Tc Helicon

How To Choose The Best Tc Helicon

What Is The Purpose Of A TC Helicon?

HVL offers two channels of mic input, plus four stereo outputs. Each channel has its own gain control, allowing you to balance each channel independently. There’s also a headphone output so you can monitor the sound coming into the unit while recording.

How Does It Sound?

As mentioned above, the HVL comes equipped with a vocoder effect. Vocoders are devices that emulate the human voice by using digital signal processing techniques to create speech sounds. In other words, it makes your voice sound more “human”.

Where To Get One?

We recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer because there are no middlemen involved which saves you money. Also, we highly suggest getting the version with the built-in vocoder effect. That way, you're guaranteed to receive the best possible product at the lowest price.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality TC Helicon

There are many different types of microphones available today. Some mics are designed to be handheld while others are meant to be placed on top of speakers. There are also several models of condenser mics which are more expensive than dynamic ones. However, there is only one type of microphone that has been around since the beginning of recorded music - the condenser mic. Condensers are great because they allow you to capture sounds with high fidelity. If you're interested in recording vocals, you must purchase a good condenser mic. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality condenser mic.

High-fidelity recordings sound very natural. In fact, most professional studios use condenser mics to record vocals. Because these mics pick up low frequencies well, they provide a rich tone. This makes it easier for producers to mix down tracks into songs. Also, the higher frequency range is captured by condenser mics, so singers can sing louder without losing clarity. Finally, condenser mics are known for being able to handle loud environments. For example, if you're singing in front of a crowd, you might want to choose a mic that can withstand the volume.

Another reason why you should invest in a quality condenser mic is its low noise level. Many other mics produce too much background noise. This can cause problems during mixing sessions where you need to hear everything clearly. With a condenser mic, however, you can still hear your singer clearly even though he/she is surrounded by lots of instruments.

How To Choose A Good One

Choosing a good condenser mic isn't always easy. Fortunately, we've done the hard part for you. We've compiled a list of features that you should look for in a condenser mic.


First, price shouldn't be your main concern. Instead, think about what kind of mic you really need. Then you should go for a smaller model. Then you should opt for a larger version.


Next, check out the sound of the mic. Once you know the answers to those questions, you can decide whether you need a condenser mic or another type of mic.


The TC Helicon Voice Live has been designed with features that allow you to create amazing vocals using only your microphone and headphones. The TC Helicon Voice Live comes with two microphones, which gives you more flexibility and control when recording vocals. With its built-in headphone amp, you can record directly into your headphones while listening back to your recordings. If you're looking for a compact vocal mic, the TC Helicon Voice Live is perfect for you!

How Does The TC Helicon Voice Live Work?

The TC Helicon Voice Live works by capturing sound waves created by your singing. Using these captured sounds, the TC Helicon Voice Live creates realistic sounding vocals that you can listen to later. As long as there is enough air between your mouth and the microphone, you can sing freely and naturally.

What Are Some Benefits of Using The TC Helicon Voice Live?

Using the TC Helicon Voice Live makes it easier to produce high quality vocals because you no longer have to worry about positioning your head correctly. Also, since the TC Helicon Voice Live captures natural sounds, you can be assured that your vocals will sound authentic.

Is There Any Cons About Using The TC Helicon Voice Live?

While the TC Helicon Voice Live does capture natural sounds, it doesn't always pick up background noise perfectly. However, this problem isn't too big of a deal because the TC Helicon Voice Live offers several ways to fix this issue. First, you can turn down the volume of the background noises so that you can hear your vocals clearly. Second, you can mute the background noises completely. Finally, you can adjust the settings of the TC Helicon Voice Live so that it picks up only the voices that you want to record.

Are There Other Options Available?

There are other options available besides the TC Helicon Voice Live. One option is the TC Helicon Voice Live Studio. This version includes everything needed to record vocals except the microphone itself. Another option is the TC Helicon Voice Live Pro. This model contains both the TC Helicon Voice Live and the TC Helicon Voice Live Studio. Both versions include the same great features mentioned above.

Different Types of Helicon TC

Helicon has been around since the early 90’s and has become known for its high quality products. The company was founded by two musicians who wanted to create a product that could be heard clearly in small spaces. Their goal was to provide a solution that allowed users to hear themselves while playing music with ease.

Helicon Helios

The Helios is a compact, portable speaker designed specifically for mobile DJs and performers. With a built-in microphone, it lets you record vocals directly into your tracks. Its unique design makes it easy to carry anywhere. The Helios features a powerful amplifier and dual woofers which produce deep bass tones and crisp highs.

Helicon Helix

This model is ideal for anyone wanting to take their performance to the next level. In addition, there are three EQ settings available allowing you to fine tune the audio output to suit your needs.

Helicon TC

The TC series is a line of professional studio monitors that deliver outstanding sonic clarity and accuracy. Each monitor includes a large 1 inch silk dome tweeter, a 6.5 inch midrange driver, and a 3 inch compression driver. All models include a rugged metal grille and a heavy duty stand.

Helicon Vocal Effects

These vocal processors allow you to manipulate your voice using a variety of filters, delay, reverb, chorus, pitch shift, and more. There are six presets included so you can quickly access the sounds you need most.

Live Play

With Live Play, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the speakers via Bluetooth technology and stream music wirelessly. Once connected, you can control playback functions and adjust volume levels remotely.

Vocal FX

The VFX Series is a collection of vocal processing devices that let you change the way your voice sounds. Using the intuitive interface, you can apply multiple effects simultaneously. For example, you can process both your voice and background track together.

Voice Live

The Voice Live is a wireless headphone mixer that connects to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other iOS/Android device. Simply plug the unit into your headphones jack and start mixing!

Helicon TC2

The TC2 is a 2 channel version of the popular Helicon TC. Like the original, the TC2 comes equipped with a built-in mic and preamp. However, the TC2 also includes a USB port for direct connection to your PC or Mac.

Helicon TC4

The TC4 is a 4 channel version of the popular Helicon TC. Like the original, the TC4 comes equipped with a built-in mic and preamp. However, the TC4 also includes a USB port for direct connection to your PC or Mac.

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