Squier Starcaster

How To Choose The Best Squier Starcaster

What Is The Purpose Of A Squier Starcaster?

The Squier Starcaster guitar was designed specifically for players who love the sound and style of vintage guitars, but aren’t willing to pay the high prices associated with those models. With its sleek lines and modern features, the Starcaster offers everything you could ask for in a solid-body electric guitar. Its mahogany body has been hand selected for its rich tone and warm resonance. The neck is crafted from maple, which gives it a nice balance between strength and flexibility. The frets are set low enough to provide easy access to higher notes while still offering plenty of room for chord changes. All these factors combine to create a guitar that sounds amazing right out of the box!

How Does It Play?

The Starcaster plays extremely comfortably thanks to its slim profile and lightweight design. The mahogany body feels sturdy yet light, making it perfect for extended jam sessions. The maple neck is comfortable to hold and play due to its narrow width and rounded edges. The fretboard itself is wide and flat, providing ample room for chords and bends. The bridge saddle is adjustable, giving you complete control over intonation. Finally, the single coil pickup produces a bright and punchy tone that makes playing fast songs effortless. In short, the Starcaster delivers everything you expect from a quality instrument, plus a few extras.

Features & Benefits

Starcasters are a popular guitar design among players who enjoy playing electric guitars. There are many different types of Starcaster designs available today. Some models are designed specifically for acoustic music while others are built for electric playability. In addition to these differences, there are several factors that must be considered when choosing a Starcaster. One factor that is important to consider is the overall sound produced by the instrument. Another consideration is whether the guitar has been professionally set up. Finally, the type of finish applied to the body of the guitar needs to be taken into account. All of these factors contribute to making a good choice when selecting a Starcaster.


One of the most important aspects of a Starcaster is its ability to produce high volume sounds. While most Starcaster models are capable of producing loud volumes, certain models excel at higher levels. For example, the Affinity Starcaster series produces very powerful tones. Other models include the Classic Vibe which features a unique tone control switch that allows the player to adjust the output level. Regardless of the specific model chosen, the key to achieving maximum volume is proper setup.


In order to achieve optimal performance, each Starcaster requires professional setup. Professional setup includes adjusting string height, intonation, action, bridge saddle height, nut width, truss rod adjustment, etc. Once the guitar is properly adjusted, the next step is to apply a finish to the top of the guitar. Most Starcaster models are finished using either nitrocellulose lacquer or polyurethane varnish. Both finishes provide excellent durability and resistance to wear. However, both finishes require regular maintenance to maintain optimum condition.


Another aspect of a Starcaster worth considering is the type of finish applied to the body of the guitar. Many manufacturers offer two options when applying a finish to the body of the guitar. First, there are those that apply a single coat of paint directly onto the body of the guitar. Second, there are those that apply multiple coats of paint. Each option offers advantages and disadvantages. Single coating models typically allow for faster drying times and easier application. Multiple coating models allow for greater depth of color and texture.

The Starcaster guitar has been around since the late 1990’s and was originally designed for players who wanted a solid body electric guitar with a bolt-on neck. The original design featured a mahogany body and maple top, which gave the instrument its distinctive sound. Since then, many different models have been released including the Vibe series guitars, the Classic Series guitars, and the Affinity Series guitars. Each of these models offers unique features and benefits that make each guitar perfect for certain types of music. In order to determine which type of Starcaster guitar is right for you, there are several factors that must be considered. Here are five important features to look for when choosing between the three main Starcaster models.

Body Wood - Maple Vs Mahogany

One of the most obvious differences between the two Starcaster models is the choice of body material. While both versions of the Starcaster guitar share the same overall shape, the maple version comes equipped with a mahogany body while the mahogany version sports a maple body. Both options provide excellent tone and playability, however, the maple version tends to produce a warmer toned guitar with a brighter sound. Players who enjoy playing blues based styles will appreciate the warm tones produced by the maple body. Those who prefer a darker sounding guitar will benefit from the bright tones produced by the mahogany body. Regardless of which option you decide to go with, the maple body Starcasters are available in either a single coil setup or humbucking configuration.

Neck Material - Rosewood Vs Walnut

Another major factor that determines whether a player chooses a rosewood or walnut neck is personal preference. Some players love the warmth provided by the rosewood necks while others prefer the smoother touch of the walnut necks. Either way, both options provide excellent tone and playability. However, those who prefer a heavier weight guitar will likely favor the thicker rosewood necks.

Pickups - Single Coil VS Humbucker

While both versions of the Starcaster guitar include a set of single coils, only the maple version includes a second bridge pickup. The additional bridge pickup gives the maple version a slightly fuller sound compared to the mahogany version.

Squier Starcaster Vibes Fingerboard Review

The guitar features a solid mahogany body with a rosewood fret board. The neck is constructed using a combination of maple and mahogany. The bridge saddle is made of ebony while the nut is made of bone. The strings are set gauge strings which give the guitar a bright tone. The Starcaster Vibes comes equipped with Fishman electronics including a tuner, volume control, 3 band EQ, and master volume controls. The guitar also includes a hardshell case along with a gig bag.

Sound Quality

This guitar offers a very warm sound quality with plenty of sustain. The bass response is strong and the mids and highs are crisp. Overall, the Starcaster Vibes sounds excellent and produces a ton of power. The guitar feels comfortable in my hands and plays nicely right out of the box. There isn't anything wrong with the instrument either. In fact, there aren't many complaints regarding its construction or design. However, I did notice that the frets felt slightly loose during play. Other than that, everything else seems fine.