How To Choose The Best Yamaha Pacifica 112V

What Is The Purpose Of A Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitar?

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V electric guitar has been designed with the player in mind. Its solid mahogany body offers great tone and sustain while its maple neck features rosewood fingerboard and bridge plate provide comfort and stability. The soundhole design gives the instrument a more open and airy quality which makes it ideal for playing lead solos. The headstock shape and contours allow easy access to the upper frets and fretboard edges and the cutaway design enhances the tonal qualities of the instrument.


Solid Mahogany Body - The solid mahogany body offers great tone and sustain while its maple neck features rosewood fingerboard and bridge plate provide comfort and stability.

Cutaway Design - Enhances the tonal qualities of the instrument by allowing easier access to the upper frets and fretboard edges.

Soundhole Shape & Contour - Allows easy access to the upper frets and fretboard edges.


This instrument has a solid mahogany body with a maple top. The neck is made of rosewood and has 22 frets. There are two single coil pickups and three volume controls. The bridge pickup offers a more vintage tone while the middle pickup gives a brighter sound. The output jack is located on the back side of the headstock. The tuners are chrome steel geared tuning machines. The strings are nickel silver wound nylon strings. The case includes a gig bag, strap, pick guard, and hardshell carrying case.


The Pacifica 112V has a very warm rich sound. Its bright midrange makes it ideal for blues and rock music. The higher notes are well balanced and easy to sing along with. The lower tones are punchy and full sounding. The sustain is excellent and the overall tonal balance is perfect for most styles of playing.

Features To Look For When Buying A Yamaha Pacifica 112V

The Pacifica 112V has been around since 2004, so there are many different models available today. The original model was released with only two pickups, which gave it a more traditional sound. All these features give the player plenty of flexibility when playing music.

Single Coil Pickups

In general, single coils produce warm tones while humbuckers provide brighter sounds. If you're interested in getting a guitar with both types of pickups, go ahead and pick up a Pacifica 112V. Single coils are great for blues and rock styles, whereas humbuckers are best suited for country and folk songs.


Humbuckers are generally considered to be louder guitars because of the way they amplify the strings' vibration. Humbucking gives players a fuller tone and makes chords easier to play. Many musicians prefer using humbuckers because they create a richer sound. Some people say that humbuckers distort too much, though. Regardless of whether you choose to use humbuckers or single coils, the Pacifica 112V comes equipped with both.

Split Coils

This type of pickup splits the signal between two separate circuits. Split coils allow players to switch back and forth between picking individual notes and strumming chords. Players who enjoy fingerpicking will love the ability to change modes quickly by simply switching between the two circuits. In addition, split coils are perfect for soloing and creating unique effects.

Dual Coils

These pickups are designed specifically for acoustic instruments. Dual coils are typically found on classical guitars and basses. Because they are tuned differently than other pickups, they require special amps. Dual coils are known for producing a mellow, rich sound.

Other Features

There are several other features that you might want to check before purchasing a Pacifica 112V. First, you should pay attention to the finish. Most Pacificas are finished in satin chrome, although some models are painted black. Satin chrome finishes are easy to maintain and last longer than paint jobs. Second, you should take note of the number of frets. The higher the number of frets, the harder the neck is to bend. Third, you should look into the electronics. There are three volume controls, a master control, and a selector switch. Finally, you should think about the bridge design. Some bridges are adjustable, allowing players to adjust string height. Others are fixed, making adjustments difficult.

Different Types of Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitars are very popular among musicians because of its unique features. The guitars are designed with different models which include single coil pickups, humbuckers, and double coils. There are many other options available depending upon the type of music you play. For example, there are acoustic guitars, classical guitars, steel-string guitars, nylon string guitars, etc. All these instruments are manufactured by Yamaha.

Single Coil Pickups

The single coil pickup is most commonly found in electric guitars. Single coil pickups produce a brighter sound compared to the humbucker pickups. However, the single coil pickups are more sensitive to picking technique. Therefore, it is recommended to practice before using a single coil pickup.


This type of pickup produces a richer tone and has a wider range of frequencies. Humbuckers are generally used in rock style guitars. Some examples of huambuckers are Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone Casino, and so on.

Double Coils

These pickups are mainly used in jazz guitars. Double coils provide a fuller sound than single coils. In addition, double coils are known to be louder than single coils.

Nylon String Guitars

There are two main types of nylon strings. One is flat wound and the other is round wound. Flat wound nylon strings are typically used in folk and country styles while round wound nylon strings are used in blues and metal styles.

Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is basically a hollow body instrument played with finger plucking techniques. Acoustic guitars are mostly used for playing soft melodies and chords.

Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are traditionally used for solo performances. Classical guitars are tuned differently than standard guitars. Most classical guitars are strung with either D'Addario or Elixir strings.

Steel Strings

Steel strings are normally used in heavy metal styles. Steel strings are heavier than regular nylon strings.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are used for playing hard rock songs. Electric guitars are usually equipped with electronic components such as effects pedals, tuner, tremolo bar, etc.


Guitarists use several kinds of pedals including distortion, chorus, flanger, phaser, wah pedal, octave divider, etc.


Amplifiers are used to increase volume levels. Amplifier manufacturers include Marshall, Vox, Peavy, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Line 6, Electro Harmonix, etc.

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