Yamaha Keyboard

How To Choose The Best Yamaha Keyboard

What is the Purpose Of A Yamaha Keyboard?

The Yamaha YDP-120 Digital Piano has been designed to be easy to play and learn. With its large 88 note digital action keys, the YDP-120 offers a wide range of sounds and tones. Its compact design makes it ideal for small spaces. The YDP-120 comes complete with a stand, power supply and headphones.

Yamaha Keyboards Are Easy To Play

With its 88 notes per octave, the YDP-120 gives you plenty of room to practice chords and scales. The YDP-120 features three different types of sound - acoustic grand piano, electric grand piano and harpsichord. Each type of sound has its own unique characteristics. For example, the acoustic grand piano produces a rich tone while the electric grand piano has a brighter tone. The harpsichord has a mellow timbre which creates a soothing effect. All these sounds can be played simultaneously.

Easy To Learn

The YDP-120 is equipped with two volume controls and four expression pedals. The expression pedal lets you control the volume level of each key individually. Pressing the expression pedal increases or decreases the volume of the selected key. The volume controls let you adjust the overall volume of the instrument.

Compact Design Makes It Ideal For Small Spaces

This digital piano is very portable and lightweight. It weighs only 2kg (4.5lbs) making it perfect for travelling. The YDP-120 measures only 30cm x 40cm x 20cm (11.8in x 15.7in x It fits perfectly into most cupboards and drawers.

Power Supply Included

The YDP-120 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery pack. The battery lasts approximately 6 hours. Once fully charged, the battery takes around 3 hours to charge. The included AC adapter plugs directly into the wall socket.

Headphones Included

To listen to music, press the headphone jack located on top of the piano. The headphones plug into the audio output port.

Stand Included

The YDP-120 includes a sturdy metal stand. The stand holds the piano upright and prevents it from tipping over. The stand folds flat for storage.

Dimensions: 30 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Yamaha Keyboard?

Yamaha keyboards are known worldwide for being high-quality products. However, there are many different types of keyboards available today. Some are designed specifically for beginners while others are meant for professionals. There are several factors that determine which type of keyboard is best suited for you. Here are three important ones:

Price - Most manufacturers sell their keyboards at affordable prices. But, you must be careful because cheap keyboards are not always good. Cheap keyboards are generally low quality and lack durability. So, if you are planning to invest in a keyboard, go for a higher priced product.

Features - Features are very important when choosing a keyboard. For example, if you plan to play music professionally, you should get a professional grade keyboard. Professional grade keyboards include features such as weighted keys, adjustable feet, and ergonomic design.

How To Select The Best Keyboard For Yourself?

There are two main categories of keyboards: portable and stationary. Portable keyboards are small enough to fit into your pocket. Stationary keyboards are large enough to sit on top of your desk. Both types of keyboards are suitable for both beginners and experts.

Portable Keyboards

These keyboards are ideal for those who travel frequently. Because these keyboards are compact, they take up little room in your bag. In addition, they are easy to carry around.

Stationary Keyboards

This category includes keyboards that are big enough to sit on your desk. These keyboards are perfect for musicians who perform regularly. They are also useful for students who study long hours.

Types Of Keyboards Available Today

Today, there are numerous types of keyboards available. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the most popular types of keyboards:

Keyboard Pianos - These are typically smaller than regular pianos. They are ideal for children and adults who cannot afford a grand piano.

Digital Piano Keys - Digital pianos are electronic versions of traditional acoustic pianos. They are digital devices that allow users to record notes and chords.

Features To Look For When Buying A Yamaha Keyboard!

Yamaha keyboards are known for being very reliable and durable. However, there are many features that you should be aware of when purchasing a Yamaha keyboard. Here are some of the most important ones:

The number of keys - Most Yamaha keyboards have between 88-120 keys. Some models have fewer keys while others have more.

Size - There are different types of Yamaha keyboards available. Some are small enough to fit into a backpack while others are large enough to sit on top of a desk.

Electric Pianos

An electric piano is a keyboard instrument that uses electromechanical transducers (EMTs) to convert electrical signals into sound. Electric pianos are typically found in studios where musicians record music. An electric piano is played by pressing keys on the keyboard which triggers notes to be produced. Some electric pianos allow players to play chords and melodies simultaneously. Most electric pianos include foot pedals that control volume levels and sustain effects.

Digital Piano

A digital piano is a keyboard instrument that produces sounds electronically rather than mechanically. Digital pianos produce tones by converting keystrokes into digital data. Digital pianos are typically found in homes and schools because they are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional acoustic pianos. Digital pianos are easy to learn and fun to play. However, digital pianos lack the tonal quality of acoustic pianos.

Acoustic Pianos

An acoustic piano is a keyboard instrument that produces sounds by striking strings with hammers. Acoustic pianos are considered to be the best sounding type of piano. Acoustic pianos are traditionally built with wooden frames and metal strings. In addition to producing beautiful tones, acoustic pianos are durable and require little maintenance.

Electronic Organs

An organ is a keyboard instrument that plays pre-recorded music. Electronic organs are typically found in churches and concert halls. An electronic organ includes a console that controls the pitch, tone color, and volume level of the instrument. Many electronic organs also include speakers that amplify the sounds produced by the instrument.


A synthesizer is a keyboard instrument that generates sounds digitally. Synthesizers generate sounds based on waveforms created by oscillators. Oscillators create waves that are converted into audio frequencies via filters. Filters modify the frequency spectrum of the original signal. Synthesizers are typically controlled by knobs, buttons, sliders, and switches.