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How To Choose The Best Tenor Guitar

What Is The Purpose Of A Tenor Guitar?

The tenor guitar is a type of acoustic guitar which has a deeper sound quality compared to its smaller sibling, the standard guitar. Its name comes from the fact that it was originally designed to be played by male singers who needed a higher pitched instrument to sing songs written for female voices. However, today, many musicians play both types of guitars.

Tenor Guitars Are Used For Singers

Tenor guitars are typically used by vocalists because they produce a richer tone. In addition, these guitars are easier to hold and strum due to their shorter length. Because of this, tenors are ideal for singing and playing music. Some famous artists who use tenor guitars include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix.

Tenor Guitars Have An Extra Deep Sound

Because tenor guitars are designed specifically for male vocals, they have a deeper tonal range than normal guitars. Their lower strings create a fuller sound while still maintaining clarity. As a result, tenors are perfect for creating rich tones and melodies.

Tenor Guitars Produce More Intense Sounds

In contrast to regular guitars, tenor guitars produce louder sounds. This makes them suitable for performing live shows where loud volume is required. Additionally, tenor guitars are able to sustain notes longer than standard guitars. This gives performers greater control over the pitch of their voice.

Tenor Guitars Can Be Played With Both Hands

Unlike most guitars, tenor guitars allow players to switch between using either hand. This enables them to perform chords with ease. Most tenor guitars have frets located along the neck of the guitar. This allows players to change chord voicings quickly and efficiently.

Tenor Guitars Require Less Finger Strength Than Regular Guitars

Most tenor guitars require less finger strength than regular guitars. This makes them easier to play for beginners. In addition, tenor guitars are lighter than standard guitars. This makes them easier to carry around during performances.

Tenor Guitars Are Great For Playing Songs Written For Female Voices

Many popular songs were initially composed for female voices. Therefore, tenor guitars were created to give men a way to sing those songs. Many classic rock bands including Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Pink Floyd recorded songs that were originally sung by women.

Tenor Guitars Are Easy To Hold

Tenor guitars are easy to hold. Unlike standard guitars, they only have three strings per fret. This makes them easier to grasp and manipulate.

Tenor guitars are typically played by male singers who sing bass parts in choral music. However, there are many different types of tenor guitars available today. Some of these include acoustic, electric, nylon stringed, steel-stringed, classical, jazz, and baritone guitars. Each type has its own unique sound and style. Choosing the right instrument for you depends upon which kind of music you play most frequently. For example, if you're playing rock songs, you'd probably be best served by a solid body electric guitar. But if you enjoy singing opera, you could benefit from a nylon strung tenor guitar.

Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is a popular choice among musicians because it produces a warm tone. Acoustic guitars are generally inexpensive and easy to learn to play. Because they produce a mellow sound, they are perfect for beginners. In addition, acoustic guitars are portable and lightweight. Many players use them while traveling around town. An acoustic guitar is ideal for those who wish to practice alone or with friends.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are another common option for beginning students. Electric guitars produce a bright, crisp sound. They are easier to tune than acoustic guitars and require fewer adjustments during performance. Electric guitars are commonly found in bands and orchestras. Players use them to accompany themselves while performing live. Electric guitars are heavier than acoustic guitars and therefore harder to carry around.

Nylon Stringed Guitars

Nylon stringed guitars are lighter weight than both acoustic and electric guitars. Nylon strings allow the player to achieve higher notes. As a result, nylon stringed guitars are suitable for high pitched sounds. Most nylon stringed guitars are tuned using open tuners. Open tuners are simple devices that allow the user to adjust the pitch of the note being played.

Steel Strings Guitars

Steel stringed guitars are heavy duty instruments designed for professional performers. Steel stringed guitars are very durable and provide excellent sustain. Steel stringed guitars are often used in orchestral performances. They are also favored by blues artists.

Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are considered to be the king of the guitar family. Classical guitars are traditionally constructed from mahogany wood. Mahogany is known for producing rich tones and beautiful colors. Although classical guitars are extremely valuable, they are quite difficult to master. Only experienced professionals should attempt to play a classical guitar.

Jazz Guitars

Jazz guitars are smaller versions of traditional classical guitars. Jazz guitars are primarily used by soloists and small ensembles. Like classical guitars, jazz guitars are built from mahogany wood.

Features To Look For When Buying A Tenor Guitar?

Tenor guitars are generally smaller than acoustic guitars, which makes them easier to carry around. The body of these guitars is typically constructed of mahogany or spruce. Some models include rosewood fingerboards while others have maple fingerboards. Most tenor guitars have a single cutaway design. However, there are double-cutaway designs available too.

The Body Construction

Most tenor guitars have solid bodies. Solid bodied guitars are stronger and heavier than hollow bodied guitars. Hollow bodied guitars are lighter and cheaper than solid bodied guitars.

Fingerboard Material

Some tenor guitars have ebony fingerboards while others have maple fingerboards. Ebony has a darker tone and gives a warmer sound compared to maple. Maple tends to give a brighter tone.

Number of Frets

There are five frets on most tenor guitars. There are six frets on some models though.

Neck Shape

Many tenors have a round neck shape. Round necks allow players to play chords comfortably. Players who wish to strum chords must be careful because the strings will rub against the sides of the neck.

Scale Length

The scale length refers to the distance between the nut and bridge saddle. Scale lengths vary depending on the type of music being played. Generally speaking, the shorter the scale length, the higher the pitch.

Bridge Type

Some tenor guitars have fixed bridges while others have adjustable bridges. Fixed bridges are simpler to adjust. Adjustable bridges are more complex and require tools to set the height of the bridge.


Electric guitars have pickups that detect vibrations caused by plucking the string. Electric guitars produce different sounds based on the pickup configuration. Single coil pickups provide a bright sound while humbuckers create a warm sound.

Tuning Machines

Some tenor guitars have tuning machines built into the headstock. Tuning machines are useful for adjusting the intonation of the instrument.

Soundhole Diameter

The diameter of the sound hole determines the volume of the sound produced by the guitar. Smaller holes produce lower volumes while larger holes produce louder sounds.

Acoustics are typically found in smaller sized models, while electric guitars produce sound via pickups attached to the body of the guitar. Electric guitars are generally louder and easier to tune.

Electric Tenor - Electric guitars produce sound using electromagnetic coils inside the body of the guitar. Electric guitars are typically heavier and harder to hold onto than acoustics.

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