Tone King

How to choose the best tone king

What is the Purpose Of A Tone King?

The tone king is a type of guitar amplifier designed specifically for electric guitars. It was originally developed by Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1957. In its original form, the tone king consisted of two 12-inch speakers (one each side) connected to a single channel preamp circuit. Later models added four channels and a second set of speakers. Today, most tone kings consist of three channels and a pair of 15" speakers.

How Does A Tone King Amplify An Electric Guitar?

Tone kings amplify the sound produced by an electric guitar. The amplified signal travels through the speaker cones which vibrates air molecules creating sounds. The louder the vibrations, the higher the pitch. The volume control adjusts the amount of power going into the amp.

What Are Some Uses For A Tone King?

There are many uses for a tone king. One common application is playing live music. Using a tone king gives musicians the ability to play loud enough to be heard clearly while still being able to hear themselves sing. Another popular use for a tone king is recording music. Recording engineers use tone kings to record vocals because they allow singers to get closer to the microphone without losing clarity.

Is There Any Difference Between A Tone King And Other Types Of Amps?

No, there isn't really a difference between a tone king and other types of amps. All amplifiers produce a certain level of amplification. However, tone kings are known for producing a very warm and rich sound.

Are Tone Kings Hard To Find?

Yes, tone kings are hard to find. Most stores sell only vintage ones. Vintage tone kings are extremely rare and command high prices. Newer models are available online and in specialty shops.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Tone King?

Tone kings are very important because they allow us to play our instruments louder and clearer. Without tone kings, we wouldn’t be able to hear ourselves properly. We would end up playing too softly and hearing feedback. In addition, tone kings improve the sound quality of our instrument. For example, if you own a guitar, you probably already know that the strings vibrate differently depending on whether there is a tone king installed or not. With a tone king, the string vibration becomes smoother and quieter.

How Do Tone Kings Improve Sound Quality?

In order to understand why tone kings improve sound quality, let’s take a closer look at the way sound waves travel inside a guitar. As soon as you pluck a string, the vibrations start traveling along the length of the string. However, these vibrations only reach the bridge (where the strings attach) once the string has traveled half its total length. Once the string reaches the bridge, it continues to vibrate, but now it is bouncing around the body of the guitar. Because the bridge is attached to the top part of the guitar, the vibrations continue to bounce around the entire guitar. Eventually, the vibrations stop bouncing around the guitar and settle into the neck where the frets are located. At this point, the vibrations are no longer travelling along the string; rather, they are travelling across the fretboard. Now, the vibrations are being transmitted directly to the frets. Since the frets are fixed onto the finger board, the vibrations are transferred straight to the fretboard. From here, the vibrations travel to the bridge again. After another round trip, the vibrations finally reach the bridge and begin to resonate throughout the whole guitar.

Sound Waves Travel Differently Inside a Guitar

As mentioned above, sound travels different distances inside a guitar. Therefore, the distance between the bridge and the neck affects the frequency of the sound. The higher the frequencies, the shorter the distance the sound needs to travel. Conversely, lower frequencies require longer distances. Thus, the higher the pitch, the smaller the distance required for the sound wave to travel. To put it simply, the higher the pitch, the faster the sound travels.

Frequency Affects Volume

Since the higher the frequency, the shorter the distance needed for the sound to travel, the volume increases. Conversely, since the lower the frequency, the longer the distance required for the sound to travel, the volume decreases.

Features To Look For When Buying A Tone King?

The tone king is a very popular speaker cabinet among musicians because of its versatility and affordability. However, there are many features to be aware of when purchasing a tone king. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when choosing a tone king.


One of the most important aspects of a tone king is its size. Most tone kings are designed to fit inside a standard sized guitar amp cabinet. Therefore, the size of the tone king determines the amount of sound it produces. Generally speaking, smaller cabinets produce louder sounds while larger cabinets produce softer sounds. In addition, the size of the tone king affects the overall volume level of the entire amplifier. So, if you plan on playing loud music, you should get a large tone king. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your ears!

Sound Quality

Another factor to consider when shopping for a tone king is its sound quality. Some manufacturers claim that their products are superior to others. But, which ones really are? There are two main types of speakers - dynamic and passive. Dynamic speakers are powered by amplifiers and require batteries to operate. Passive speakers are self-powered and therefore do not require batteries. Both types of speakers are available in different price ranges. Typically, passive speakers are cheaper than dynamic models. However, both types of speakers deliver high quality audio output.


Most tone kings are portable. Portable speakers allow you to play anywhere. Whether you are sitting in your car, walking around town, or relaxing at home, you can still enjoy your favorite tunes. However, portability comes with a tradeoff. Because these speakers are small, they lack bass response. Bass is the low frequency range of the human voice. Without bass, you cannot hear certain words clearly. Therefore, if you plan on listening to songs with lyrics, you should opt for a larger speaker.


Tone kings are durable. Unlike traditional speakers, tone kings are built to withstand heavy usage. Many companies manufacture tone kings with metal frames and solid plastic components. As long as you treat your tone king properly, it will last for years.


Lastly, you must decide whether you want to pay a lot of money for a good product or go cheap. Although inexpensive tone kings are generally lower quality, they are affordable. However, if you are willing to invest a little more cash, you can get a higher quality tone king.

Different Types of Tone King

Tone kings are very popular among guitarists because of its unique sound quality. There are different types of tone kings available in the market today. Some of these include single coil, humbucker, split coil, and dual coils. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a closer look at each of these types.

This type of tone king is commonly found in electric guitars. Single coil tone kings produce a bright, crisp sound. However, they lack sustain and volume compared to humbuckers. Because of this, most players prefer to use two single coils together to achieve a balanced sound. In addition, single coils require high current draw which results in higher power consumption.

These are the best choice for beginners who wish to play fast paced songs. Humbuckers are known for producing a warm, rich sound. Although they are louder than single coils, they still lack sustain. To get around this problem, many players use both single coils and humbuckers together. Another advantage of using humbuckers is that they are easy to replace.

The split coil is another option for those who want to experiment with different sounds. Split coils are typically found in acoustic guitars. Unlike single coils, split coils produce a mellow, round sound. Players who use split coils usually combine them with single coils to create a fuller sound.

Dual coils are ideal for heavy metal music. Dual coils are generally found in bass guitars. Compared to single coils, dual coils produce a deeper, richer sound. However, they are loud and difficult to control.