electric Guitar, Les Paul-Style Kit for Beginner, Intermediate & Pro Players Solid Body Guitar, Bonus 2-Pack of Picks, Mahogany Wood, Volume/Tone Controls, 3-Way Pickup - Honey

LyxPro 39 SB Series Electric Guitar, Les Paul-Style Kit for Beginner, Intermediate & Pro Players Solid Body Guitar, Bonus 2-Pack of Picks, Mahogany Wood, Volume/Tone Controls, 3-Way Pickup - Honey

How To Choose The Best Slash Les Paul

What Is The Purpose Of A Slash Les Paul Guitar?

The name "Les Paul" has become synonymous with guitars. He was the man who created the modern solid body electric guitar. His innovative designs revolutionized music making. In fact, he invented many different types of instruments including the ukulele, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and more. But his most famous creation is the electric guitar. He designed the first solid-body electric guitar which became known as the "Les Paul".

How Did Les Paul Create The Electric Guitar?

In 1937, Les Paul began designing guitars while working for Gibson Guitars. At the time, there were only two other companies manufacturing electric guitars. One company manufactured acoustic guitars and another produced classical guitars. Both companies relied heavily on hollow bodies because these allowed for greater volume and resonance. However, hollow bodied guitars lacked sustain and tone quality. So, Les Paul decided to design a solid body electric guitar. He wanted something that sounded great and could be played loud. To achieve this goal, he developed a neck joint that allowed him to raise the bridge above the strings. This way, the soundboard could resonate freely and produce a richer tonal range.

Who Was Les Paul?

He grew up playing jazz piano. As a young adult, he moved to New York City where he worked as a musician. While living in New York, he met Robert Burns who introduced him to Fender Musical Instruments Company. After meeting with Fender, Les Paul joined the company in 1939. He quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became president of the company. During World War II, Les Paul served in the US Navy. Upon returning to civilian life, he continued to develop musical instruments. He founded the Epiphone Corporation in 1946. Over the years, Les Paul designed many popular models of guitars. Today, Les Paul remains active in the industry and continues to innovate new products.

What Does Les Paul Mean For Music?

Today, Les Paul is widely regarded as the father of rock 'n' roll. He helped create a genre of music that changed the face of popular culture forever. Rock 'n' roll was originally called rhythm & blues. Rhythm & Blues was influenced by gospel music and country music. Country music was very traditional and folk based. Gospel music was spiritual and uplifting. All three genres shared common elements including strong vocals, simple chord structures, and repetitive rhythms. Rock 'n' roll combined all three styles into one style. It was fast paced, energetic, and upbeat. It was instrumental music that featured soloing and solos. Soloists performed riffs and melodies using chords and scales derived from earlier forms of music.

What Are Some Popular Models Made By Les Paul?

There are several models of Les Paul guitars available today. Most of these models are named after musicians who play them. There are also models named after cities and states.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Slash Les Paul

In today’s music industry, there are many different types of guitars available. Some of these include acoustic guitars, classical guitars, steel-string guitars, nylon string guitars, bass guitars, etc. However, among all of these types of guitars, none compare to the popularity of the classic Gibson Les Paul. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Gibson Les Paul, read on!

Gibson Les Paul History

Les Paul was born in 1925 in Nashville, Tennessee. He began playing guitar while attending high school. After graduating, he joined his brother Al who owned a small recording studio. In 1949, Les Paul created the “Flying V” model which became very popular with musicians. His success led him to create other models including the ES-335, SG Special, Explorer, Custom Shop, and others.

Importance of Gibson Les Paul Models

Today, Gibson makes several different models of the famous Les Paul. Each model has its own unique features and characteristics. It comes equipped with two single coil pickups and three volume controls. Another great model is the Les Paul Goldtop which came out in 1964. It has four single coil pickups and five volume controls. Other notable models include the Les Paul Junior, Les Paul Custom, and Les Paul Studio. All of these models are highly sought after by musicians worldwide.

How To Choose Between Different Types of Les Paul Guitar Models

There are so many different types of Les Paul guitars available today.

