Yamaha Reface Cp

Yamaha P-45 Compact 88-Key Portable Digital Piano + Keyboard Stand + Keyboard Bench + Keyboard Pedal + Studio Monitor Headphones

Yamaha P-45 Compact 88-Key Portable Digital Piano + Keyboard Stand + Keyboard Bench + Keyboard Pedal + Studio Monitor Headphones

How To Choose The Best Yamaha Reface Cp

What Is The Purpose Of Yamaha Reface Cp?

In fact, the company was founded by two brothers who wanted to create a more affordable instrument than those available at the time. Their goal was to provide music lovers with a quality product at a reasonable price. Today, Yamaha continues to be committed to providing high-quality instruments at competitive prices.

The Yamaha CP Series

The Yamaha CP series is a line of entry level acoustic upright pianos designed specifically for students. Each model features a full size grand action, adjustable damper pedal, and a convenient carry handle. All models include a built-in speaker and headphone jack so you can practice anywhere.

The CP series includes three different models: the CP1, CP2, and CP3.


Each model comes equipped with a full sized grand action, adjustable damper pedal, and a convenient carry handle. The CP1 and CP2 models both feature a black lacquer finish while the CP3 model is finished in natural wood veneer. All models include a built-in speaker and headphone jack so you can practice anywhere.

Keyboard Features

All models feature a traditional white ivory keybed with a rosewood frame. Each model comes standard with 32 note polyphony and a split hammer action mechanism.

Sound Quality

All models feature a built-in speaker and headphone jack so you can practice anywhere. The speakers produce a rich sound ideal for learning songs and practicing scales.


The CP1 and CP2 models come with a carrying case and instructional book. The CP3 model does not come with a carrying case.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Yamaha Reface CP

There are many reasons why you might be interested in purchasing a quality Yamaha Reface CP. For starters, there are several different models available depending upon your needs. If you're looking for something with more power, you could opt for the YRP-1 which has a maximum output of 1, 000 watts. Another option is the YRP-4 which offers 4, 500 watts of pure power. There are other features to take into consideration too. Some models include built-in speakers while others do not. Others have a full range of controls including pitch bend, modulation, expression pedal, volume control, etc.

Yamaha Reface CP Features

Another reason why you might want to purchase a quality Yamaha Reface CP is because of its unique design. First of all, the body of the instrument is constructed using laminated wood. Laminate is a type of hardwood that is very durable and resistant to moisture. In addition, the top plate is made from solid mahogany. Mahogany is known for being extremely strong and stable. Finally, the soundboard itself is made from maple. Maple is another type of hardwood that is highly prized by musicians due to its rich tone and warm response. All these materials combine together to create a high quality musical instrument.

In terms of specifications, each model comes equipped with a number of features. One thing to note is that most models come with a built-in speaker. However, there are some exceptions where the speaker must be purchased separately.

Yamaha Reface CP Price

As mentioned above, there are many different models available. Prices vary greatly based on the specific model chosen. As always, we recommend contacting our experts before making a final decision.

Yamaha Reface CP Customer Reviews

We encourage you to check out customer reviews online. Many customers who bought a quality Yamaha Reface CP have nothing but good things to say about it.

Here are some examples: "I love my new Yamaha Reface CP" - "This is a great little electronic organ." - "It sounds amazing!

Features To Look For When Buying A Yamaha Reface CP

Since its release, the C-Piano has become very popular among pianists because of its affordability and ease of playing. Many students who start learning music theory and composition choose to learn on a C-Piano because it is easy to understand and plays well.

Yamaha Reface CP

In 2012, Yamaha decided to update the C-Piano line and created the Yamaha Reface series.

There are three models available: the Reface CP, Reface CPX, and Reface CPXS. Each model comes with different features depending on what type of player you are. If you're interested in purchasing a C-Piano, here are some important features to know before making your purchase.


However, the Reface CPX and Reface CPXS both include a free upgrade kit so you can change the strings and hammers for a nominal fee. The Reface CP does not include these upgrades.

Keyboard Size

All three models come with a full size keyboard. The Reface CP has a standard sized keyboard while the other two models have slightly smaller keyboards. All three models have the same number of keys, however, the Reface CPX and CPXS have fewer keys than the Reface CP.

Number of Octaves

The Reface CP has 2 octaves, the Reface CPX has 3 octaves, and the Reface CPXS has 4 octaves. This makes it easier to play chords and scales using the lower notes on the keyboard.


Although the weight isn't too heavy, it is still heavier than most traditional upright pianos. Some players prefer lighter instruments because they are easier to carry around.

Sound Quality

All three models sound great! The Reface CP sounds best when played softly and the Reface CPX and CPXS sound best when played loudly. The Reface CPX and CPXS have higher quality speakers than the Reface CP. Both the Reface CPX and CPXS have built in speakers whereas the Reface CP doesn't. The Reface CPX and CPXS also have a speaker jack unlike the Reface CP. This lets you connect external speakers if desired.


Like many electronic devices, the Reface CP comes with several accessories. The Reface CP includes a power cord, a carrying case, a stand, and a remote control.

Different Types of Yamaha Reface CP

Their products range from grand pianos to upright pianos to electronic pianos. The company was founded by Masakichi Kawai who wanted to create a more affordable instrument for Japanese families. The name came from the fact that the original instrument could be repaired with parts taken from another piano. The first models were built using wood frames and hammers, however, later models featured metal frames and hammers. Each type of piano offers its own unique features and benefits. For example, the Concert Grand Pianos are very large instruments that typically require two people to play. However, the Reverse Action Pianos are smaller and easier to transport. The Young Rhapsody Pianos are designed specifically for children and beginners. All three types of pianos are great choices for schools, churches, music stores, and other places where pianists perform regularly.

Types of Yamaha Refaces

There are several different types of Yamaha Refaces available. Some are designed for home use while others are meant for professional musicians.

Home Reface - Home Refaces are small, lightweight versions of the full size concert grand piano. They're perfect for practicing or playing around the house.

Portable Reface - Portable Refaces are compact enough to fit into a backpack or suitcase. They're ideal for traveling because they take up little room and weigh only 20 pounds.

How To Choose A Yamaha Reface

Choosing a Yamaha Reface isn't always easy. There are so many options available that choosing between them can seem overwhelming.

Consider the Size - Before deciding on a particular Yamaha Reface, think about whether you'd prefer a larger or smaller instrument. Smaller models are easier to carry and store, whereas larger ones are easier to maneuver.

Think About How Often You Play - Do you plan on performing frequently or just occasionally?