First, decide whether you prefer a solid body or hollow body guitar. Solid bodied guitars are typically heavier than hollow bodies.

Next, determine whether you prefer a neck pickup or bridge pickup. Bridge pickups are located directly behind the strings. Neck pickups are located near the headstock.

Features To Look For When Buying A Slash Les Paul

The best way to choose between two guitars with different features is by comparing the differences between each model. The following list contains several important features to look for when shopping for a new guitar.

Body Construction

The body construction of a guitar has a significant impact on its sound quality. Solid-body guitars are typically heavier than hollow-bodied models and produce more sustain. Hollow-bodied guitars are lighter and respond quicker to picking techniques. If you're interested in purchasing a solid-body guitar, be sure to check out our guide to choosing the right solid-body guitar.

Pickups & Controls

Single coil pickups provide greater volume and tone control, while humbucking pickups give a fuller sound. Double coil pickups are great for playing chords and fingerpicking styles. Some players prefer the richer tones produced by humbucking pickups. However, if you plan to play lead solos, you might want to invest in a guitar with a single coil pickup.


Some manufacturers include hardware components in their guitars that improve durability and enhance the overall appearance of the instrument. Hardware includes knobs, switches, tuners, truss rods, bridge saddles, etc. Many musicians believe that certain types of hardware affect the tonal qualities of a guitar. In general, hardwares are available only on higher priced instruments.

Construction Materials

Many high end guitars contain exotic woods such as rosewood, mahogany, ebony, maple, and others. While these woods are beautiful, they aren't always necessary. Most inexpensive guitars are constructed using laminated wood which is comprised of layers of thin veneer sheets glued together. Laminated wood tends to be more affordable than other materials.


Most guitars are finished in either natural finishes or painted finishes. Natural finish guitars are unvarnished and unpolished. Painted finishes are applied to the top of the guitar and range from gloss to matte. Glossy finishes are shinier than matte finishes. Matte finishes are preferred by many players because they absorb light and reflect colors rather than absorbing them.


In addition to the standard accessories found on most guitars, there are numerous optional accessories available for purchase. Accessories include strap locks, pick guards, tremolo systems, locking nut plates, etc. Strap locks are designed to secure the strings to the guitar neck so they don't slip during performance. Pickguards cover the fretboard where the fingers rest to avoid scratching the frets. Locking nutplates allow the player to lock down the nut without removing the entire saddle assembly. Tremolo systems allow the player to change pitch quickly without lifting his/her hands from the strings.

Different Types of Slash Les Paul

Slash guitars are known for being loud and aggressive sounding instruments. The sound comes from the fact that there is no volume control on these guitars. There are two main types of slash guitars; single coil and humbucker. Single coils produce more treble while humbuckers give a richer tone with more bass. Both styles of slash guitars are very popular among rock stars because they allow players to play fast riffs and solos.

Single Coil Slashes

The most common type of slash guitar is the single coil. This style has only one pickup which produces a bright tone. Because of its simplicity, single coil slashes are easy to tune and maintain. However, they lack sustain so they aren't recommended for long notes. Single coil slashes are best suited for playing fast riffs and soloing.


Another type of slash guitar is the humbucking. Humbuckers have two pickups which gives a fuller sound. This makes them ideal for chords and slow melodies. Humbuckers are great for bluesy sounds and fingerpicking. If you're interested in learning how to play slide guitar, then a humbucker is the way to go.

Paul Special

This model was designed by Paul Reed Smith specifically for his signature line of guitars. He wanted something different than the traditional Gibson Les Paul Standard. So he created the Paul Special. It features a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and a 24-fret ebony fingerboard. The Paul Special is available in both standard and deluxe versions.

Electric Guitars

There are many other models of electric guitars besides the ones mentioned above. Some of the most popular include Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and Jaguar. All of these guitars are capable of producing a wide variety of tones ranging from classical to heavy metal. Electric guitars are commonly used in genres including country, jazz, pop, punk, and hard rock.